Coaching Staff is Whack

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ravikaku, Dec 4, 2005.

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    I truly belive bill parcells and his conservative approach to all the games is the only thing costing us. We have the players to have an elite offence but with bill parcells and his run no matter what game plan is messing the cowboys up. i know about the line and everything but you have to take risks to win games. The offence is so predictable, like on that first play of the 2nd half of the giants game. Everyone knew what it was and thats why that giants guy got right on the snap count and busted through. I just have a feeling that bill parcells and his old school approach to the games for todays game and the rest will cost us because i belive we need to open up our offence when we have people like glenn, julius, witten, who never gets the ball even though he should be, and so on. How many times have we gotten the ball and drove down the field and then after we get on thier side of the ball, we always stall. They did have some good plays but just the fact of bill parcells conservative approach is makeing us lose games. Im not just complaning just because of this game its been happening all along. But im just here to state my opinion so wutever...

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