Colts owner jailed for DUI...charged with 4 counts of felony drug possession

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 17, 2014.

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    There are so many rules in the NFL. This would be one I have no clue about.

    What are the "rules" for owning an NFL franchise?? I sure as heck do not know. For example, if a known drug cartel wanted to buy an NFL team, would that be OK?? I doubt it. Or maybe none of this has come up and the league has no idea what to do with this fine mess.

    This guy obviously needs some help. And hope he gets it. But not sure the NFL is just going to let this go because it would set a precedent they sure do not want to set.
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    He was taking them to the team doctor. Said his lawyer to the DA as they cut a deal.
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    Just add his name to the long list of people with substance abuse problems. I hope he comes out on the other side well.
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    I saw that yesterday.

    This news in Dallas would melt this server to the ground!! LOL
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    Explains the trade for Trent Richardson ;)

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