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    Do they really work today?

    with satelite radio and TV where you can record and skip them.

    If I want to watch a show I alway record or pause it until I know I can get through all the commercials. this allows me an extra 20 minutes or so to get some work done .

    as far as the radio . I do not yet have satelite radio but if I do listen to the radio and it is not often. I flip the station whenever a commercial pops up/

    I have a fairly new business and I have been appraoched several times about both TV and radio advertising but I just do not think it will have the same impact it had 7 yrs ago.

    so please I am looking some opinions to help me decide
  2. big dog cowboy

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    It doesn't work on me. I am allergic to commercials. In my truck or watching TV when commercials come on I instantly change the station or channel. The radio is for listening to music. The TV is for watching TV shows. I'll shut it off before I do a commercial.
  3. Cowboy Junkie

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    same with me
  4. Doomsday

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    Same here, I record pretty much every show I want to watch so I dont have to sit through commercials.
  5. VietCowboy

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    I love some of those Geico commercials, but I am not a Geico customer.

    I think the only commercial recently that has affected is the Nutella one. I haven't had Nutella in a LOOONG time, and after seeing the commercials, decided to go out and get some.

    But I agree for the most part, I skip through.
  6. Faerluna

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    I have the TV on while I'm working or on the computer for ambient noise. I hear a lot of commercials and they don't really bother me. There are a few that I cannot stand that I will mute if I hear them on, but otherwise I have no aversion to them.

    Radio, on the other hand, always gets changed when commercials come on.

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