Complete 1st rd and rest Cowboys Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. LatinMind

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    ROUND 1

    1. Panthers - Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson
    2. Broncos - Patrick Peterson CB LSU
    3. Bills - Cam Newton QB Auburn
    4. Bengals - AJ Green WR Georgia
    5. Cardinals - Nick Fairley DT/DE Auburn
    6. Browns - Von Miller OLB Texas A&M
    7. 49ers - Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska
    8. Titans - Marcell Dareus DT Alabama
    9. Patriots via Cowboys- Robert Quinn OLB UNC
    10. Redskins - Julio Jones WR Alabama
    11. Texans - Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
    12. Vikings - Cameron Jordan DE Cal
    13. Lions - Tyron Smith T USC
    14. Rams - JJ Watt DE Wisconsin
    15. Dolphins - Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri
    16. Jaguars - Adrian Clayborne DE Iowa
    17 Cowboys via Patriots - TRADE WITH SAINTS FOR 1ST(24) AND 3RD (88)
    17. Saints via Cowboys - Mark Ingram RB Alabama
    18. Chargers - Ryan Kerrigan OLB Purdue
    19. Giants - Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA
    20. Bucaneers - Aldon Smith DE Missouri
    21. Chiefs - Gabe Carimi T Wisconsin
    22. Colts - Nate Solder T Colorado
    23. Eagles - Martez Wilson MLB Illinois
    25. Seahawks - Jake Locker QB Washington
    26. Ravens - Cameron Heyward DE Ohio State
    27. Falcons - Allen Bailey DE Miami
    28. Patriots - Corey Liuget DE Illinois
    29. Bears - Anthony Castonzo T BC
    30. Jets - Rahim Moore S UCLA
    31. Steelers - Derek Sherrod T Miss State
    32. Packers - Aaron Williams CB Texas

    Cowboys Mock
    2rd(33 via Pats) Marvin Austin DE UNC
    2nd(40) Mike Pouncey C/G Florida
    3rd(71) Orlando Franklin T Miami
    3rd(88) Deunta Williams S UNC
    4th Sione Fua NT Stanford
    5th Cecil Shorts WR Mount Union
    6th Mike Mohamed ILB Cal
    7th Andrew Jackson G Fresno State

  2. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I really dont see the Saints making that trade for a RB and I think Marvin Austin is a NT.

    Ive seen Orlando Franklin a few times now, whats he all about?
  3. Doomsday101

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    I like Mike Pouncey at G but forgive me if I'm not thrilled with the prospect of him playing center. All season long with Florida the guy played horrible at center
  4. The Realist

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    Like the trades, not the picks for the most part.

    Not a fan of drafting a 4th CB in one although we've done it before.

    I stay at 17 and take Carimi.

    17) Carimi

    33) Austin

    40) Pouncey

    3rd) Deunta

    4th) Moffitt

    5th) Shorts

    6th) Hynoski

    7th) Some CB
  5. LatinMind

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    Im liking Rahim Moore was hard for me not to put him there at 24. And i know everybody is hoping for a OT in round 1. But Jerry just doesnt do it. And i dont see it happening again this yr
  6. Trace1015

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    love the Harris pick

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