Columbo and Peterman and Pettiti

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by burmafrd, Feb 11, 2006.

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    How BP evaluates them will decide on what we do about the line.
    If he thinks that any two of them can really contribute next season we
    might only get one OL in FA, and he might be a center. I do think that some later rd picks will be used on more developmental OL. I do not think that Peterman is going to do anything soon; Columbo- its all about how fast he can get healthy and how far back he can get from his injury. Pettiti- rookie learning a new position with a bad ankle half the season; I think BP gives him a pass. So that is one. So maybe the key to what we do is Columbo.
    The whole center mess is one that is a doozy; Johnson is not up to the physical NT's and Gurode does not have the head. So THAT is why I think we do something about center. RIvera cost too much and had a bunch of injuries so he probably gets another shot. LA- that is all about money now. If he renegotiates we keep him. If not.....
    If we lose LA then we definitly find a guard somewhere- FA guards are not too expensive. ALl indications are that the Hotel should be back 100%. Tucker- I have a hunch that maybe he ends up being looked at at guard- where he played in college. He might do fine there. But I seriously do not see him as anything but depth at tackle- and only if you are pretty sure you are not going to need him for more than at most a game or two. Up to this last year Adams had played like 70-80 straight games so he is NOT INJURY prone. That position is probably the safest on the team in that respect.
    If we draft a center I want Mangold; if we draft a guard I want Gilles.
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    I have said it several times lately........if you want a consistent, above average OL you can't replace one or two of them every year!!! It takes a couple of years for these guys to get a good "chemistry" with each other. If we keep getting FA OLmen over 30 with a large signing bonus what good does that do? Now if you can get a good young FA that doesn't put you in "cap hell" because of a big signing bonus that is a solid move. Of course, as Mickey Spags would say "if he is so good, why isn't his present team trying to resign him"!:D
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    Agree consistency important but waiting for it to develop isn't going to happen with Allen & Riveria turning 35 & 34; if they 5 years young it is different story. In hindsight signing Riveria (33) was bad idea but so was signing Ryan (?) to also start at RG back in 04. Don't want add any more old FA OL.

    Parcells OL decision will be affected by how Pettiti & Colombo doing along with Peterman. A few weeks ago we read that Cowboys' trainer had set up a detailed training schedule specifically for Pettiti to follow until March offseason weight conditioning program started. Also few weeks ago Colombo reportedly was lifting weights with his legs, something he unable to do since his knee injury in Oct 2002.

    Since both Pettiti & Colombo described as tough & very hard working, at least we assured they doing everything they can to improve play this year. Lack of info re Peterman development since TC last year adds to sense of concern. Don't understand why questions re these 3 players aren't raised during one of Jerry Jones interviews. Another example of ineptitude of Dallas media.
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    Good analysis sago1. I think the evaluation on Peterman, Petitti, and Columbo (or is it Colombo?) is the key to the offseason moves made on the O-line. Most see this, so I suspect even the Dallas media recognize that the evaluation will be revealed when the FA market opens. Rapid moves into a FA acquisition on the line will reveal no confidence in one or more members. An early round draft move will reveal that the evaluation looks promising but longer term depth is needed for Rivera. The Gurode/Johnson situation will also be evaluated for some action. Gurode is going to be an FA.

    My questions in this area revolve around the complete running game strategy for the Cowboys. Do they want to run screens and go outside at all? Is it going to be just a between the tackles offense? It seems our line has been built for straight ahead running but why would you have Al Johnson at Center if you were plannoing to go straight ahead. Also, straight ahead running calls for a good lead blocker and the Cowboys don't have that either.

    In short our line doesn't seem to be built out of big guys to go straight ahead, and it doesn't seem to be built of athletic guys who can go outside or block in space. Maybe I'm missing something but I think we need to be basing our line on accomplishing something well. Parcells wants to run the ball, but we don't seem to have built a team to run with.
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    That is my concern as well- that we do not have a plan on how to maximize the use of the talent we have. Johnson and to a lesser extent Rivera are more mobile but less powerfull; LA, Flo, Pettiti, Gurode are less mobile more powerfull. You have a mix on the line which must make planning a consistent running attack pretty tough. Yet in 2004 we were able to do it better then this year- even before flo went down. If we had all brawlers they could force the D line back and engage some LB's allowing the backs time to find holes and run to daylight. But we do not have that. If we had mobile types we could go zone blocking and once again the backs could find the holes. But with the mix we have there seems to be leakage all the time and our backs have to spend precious moments dodging the D in their own backfield. NOT to mention all the deep handoffs, slo mo handoffs that give the D time to react and penetrate. QUick hitting is the way to go in the NFL of today with all the fast LB's that most teams have. Right now we have 3 starters that can go power; 2 that can go finesse, though Rivera should be good enough to do power fairly well. The only starter we have that cannot muscle straight ahead is our center- which is one of the main reasons I want a more powerfull center- that way we would have 5 starters all capable of the same thing.

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