Columbo? What's with that?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dfense, Sep 14, 2006.

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    I just watched the Jax game again and I can tell you. Columbo could not handle his guy at all. Why did they keep him over Pettiti? He was getting physically beaten time and time again. Gurode and Kosier might have had their best game. Even Rivera had problems but man, Columbo......

    If he does that again this week, Bledsoe's going to be getting hit.

    And did any linebacker make a play? I noticed Brady James couldn't keep up with Taylor down by the goal line. He just ran away from him. And Akin (however you say that) disappeared all game. Can any of these backers cover? They are suppose to be a strength of this team right? They look slow to me. And the scheme now takes Roy out of the action.
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    Why do you say, "his guy" instead of telling the truth about who that guy really was. It was Reggie Hayward, ever heard of him? Now, how many sacks did Colombo give up again? And the name is Colombo, not Columbo.

    Reggie Hayward
    Defensive End
    6-5, 285
    Sixth-year defensive end who signed with the Jaguars on March 2, 2005 as an unrestricted free agent … Has developed into one of the NFL’s top pass rushers with 8.5 sacks in 2005 and 27.5 sacks the last three seasons
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    Because Pettiti was the worst tackle in the NFL? (okay, maybe it's a tie between him and Torrin Tucker)

    Honestly, Colombo played better than Pettiti did in any game all of last year.

    How many sacks did Colombo allow? That's right, none.
  4. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah, Pettiti did allow the most sacks in the league last year for a OL. Followed up closely by his buddy Tucker.
  5. Jay

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    Giving up no sacks to Hayward was impressive. I didn't think he played THAT bad, but his run blocking needs some work.
  6. dfense

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    Telling the truth? OK, Reggie Hayward, who left with an injury, and the guy who replaced him, pushed Colombo back into Bledsoe repeatedly. How's that? On Bledsoe's first pick, Colombo with an "O" had the back of his helmet in Bledsoe's face. Bledsoe threw off his back foot and couldn't step into his throw. I hope Haywards replacement wasn't Wiley, because that would say enen less about Colombo.
  7. dfense

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    I didn't notice it myself as much the first time I watched the game because you tend to watch the skill positions. But watch it again if you recorded it and just watch Colombo. I rest my case.
  8. Yakuza Rich

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    Not only did Colombo hold Hayward to no sacks, but pretty much kept the pressure off of Bledsoe completely.

    I counted 3 plays where Hayward got good pressure on Colombo.

    1. 5 step drop from Bledsoe, Hayward gets a good jump and pushes Colombo backwards into Bledsoe. As that's happening, it doesn't help that Stroud got a good push against Rivera and basically pushed both Rivera and Hayward into Colombo. End result: Throw away by Bledsoe.

    2. 5 step drop by Bledsoe. Hayward gets a good push and raises his arm and Bledsoe can't follow through properly. Results in an INT. That being said, the replay clearly shows that Bledsoe made a bad read and would've been picked off regardless.

    3. Run by Julius to the outside. Defender gets by Colombo and Julius only manages to pick up 2 yards.

    Here's his good plays:

    1. Sealed off Hayward perfectly on a 5 yard run up the middle that wouldn't have occured without his help.

    2. 17 yard run by Julius called for Colombo to get to ignore the first level and go to the second level where he darts quickly up the field and blasts the linebacker out of the play.

    3. 8 yard run by Barber on 4th and 1. Gurode whiffs on his block on Henderson. Barber has to change his running path direction and is helped out by Colombo and Witten who clear a wide open path on the right side.

    After charting the game, I cannot possibly see why people are down on Colombo. I was rather encouraged and happy about his play.

  9. dfense

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    You watched the Jacksonville game right? Dallas at Jacksonville? 4:15pm? What color are your glasses?

    let's just hope you're right this week. I don't want anybody putting Phillip Daniels in the Pro Bowl sunday.
  10. Kilyin

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    You don't have a case. I've watched the game several times.

    Read YR's post too, that pretty much sums it up.
  11. SilverStarCowboy

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    Hayward couldn't play the entire game because Columbo stood him up and was aparently far stronger than any one Hayward has faced because he ruptured his achillies tendon is out for the rest of the season on a simple one on one pass rush.

    Concllusion: Columbo is a monster.
  12. CaptainQuint

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    Colombo is an improvement over either of last year's game 16 tackles. And I think Phillip Daniels will face Adams...not Colombo...tomorrow.
    Since Adams may be recovering form, McQuistan could replace him.

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