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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by StanleySpadowski, Dec 20, 2005.

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    You are pointing out a lot of teams that are on there second string center already, which really doesn't accurately back up your argument that Johnson is a an above average STARTING center. This is really a judgment argument that have very few stats that one can point to single out Johnson as not very good. The only one I can point to is 3.5/yrds (28th in the league) yet to be fair, the young tackle have contributed to that as well. I can only judge what I have seen as I have re-watched the line play in some games in slow motion this season. Based on my judgment, he is soft and a blow average run blocker, even with two veteran past -all-pro gaurds next to him. Taking into consideration he didn't even play his first season, I would say that Johnson Sucks. If you want to put together a reel and show me how he has dominated opposing NG on a constant bases this season or even point to a game that he has ( if i have a copy). I will be glad to watch it and I am open to changing my opinion. Until then I will stick with Johnson sucking bad.
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    Anthony Henry is good, end of story.
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    But can you name the nine worst? I'll bet you can't.;)
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    and your source is....

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