Colts Super Bowl rings combine simplicity, bling (PIC)

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    Get past the 50 diamonds and synthetic blue sapphire horseshoe -- if your eyes allow it -- and the Indianapolis Colts' Super Bowl ring is much more about the simple words and symbols found in the subtleties of the design.

    "It's more than a fine piece of jewelry," said team owner Jim Irsay, who issued about 275 of the rings to players, coaches, other members of his organization and a few close acquaintances at a private ceremony Wednesday evening at the posh Indiana Roof Downtown. "It represents so much more."

    There's the word "Faith'' on one shank, or side, of the ring. Faith "gives you the strength to have the perseverance to move forward even after many disappointments,'' Irsay explained.

    On the opposite shank is the phrase "Our time.'' That was the Colts' theme as they headed into the playoffs, which culminated Feb. 4 in Miami with a 29-17 victory over the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XLI, the first championship in the Colts' Indianapolis era.

    Much less conspicuous, but just as meaningful, is a dot of red enamel found on each of the players' rings, forming one rivet in a small horseshoe. The red symbolizes a drop of blood, emblematic of players "leaving it all on the field,'' according to Pete Ward, the team's senior executive vice president.

    "There's obviously some bling,'' Irsay said Tuesday at his house in Carmel, gazing at the 50 diamonds that adorn the face and edges of the ring. "But we wanted it to have some beautiful simplicity and we wanted to feature the horseshoe. The symbol of the horseshoe is so universal, so powerful.''

    In discussing the ring at length, Irsay kept returning to that word: symbol.

    "That's the powerful thing about it,'' he said. "In life we use symbols . . . the art of symbols and reminders are part of our culture.''

    The design is the collaborative effort of Irsay, his wife, Meg, and Ward. They reviewed previous Super Bowl championship rings, including those earned by some Colts coaches while they were with other teams.

    The objective: "Keep it simple, but really classy,'' said Ward.

    The difficult part was determining who should get them, and which type.

    The team did not release a list of ring recipients, but all 53 players who were on the active roster for the Super Bowl, along with the eight-man practice squad and players on the injured reserve list, received the deluxe, "first-tier" ring. It's priced at approximately $5,000, the maximum allowed by the NFL for Super Bowl rings. Top executives and other team officials also received that ring.

    Some employees were given a second-tier ring, a scaled-down version of the original priced between $1,500 and $2,000, while others received a third-tier ring that, according to Irsay, "is more like a class ring.''

    All were made by Herff Jones, a local jeweler.

    "To me,'' Irsay said, "it was trying to take into account everyone that I thought should be given consideration. You look at years of service, things like that.''

    Irsay's mother, Harriett, was on hand Wednesday night. So were some people who contributed to the championship season but are no longer with the team, including wide receiver Brandon Stokley, linebacker Cato June and assistant coaches Leslie Frazier and Diron Reynolds. Irsay picked up the tab -- flight and hotel costs -- for everyone who came in from out of town.

    Pro Bowl wide receiver Reggie Wayne exited the Indiana Roof and held up his diamond-studded ring.

    "It's great," he said. "I normally hear diamonds are a woman's best friend, but tonight it's a man's best friend.

    "I feel like a new man. This has been a childhood dream, and I'm just enjoying it."

    The festivities, which included the delivery of rings to players on a silver platter, coincided with Irsay's 48th birthday.

    "What a birthday," he said. "That was cosmic coincidence."


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    Very nice...
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    wow, i'd like 2.

    Peytons shouldn't have gotten that, did you see how he treated those kids in that NYC football game? threw the ball right at him.
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    Nice looking ring
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    Gotta admit, that is very sharp looking.

    You know, I love the star for its staying power as a logo or symbol of the Cowboys. The only image as clean in its simplicity and staying power (IMO) is the Colts horseshoe. It's not a bad logo image at all. Most of them stink.
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    I agree I think the Colts have one of the better logos in the league. At one time I like the Rams as well when the helmet was Blue with the white Rams horns todays logo I don't care too much for.
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    That is a very nice looking ring.
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    I think it looks good too, although I'd of left out the Lombardy trophy inside the horseshoe. I think it'd of been much cleaner look.
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    Simple yet classy. Just the way it should be!
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    Does it normally have the owner's name on the side? Or is that new?

    Could it be that each ring is persoanlized and that's Irsay's ring?

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    I agree completely Hos. The Colts have always been among my favorite teams (was a HUGE Johnny Unitas fan) and I was glad to see them win it all this year. I also like Peyton Manning a lot and believe him to be the best QB in the league right now and could end up being among the top-5 all-time when he is finished. he will certainly hold all the records.

