Compare Fletcher Cox and Kendall Reyes

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Mar 27, 2012.

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    How much better is Fletcher Cox than Kendall Reyes?

    If you had the choice of F. Cox at #14 or K. Reyes at #45, which would you choose?

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    Reyes is a better pass rusher but not as athletic. Cox is a better run stopper but can get pressure. The big difference in these two is explosion. Reyes is faster off the line and is stronger to get through the OL.
    Cox is better at holding the edge or his blocks. Cox still gets pressure on the QB just not as fast. Cox isn't done growning and will get stronger and has more potential so this makes him a higher draft pick as Reyes is pretty much done growing and will not get much bigger.

    I would take either I like Cox who produced better than Brockers vs the same teams. Cox is more athlitic than Brockers and gets in the back field alot more than Brockers did.

    Reyes isn't much further off than Cox is and I would love Reyes in the 2nd.
    IF we can trade back and make a few other trades to get a mid-late 1st two seconds and two thirds and walk out after day two with the following. then this would be a nice draft.
    1st Mercilus
    2nd Konz
    2nd Reyes
    3rd Brooks
    3rd Fleming/Robinson/Bentley/Boykin​
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    Is there a rule against drafting both of them and cutting Spears and Coleman, because I'd vote for that. Grab a guard in the 3rd. Take the 3 million I save from Coleman and Spencer and pick up Koppen for $1.5mm and hope a decent corner or safety is somewhere in the 4th round.
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    100% agree with all that except it may be tough to get both a 2 and 3.
  5. supercowboy8

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    not really, one trade back in the 1st could do it. We have two 4ths now and we can trade one of them. Can't trade the comp pick but we can package our other 4th to get those picks. If a team wants a plyer bad enough they will trade more than its value, happens all the time. It may take some work but it could just take two trade backs.

    IF SD wants a DT and think Eagels will take the guy they want they might give up a 3rd and 4th. Now we are at 18 then say then Cincy or Clev wants a player bad then they give up a 3rd.

    We can then take our a third and 4th added via trade and trade them to move back into the 2nd.

    This is just one example. If SD or Clev wants a player bad enough they will give up more than the value of the pick.
  6. cowboysooner

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    I was not considering the 4th and lower picks.

    If it worked out like that I could not be more pleased. That draft addresses each team need. I don't love Konz as a prospect in the 1st (injury, low reps coming from a great sc program, medical condition), but he is a good player if the health works out.

    Mercilus make big game changing plays as a rusher. Brooks is my favorite guard given round and potential (we are a good spot for him because we have bodies) and this is a good cb draft. Reyes would play 600 snaps for us and allow us to cut a $2.5million salary.
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    yep I agree. You look at the depth of positions of need for this team and OG, CB, and 3-4 DE is deep with talent. Zeitler is my favorite OG and I would rather have Zeitler over Konz. DeCastro is the best but I think that OG is so deep we can get a starting future pro bowl OG in the 2nd early 3rd.
    Same with 3-4 DE. Reyes, Crick, and WInn are all 3-4 DEs I like and I don't see as much of a difference in those 3 and Cox and Brockers.

    Pass rushing OLB is hard to find a starting iompact player past the 1st round. If you think Mercilus is a future 3-4 SOLB pro bowler then you get him. Can you find one that develops int a good player at OLB draft past the 1st round yes but its very rear or takes time.
    If we can't get a OLB in the 1st I would rather just wait till next year to try and get one than to pass on good OGs and DEs and CBs to get a developing 3-4 OLB.

    Center is also like 3-4 OLB where there isn't great dpeth in this draft. Konz is much better than any other Center in this draft. All the others Blake and JOnes will take time to develop and this team needs a Center now.
    Konz medical history doesn't bother me as he hasn't been affected by it in over two years. His low bench reps at the combine was due to a pull muscle in the sholder. I'm sure he could bench 225 an easy 25-27 times.
    But if all that stuff makes him fall to the 2nd like I think it will I would be more than happy to take him at 45.

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