Colin McCarthy and others who helped their stock in the Senior Bowl game.

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    James Carpenter, OT, Alabama: Overshadowed by the North's talented offensive tackles throughout the week, Carpenter and Mississippi State's Derek Sherrod each played well in Saturday's game. Both have good enough foot quickness and balance to slide over to left tackle in a pinch, but I like them best at right tackle. Carpenter's play, in particular, was impressive. He was officially credited with allowing a sack to Oklahoma's Jeremy Beal, but the Sooner pass rusher was clearly offsides on the play. Otherwise, Carpenter's steady pass protection and physical running cleared rushing lanes for the South.

    Kendrick Burney, CB, North Carolina: Burney's quick feet stood out through the week of practice. He's not afraid of contact, making his conversion inside to the nickelback position an easy one. In Saturday's contest, Burney broke up an early attempt from Ponder to Hankerson at the goal line and was the most active defender on special teams, recording three tackles.

    Ryan Kerrigan, DE, Purdue: Pass rushers have the advantage in all-star games. Kerrigan and Arizona's Brooks Reed were among the group able to capitalize. I was impressed by Carpenter and Sherrod's ability to handle him when rushing off the left side, but once moved over to the right against Arkansas' DeMarcus Love, Kerrigan's speed and agility were too much. The now-former Boilermaker beat Love and Louisville running back Bilal Powell (who had come over to chip) on an inside rush to notch a sack and came back moments later with pure speed to draw a desperate hold from Lo

    Chad Reuter contributed to this report.
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    I think Sherrod can play LT in the NFL. He still has upside. He has the athletic ability and size. He just needs to be polished a little bit. Mississippi State is a spread running team. He looked good at RT, but he has LT ability.

    Bunting says that Sherrod is the second best OT in the class (7.0 to Smith's 7.5). He rates Carimi 3rd.

    This is a very good offensive line class. It has depth and quality at the spots where Dallas is going to pick, especially in the first three rounds.

    If the Cowboys don't get young offensive line talent this year, what will it take to get it?

    Jerry Jones mentioned the offensive line, so there is always hope.

    Rodney Hudson"s and Marcus Gilbert's stock went up. Gilbert could go in round 3. Hudson will not last long in round 2.
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    Hudson has the same problems as Tyron Smith , too small, needs strength and both fit more of a zone blocking scheme.
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    Good article.

    I'm really intrigued with Carpenter as a Guard. He stood out to me and was probably the best OT in that game.

    If not him than Brewer from Indiana.
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    this olineman class doesn't look too good especially once we have a top 10 pick. I hope this means one of the top 5 slide to our pick in the 2nd round.
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    This is not a good tackle class and frankly the rest of the line prospects are not that great either. I see no one I would pick in the first rd.
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    I think if you want an instant impact player on the offensive line this offseason, you'll pretty much have to get it in free agency... I could even justify the Boys signing two veteran free agent blockers...

    Mind you, I'm not saying the Boys shouldn't draft an offensive lineman or two or three, they most certainly should... but in that first round, I'm thinking it pretty much has to be cornerback or defensive lineman...
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    Picking at 40 (or is it 41??), you could choose from a coupla promising OL prospects, even if none of the top tier prospects were to fall (for example, if Gabe Carimi is still on the board at pick 40, it's a no-brainer pick):

    Stefen Wisniewski, C, Penn State... yeah, he'd do in round 2...

    Marcus Cannon, OG/OT, TCU... I think he's gonna make somebody a nice RT in the not too distant future... one of my favorites...

    And in the third round, you could give some thought to:

    Benjamin Ijalana, OG, Villanova...

    Joseph Barksdale, OT, LSU...

    John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin... I'm doing a little projecting here, he currently grades out in the 4th round range on a lot of the draft websites, but I think he'll continue to climb the charts...

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