Combine Media Session with Vontaze Burfict

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    Selected Questions and answers from the combine media session with Vontaze Burfict on To read the full Q and A click here

    A. It really doesn’t matter. I’m just really trying to be a leader in the locker room, off the field, on the field. It really doesn’t matter. I just want to go somewhere where I can play right away.

    Q. What did you tell teams about last year

    A. I just want to make sure they know what happened and the stuff that people don’t realize that’s been thrown under the rug.

    Q. What is the misconception:

    A. I heard that I’m not coachable at times. I think that’s probably my pride and joy. I love being coached. I want to be better. Hopefully, I’ll be in the Hall of Fame one day.
    Ray Lewis/Ravens: That would be awesome. He’s my role model. I really feel like I could take my game to the next level especially learning from him.

    Q. How you played last year

    A. I thought I played average. I could have played better. That’s what hurt me at times. I didn’t know if I was going to start or I was going to be benched. That hurt me a couple of times. I just tried to fight through it.

    Q. Locker room fight:

    A. It started on 7-on-7. He started roughhousing me and he pushed me and my first instinct was to swing. Now everybody thinks I’m a bad guy because my instincts were to swing at a guy. I had a locker room fight, I learned from it. I’ve been working gwith a guy named Nick Barnett. He’s part of my agency. I’ve been working on things I could do in the locker room and off the field because I know that’s a big thing.

    Q. Stands out in your game:

    A. My instincts, my nose for finding the ball. My study habits in the film room. Leader on and off the field. My aggression to win. My passion ofr the game.

    Q. Should teams be worried about drafting you:

    A. No sir, I think that I’ll come out and change the whole atmosphere like I’m a leader. And just bring a lot to the game and the whole side of the defense.
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    I don't have a problem, but I have someone working with me on my problem. I swing at guys out of instinct, but I am a leader.

    No thanks
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    He's exactly what we dont need.
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    I dunno about that. I like his aggression and that he's a big hitter, what we don't need is the stupidity.
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    A much needed enforcer and impact player, but the risk may be too high!
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    I think he puts it all behind him and learns from it all. I'd still give him a shot. I just love watching him in film lowering his shoulder and knocking o-linemen on their *****. He creates a wide-open lane to the QB all by himself. I realize that he did that in college and that NFL linemen won't be moved like that. But he has exceptional strength for the position.
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    We should give him a shot if he falls to our 2nd round pick.
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    I can potentially see him turning out like Ray Lewis. People always seem to forget that once upon a time he was a bat**** crazy linebacker out of Miami known for personal fouls and trash talk in his college days. They also seem forget that he very likely got away with (at the very least) accessory to a double homicide. He channels that natural crazy within him though into success on the field.

    He could also turn out like that guy from "The last boyscout".
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    Except crazy Ray never regularly disappeared for long stretches of games. I'd stay far away from this guy.

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