    Very nice looking ring too.
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    Most likely it's Irsay's ring.

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    It could only look nicer with a star in the middle. Seriously.
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    Of course each ring is personalized. They gonna give Manning a ring that say's Irsay?
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    Hey... I will take one with the name "Irsay" on it :laugh1:
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    Horseshoe should have been made out of blue sapphires. Cheapskates.
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    Here's another article from NFL Network...

    Colts giddy after getting rings on silver platter[​IMG][​IMG] wire reports

    INDIANAPOLIS (June 14, 2007) -- It was enough to make even the toughest NFL players giddy.
    The blue horseshoe. The Lombardi Trophy in the middle of the Colts logo. Even a red ruby to represent the figurative blood shed by the Colts over the course of the season. And, of course, the Super Bowl rings were all handed out on -- what else? -- a silver platter.
    "I know they normally say that diamonds are a woman's best friend, but tonight, they're a man's best friend, too," Pro Bowl receiver Reggie Wayne said, barely containing his exuberance as he put his arm around former Colts linebacker Cato June.
    The response to the shiny, new, $5,000 rings was unanimously exuberant.
    Three-time Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney said the design, courtesy of team owner Jim Irsay and his wife, was precisely what he envisioned.
    But it was the private ceremony that really brought out emotions. All the Colts players and coaches from the Super Bowl team attended the ceremony but defensive tackle Montae Reagor, who is expected to practice with Philadelphia on June 14.
    When they left the downtown theater's ballroom, players were so excited they didn't know what to do.
    "I might sleep with it tonight," said Freeney, one of the NFL's most-feared pass rushers. "I think today is the first day it really hits. Now it hits home and tomorrow is a new day. So it's time to get another one."
    Players names are etched on one side of the ring, with last season's motto "Our Time" and the word "faith" etched into the other side.
    Irsay said he wanted the word "faith" because it represented the religious feelings of the team and the tragedies the Colts overcame, such as the suicide of Tony Dungy's son and the traffic accident that killed Reggie Wayne's older brother.
    Missing from the ring were the diamonds that teams typically use to symbolize the number of championships won by the franchise.
    In the Colts case that would be two, counting their 1970 victory when the team was still in Baltimore. Irsay opted against that for two reasons.
    "We look at it as being the first one for the Indianapolis Colts," Irsay said. "And there was no need to bring up any friction."
    Irsay's father, Robert, moved the team from Baltimore to Indianapolis in the middle of the night in 1984 and some Baltimore fans still haven't forgiven the Colts for leaving.
    The team's quest for a Super Bowl repeat has already begun. The Colts are wrapping up their fourth week of mini-camp June 14, and veterans don't have to report again until training camp opens July 29.
    Super Bowl MVP Peyton Manning kept a low profile after picking up the one personal trophy that eluded him through his first eight seasons in the NFL.
    "It only gives you about a month and a half to wear it because then next season starts," Manning said last week. "I think you really can't wear it after that or you're just sort of hanging onto last season."
    For Manning, the victory laps have been nonstop since his MVP performance in February.
    He's been to the White House twice, met England's Queen Elizabeth II, was the host of Saturday Night Live, dropped the green flag for last month's Indianapolis 500 and golfed in an event that included Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan.
    Most players, including Manning, said the ring ceremony was more emotional because it included everybody else from the team.
    "It's a special moment because it doesn't happen every day," Dungy said last week. "It's been almost 30 years between mine. To me, it's really more symbolic of the guys starting in March and saying 'This is our goal' and then accomplishing it. Not everyone does that."
    Dungy won his only other Super Bowl ring with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1978.
    What happens to the rings next is up to the individual. Dungy, like Manning, said he would probably stow his away soon. June asked Wayne for advice now that he's playing in Tampa Bay.
    "Scratch your head, like this," Wayne said, raising his right hand with the three-ounce ring. "You show them that's a nice ring you've got."

    The Associated Press News Service

    Copyright 2007, The Associated Press, All Rights Reserved
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    SOmething odd about that ring though. It's nice and all, a real good looking ring, but normally, when a team wins the Sb, the ring also indentifies in some way the number of SB wins. With the Cowboys each ring either has 1 or 2 or however many diamonds representing the number of wins. The Colt's have won two SBs (the first one against us :mad: )

    I guess the obvious question is does that win belong to Baltimore or to the Colts franchise?
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    Cowboy's rings


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