Colin Cowherd on the Eagles

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Bigdog, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Bigdog

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    Cowherd doesn't appear to hyped up about the Eagles like the rest of the media. Said the Eagles don't really have a pass rush and doesn't matter if you have two good CB's. You win up front. Said the Raiders had Nnami and Rouder (spelling?) who above average CB but how good were Raiders last year. Went on to say that Vick will get hurt and then you have Young as your backup. He said that I don't think the Cowboys or Giants are shaking in the boots with all these FA's that the Eagles have picked up.
  2. mrrnr

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    :lmao2: Yes, I heard that to on CH
  3. Corleone

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    Yeah Colin is all in on Dallas this year as well, his "shock the world team" in the NFC Championship with the Pack.
  4. Wulfman

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    I agree. The Eagles have questions on their O-line, meaning that Vick IS going to get's just a question of when. And I don't think anyone is afraid of Vince Young. As for the defensive additions they've made, they are still soft up the middle. Their DTs are questionable, their LBs are worse, and they lost Mikell at S. I think they're going to have to blitz and play 8 men in the box a LOT just to stop the run, and I don't think they can shut down Austin, Bryant, and Witten at the same time without double coverage on at least one of them, no matter who their corners are.
  5. Nav22

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    He picked Philly to win the division going 11-5... and picked Dallas to also finish 11-5 but lose the tie-breaker.
  6. casmith07

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    He also said he believes we are a 10 or 11 win team this year.
  7. CoCo

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    It's always nice to hear good things about your team but really who cares what Cowherd has to say? He's got no greater insight than you or I. He's just a talking head.
  8. Sam I Am

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    Just run on Philly. They will have a pass rush, but suck at stuffing the run. That keeps Vick off the field and even when he comes on the field, just drive him 6 feet under the turf.
  9. es22

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    Agree 100% with Cowherd although I dislike him. It is all about pressure in todays game. Nnamdi is not a shut down corner. Only Revis can truly follow a #1 WR and shut him down.

    I feel Dallas will have a good year as Rob Ryan will energize the D with all the pressure. Remember, his defence beat both the Pats and Saints last year.
  10. rocyaice

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    That's because Cowherd always goes against popular opinion. No matter what it is. He'll argue with you about anything. His schtick is played out.
  11. SkinsFan82

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    Michelle Beadle makes him look like an idiot on SportsNation.
  12. cowboys2233

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    Yup, it's sad that folks on here are looking for any bit of optimism they can find, even if it means listening to this ******.
  13. Hoofbite

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    The didn't have a pass rush.

    Which is probably why they added like 20 sacks to their D-Line this offseason.
  14. Chocolate Lab

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    Why anyone would listen to this ignorant blowhard, whether he picks us to win the Superbowl or not a single game, is beyond me.
  15. Maxmadden

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    How do the Cowboys negate the Nnamdi signing? Go out and spend the money they were trying to throw at Nnamdi and sign the best free agent RG and get ready to run at them. He will be to busy trying to tackle to cover anyone.
  16. Sam I Am

    Sam I Am Unfriendly and Aloof!

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    They have Newman. If they signed NA, they would have had to cut Newman. So, in essence, the money they were going to spend on NA is already spent on Newman.
  17. gbrittain

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    I hear what you are saying but lets not act like Babin has a long history of sacks. In a contract year at the age of 30 he put up 12.5 sacks. His previous high is 5 sacks and that was in 2006. He has been less prolific than Anthony Spencer and we are always trying to get rid of him.

    Last year was also Jenkins career high at 7 sacks. Previous high 6.5 and that was also in 2006.

    It is not like these guys have a history of being sack machines. The burden is on them to prove last year was not an aberration.
  18. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Colin Cowherd gets 5 thumbs down
  19. Maxmadden

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    They could if that's what they wanted to do.
  20. jimmy40

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    So is Romo for sure getting hurt since the Cowboys have questions on their Oline?

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