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Discussion in 'Coaches/Front Office Zone' started by jazzcat22, Feb 13, 2017.

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    Dooley has done a good job with developing Beasley, one of the most efficient WR's in the league. He's helped keep Dez somewhat in line and for a 3rd round pick, T-Will is about average. Butler is much better than he was with the Raiders and was a 7th round pick.

    I think part of the issue here is he hasn't been given a lot to work with and the type of Z-receivers they are looking for are very blocking oriented. The team would rather take a guy that can block than a guy with good speed that can't block. I think it's time they look for a real speedster and see if Dooley's coaching can teach him to block effectively.

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    and with garrett its pretty unlikely they will be in one in the next few years of his contract
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    Because he's gone 12-4 and. Is 13-3 two of the last three years with two different QBs on his way to an NFL head coach of the year award and yet our fans still think somehow the problem is with our coaching staff.
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    Fans think there is an issue with the coach because they see the mistakes he has made. Our season ended on yet another clock blunder. Some may give him credit for "building the roster" but I think just as much credit goes to McCLay, Stephen, and even Jerry. If you do give all of the roster credit to Garrett then perhaps his best position would be in the front office? Also, if he needs pro bowlers everywhere, does he bring much to the table as a coach? Most coaches win with a lot of talent. Only special coaches win with less talent with strategy and motivation. One thing for sure is we have only one playoff win in 6 1/2 years of Garrett. He still has not learned to manage a clock. Very few coaches keep their job who have not demonstrated a track record of continual improvement and keep making the same mistakes over and over. Until this year, he was a .500 coach. History says we are do a 3 - 13 season this year. No, I do not think we will go 3 - 13 but if we take many steps backwards and do not have some playoff success this coming season, any rational fan should start questioning Garrett.

    We have had this argument for several years my friend so I do not expect to sway your opinion, I just ask that you see where some of us fans are coming from. If we progress farther this year and start seeing the continual annual improvements that we should have seen from the beginning of his tenure, I will probably quit calling him out but it will not change my mind that he was not the best coaching choice. Any coach who needs that much OJT should NEVER be the coach of a professional team, especially the Dallas Cowboys.
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    If fans have an issue with the coach, it's because they're second guessing or because they don't have an accurate context for how coaching works. There's no disputing the loyalty of players and staff, of management, of the improvement of the roster depth, of the improvement in terms of wins on the field. Now he's gotten the league recognition. There's nothing else to complain about besides second guessing play calls and clock management when it doesn't work.

    It's no different from relatively late in Tony Romo's career when fans were second guessing the quality of QB play we were getting. It's fans missing out on the real limitations on the team and blaming the figurehead because he's the one the camera is on and the one at the podium.
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    And then you have an actual statistical analysis of the different choices as opposed to clocking it and it is quickly apparent it was not a 'mistake.'

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