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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Kristi, Jun 21, 2009.

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    I graduated on June 20th, but I still have three classes to go this summer. My school has a ceremony in the winter and spring and well, I didn't want to wait til December because it is freaking cold here. I was nervous as hell and didn't feel well. Had a small fever Friday and didn't sleep well at all and basically just winging it on where I was supposed to go wasn't helping matters. We did one rehearsal with the two of us in chairs, but they couldn't make up their mind where we should or shouldn't go. I didn't eat before I left so I was on an empty stomach full of nerves.

    I got real weepy especially when my professors were all coming up to me before the ceremony and then when the music started. I was the first to go for the Business degrees and I swear it took an hour for them to call my name and to go across the stage. Then I had to get my tassel, shake his hand, get my "fake" diploama, and shake his hand, and shake that guys hand (Dean of Business, Dean of Schools, and President). I needed MORE hands. I almost started crying when Vern (one of my professors and 4th man in line to shake hands with) said we are really going to miss you and I said oh, I'll be back this summer for a few classes. All went well in the end for the most part.

    I went out last night, but only had ONE drink. My grad party was last weekend and we had a good time then and going out afterwards. Mom made 100 to die for egg rolls, cake, fresh strawberries and pineapple and so much food we sent a lot of it home with others. Plus alcohol.

    I absolutely loved my dress that I got for 30 bucks at FashionBug. I don't wear them often. I think the last time I wore a dress was my high school graduation. This one was sooo comfy. It felt like PJs. It was very light as I was freezing and glad I wore a shawl. Hair looks bad since I had the hat on first for pics.

    I think the hat is SOOOOO dorky! I texted Carrie and asked her what side the tassel goes on and Googled it. Google wasn't any help as it basically said it depended on the school. In the end we all moved our tassels from right to left at the same time.

    My advisor Trista.

    My most favorite professor. His heart and voice are as big as he is. He gave me a great big hug when I came through the line of professors afterwards. He wasn't helping the weepy situation at all. He has called me his favorite student on more than one occasion and he met dad after and really praised me and my parents on how well they raised me. On stage in rehearsals he said he bet I would be teaching at CTU in a few years. It's possible.

    Class of 2009!

    Mom and Me

    My dad told me cried a little bit. Awwww!
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    Congratulations! I'm glad you mentioned your dress. I noticed that right away. It's beautiful. I'm not normally a fan of pink, but the combo of colors worked in this case. You looked really pretty.

    I thought your hair was fine since you were putting the hat on. You'd have been alot more mad had you spent alot of time/money on it only to see is smushed by the hat.

    It's very cool you were so close to your profs. Keep those contacts close. Never know when you might need them later. That's the one thing I failed to do after I left school.

    I remember my college graduation ceremony. It was so great. They tell the audience to hold the applause until the end, but of course my family ignored it. Messed up my handshake picture, cuz I got caught laughing. lol.
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    I just went back last year and am going to be sad when it is over again.

    and the keep in touch with your profs things is sage advice, a letter of recommendation from a prof goes a long way.

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    Nice!! Congrats. I have 2 more semesters till I graduate Cal!! Woo hoo! can't wait to be done!
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    I will be finished in August/September.
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    Thanks all. There was applause after every graduate (some louder than others), but we are a small school. It took less than 2 hours and that was with 3-4 speakers. Nationwide Colorado Tech is 24,000 students and that's online and on campus in five different locations. My dad was taking pics, but being camera challenged all the ones going across the stage were blurry. He can't figure out the zoom and focus on the NIKON we have. It is a PITA. The school had two photographers one for the stage and one behind to take our pic with the diploma. I hope I don't have a cheesy look on my face. He only took one pic.

    My favorite professor, Daryl said any time I need a recommendation he would give me one in a heart beat as would my advertising professor and a few others too. I'm hoping to start my own business instead of going into the "real" working world. Do banks look at professor recommendations?

    WG -- yeah, I was contimplating on what to do with my hair. I was going to have it curled and one of my stylists said she would come to the house and do it, but then when I first tried on the dorky hat I was like, curls are so not going to work so I left it straight -- can't really mess it up too much that way. Some girls had their hair up so I'm wondering how many bobby pins they had attached to their hats. Mine fit, but just enough with my hair.

    As for the dress I am glad I got it and I think I'll wear it again. I wasn't too sure about the pink at first either. I loved the black and red, but the magenta was different for me. I got quite a few compliments on it out at the bars and the new guy I am seeing loved it. I wore tall black boots with it because heels so do not work with a wheelchair. I was shocked people wore flips flops. And not nice ones either. Oh and the guy who wore shorts with white socks -- classic.

    I'm OFFICIALLY done in September. I think I'll be a crying mess when that last day happens. I've been going off and on for 10 years (switched schools twice and bad health problems just before I completed my Associates degree made this a long degree to get) I'm considering getting my Masters, BUT I want to take some time off from school and either pursue the night club dream, ask Jerry Jones for a job, or get a REAL job that will help pay tutution. I will leave school with absolutely no student loans. With the combination of Voc Rehab, Pell Grants, and my parents -- I won't owe anything. My dad didn't want me to have student loans when I got done because he knew how long it took to pay off his. That's such a relief as I know what my friends who have been done for a couple of years are paying every month and CTU being a private school that would have been a big bill.
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    Great news Kristi. Congratulations and continued success to you. I have no doubts you will achieve whatever you want.
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    congrats! I'll be a college graduate in about...oh, 2020 lol
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    congrats Kristi. :toast: :clap2:
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    Congratulations... And getting out with no student loans?? I'm sooo jealous.
  12. Yeagermeister

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    Congrats, now get a job you slacker ;)
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Congrats Kristi that is a huge accomplishment!!!!!!!!!
  14. WoodysGirl

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    Yeah, I didn't want to be the one who said that. lol

    I was trying to give her time to soak up the glory of her achievement.
  15. trickblue

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    Congrats, Kristi... I'm very proud for you...

    I finished my degree late as well... at age 32...

    It's a great feeling... I know your parents must be very proud...

    I'd buy you a celebratory drink if I could...

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    This is outstanding. Does me good to see young people finish what they start and accomplish goals set for themselves. I'm sure I sound like I'm from another time but honestly, it's those kinds of things that allow a person to go on and accomplish even greater goals.

    Well done Kristi.

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    Congrats, Kristi!
  18. Future

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    Congrats, I'll be joining the club in about 6 months!!
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    congrats kristi!!

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