colleg players catching your eye during bowl season

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dirt, Jan 1, 2005.

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    Don't know about you guys but I am in football heaven right now with the schedule of games yesterday and today. I was wondering what players caught your eye?
    I would love to have that Minnesota OLine-what a bunch of road graders! especially the center--and Marion Barber would be exactly the type of power back Bill would like(if he comes out in the draft)
    Speaking of power backs to compliment Jjones--How about Shelton of Louisville? That was probably one of the best college games I have ever seen.
    Do you want a powerful fast LB--AJ Hawk and A. Brooks of Virginia really impress--altough it was hard to follow anything on that ridiculous blue field in Boise.
    I can't wait until Georgia/Wisconsin to see Erasmus James and David Pollack, as well as Davis the safety.
    I have mixed feelings on Antrell Rolle. Maybe I am expecting too much andhe is doing such a good job of coverage that he is not noticeable but Hester seems to be a better playmaker. Rolle looks too stiff and perhaps not quick enough for a shut down corner.
    One QB I would love to have is Stefan Lefors--he may not have the measureables but he is a gutty playmaker and in the right offense I think he could do well.
    Kyle Orton sort of fell of the face with an injury and some very tough losses, but this was a guy who was considered mid season first pick in the draft. Now everyone has seemed to forget about him. Perhaps he would be available with our second first rounder IF the future QB of the Cowboys is not currently on the roster as some people think. The guy can flat out throw the ball and don't dismiss him as a system QB.
    Lastly-I would do anything to trade up to get MAtt.K. --the DE from Boston College. This guy was a terror although it took some motivating to get him to explode in the second half. DE's with this potential will rocket up the charts after individual workouts--Geez- I almost sounded like Mel Kiper there for a minute.
    Anyways--Happy New Year and enjoy a football feast today
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    Bernard Pollard impressed me. I don't know his stat line, but I was at the game and just watched him on defense. He plays with great leverage and burst, but he takes a lot of plays off...
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    I don't know about orton man...I watched him live and he seemed tenative and not very patient. That is very alarming considering its at the college level, he will take a lot of time ot develop in the pros, if he does at all..
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    havent watched many bowl games but did watch the peach bowl..not sure of his name but the guy who returned the punt for a TD for Miami has some blazing speed.
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    If ASU WR Derek Hagan comes out, I'd love to see us take him with our second rounder. Andrew Walter is a statue who stares down the receiver on every play. It was rarely an issue due to Hagan's ability to get deep separation. This dude is definately under the radar at this point.

    Other standouts to me include Montana tackle Dylan McFarland and BCs Matt K, as well as the guy who blocked him, UNC junior OT Brian Chacos.

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