News: Colin Cowherd on Irvin, Stealers, etc.

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by kingwhicker, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Just heard Colin Cowherd's noon to 1:00 eastern segment- he was talking about Irvin being a legit Hall of Famer and that he should be in over Monk- had a lot of anti-Cowboys callers- he was smacking them around. Basically said Irvin was the best WR in HS, college, and the pros (aside from Rice). Said he would have been great on any team.

    Cowherd then moved on to the Super Bowl- he played Roethlisberger's comments from Letterman in which he stated that he did NOT score on that TD run, he mentioned Parcells saying on WFAN that the officials played a role in determining the outcome of the game, and he played Holmgren's remarks stating that he knew they would play eleven Stealers but not all the guys in striped shirts too. Cowherd then said that his show would refuse to recognize the Stealers as the champions :D - he said, it's his show and he can do what he wants- he realizes it means nothing, but he said that in his and his staff's opinions the game was a sham and the Stealers are illegitimate and not the champs and will never be referred to as such on his show. I bet he's getting mad hate calls now- knowing Stealer fans he'll get lynched- I just thought I'd share that bit of funniness with you as well as his taking up for Irvin as far as the HOF is concerned.

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