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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Sep 1, 2014.

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    Seen 6th round to UDFA grades on him. Not sure about his arm strength but has some wiggle to his game. Like Romo was he a point guard in high school. What do you people think about him?
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    I didn't watch the game on Saturday, so I know nothing of him. I know my pet cat, Hundley, struggled. I guess I will have to watch a couple of USC games this year. It is just so hard cause I don't like the team or the colors. Their uniforms make me want to vomit, just like the old Arizona St. and the Iowa St. uniforms.
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    He's been compared to Romo for some time.

    I'm hoping our next QB is the prototype 6'4", strong-armed pocket passrer.
  4. Future

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    Dustin Vaughan is 6 5 ;)
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    Not to mention strong-armed and smart.
  6. DuDa

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    As a USC fan, I have watched all of Kessler's starts up-to-date. I will admit that I wasn't excited about him starting over Max Browne but the kid has grown on me. He makes great decisions, is mobile in the pocket, can throw on the run, and has enough arm to play in the NFL. Not many college QB's will throw the ball away when there is nothing. He's very poised and confident in the pocket. He's still a little slow going threw his reads and I would like to see more deep balls from him--he likes to dink and dunk a little too much for my taste. The 6th round projection is about right for him at this point but he is improving a lot and I could see him going as high as the 3rd round when he comes out.

    I think his ceiling is solid backup to average starter in the NFL.

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