Combine: Teams Shop for a NewHouse

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    Combine: Teams Shop for a New House
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    Marshall Newhouse No. 70 By Amberly Dressler, Publisher
    Posted Feb 26, 2010

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    Marshall Newhouse and his cousin Robert “The House” Newhouse share more than a last name, they share a love for the Dallas Cowboys and a hard-nosed playing style. But Marshall made no bones about it; he wants to make his own path. We caught up with Newhouse to discuss LaDainian Tomlinson, his cousin, what teams he's met with, what he’ll bring to a team and much more.

    The NFL teams in attendance at the NFL Scouting Combine are putting draft prospects through the rigors; OL Marshall Newhouse (6-foot-3, 326) is no different. Projected as a guard, Newhouse says he feels comfortable in all five positions on the line. Amberly Dressler and a hodge-posh of reporters catch up with Newhouse to talk TCU, NFL and everything else in between.

    What are you hoping to accomplish here at the Combine?

    Marshall Newhouse: Definitely show myself in the best light. Show them what kind of skills I have and definitely try to improve my draft stock.

    What do you need to improve on?

    MN: There’s always things to improve on. As a player, you are always trying to get better. I think for myself, I can improve my overall strength. I am pretty strong but definitely getting stronger is always a key. And definitely just getting in the film room and starting to learn how the NFL works and being ahead of the curve as far as that is concerned.

    What kind of player is your future team getting?

    MN: An accountable player. A hard-nosed player, very tough. I’ll play to the whistle blows every play and definitely be an addition, a positive force in the locker room.
    TCU Coach Gary Patterson

    How did your time in college prepare you for the NFL?

    MN: My program at TCU is very demanding. Coach P (Gary Patterson) expects a lot out of people. I feel like that prepared me and definitely grew me up while I was in college.

    What’s it been like so far, being here?

    MN: Pretty good, kind of a whirlwind going from place to place. Today, I started my day at 4 o’ clock in the morning and it’s still going on. It’s been exciting though. A new experience, and I am trying to soak it all in. Just handle it as best as possible.

    Why 4?

    MN: We had a drug test, so we had to wake up and give a urine sample test.

    How did it go? You passed that, huh?

    MN: Absolutely.

    How much has your cousin Robert Newhouse prepared you for this process?

    MN: We’ve both been pretty busy. I haven’t spoken to him recently. I know my dad and him stay in contact, but I haven’t spoken to him in awhile. It would be something I’d probably ask him soon, sooner than later.

    Do people bring it up a lot?

    MN: Yes, definitely. There could be worse things.
    RB LaDainian Tomlinson

    LT has been the shining horse of the TCU organization. What are your thoughts on his release from the Chargers?

    MN: Well, it just shows you that no one is immune to the way the league works. He’s been a great player, and I think he will continue to be a good player. He’s been a great ambassador for TCU. The next team that gets him is going to get a great player. That’s just how the business works.

    Does he go back to TCU and mentor any of the guys?

    MN: He came back often. He had a summer camp that he ran for young kids. But he came back , and we saw him every now and then.

    Growing up, knowing that your cousin played professional football, did that instill a desire to play even more?

    MN:Not necessarily, I knew that he was a very good football player. I knew that I wanted to be a very good football player, so the fact that we had the same name didn’t mean a whole lot. I started to develop an understanding and appreciation of what he’s done and the kind of trail that he set, but I kind of wanted to make my own path. That’s what I am trying to do right now.

    What effect has Coach Patterson had on you as a player?

    MN: A great effect, he prepares you for the most high-intense situations in games and also off the field. He prepares you to be a better man, also. I’ve been in some intense situations, and I don’t know much more can surprise me. It’s the NFL and it will all be new to me, but I’ve been in some intense situations.

    What it be fair to call him a demanding man?

    MN: Yes, very much.

    Is it a dream to play for the Cowboys?

    MN: I’ll play [with] whoever want me but of course the Cowboys were my favorite team growing up.

    Who were some of the teams you’ve spoken with?

    MN: I’ve been interviewed with quite a few.

    Were the Cowboys among them?

    MN: Ya, a little bit. The Cowboys, the Chiefs, the Texans, quite a few.

    Mostly zone blocking teams?

    MN: A few of them, there are all sorts of teams. I think since I am projected to go at guard or center, there are a lot of schemes that I could fit it into.

    Where do you feel most comfortable at this point?

    MN: I could play all five if they asked me to.

    Which one do you feel most comfortable at?

    MN: I mean I played tackle for three years, started there. I love that, but I am ready and willing to play anywhere.

    What’s a unique questions you’ve been asked by teams?

    MN: The most unique thing would be when they ask you to draw up plays. The coaches are, it’s like they are in a film session, it got pretty intense last night. I am expecting more of it, but I like talking football.

    Which team had the most intense session?

    MN: The 49ers.

    Was Singletary in the room?

    MN: No, these were more informal. They called it a train station.
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    The force is strong with this one!

    He's definitely in Jerry's line of sight.

    Will he pull the trigger...4th round?

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