complete 1st round draft w/ Cowboys 1st-7th

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    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]1)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Houston - Teddy Bridgewater – QB
    Unless this guy bombs out during the combine & pre draft interviews like Geno did last year this will be the pick.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]2)[/SIZE] TRADE[SIZE=+0] Tampa Bay - Jadaveon Clowney – DE
    Lovie is in a gret spot to put tampa right back in the playoff’s & after having peppers in Chicago he does what he has to do to get Peppers 2.0 in Tampa.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]3)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Jacksonville - Anthony Barr - Leo OLB
    If Bradley is truly in control of this team he will continue to build the team & not pay premium for a QB until the rest of the 53 man roster is a finished product, ala Seattle.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]4)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Cleveland - John Manziel - QB
    Does anyone not expect this to happen? I mean really?[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]5)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Oakland - Sammy Watkins – WR
    Oakland landed a decent guy to play the number two role for Oakland in Andre Holmes but they could use a number one, not to mention already having a decent defense they need all the help they can get on offense.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]6)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Atlanta - Jake Mathews – OT
    Atlanta’s Oline is awful, there is no way they can pass up this opportunity.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]7)[/SIZE] TRADE[SIZE=+0] St. Louis - Greg Robinson – OT
    St. Louis didn’t quite get the number one OT on the board but the very close number two is a nice consolation as well as some additional picks.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]8)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Minnesota - Blake Bortles – QB
    Minnesota needs a QB bad, so they take the best one on the board…… I guess.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]9)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Ny Giants - Cyrus Kouandijio – OT
    Kevin Gilbride blames Eli’s awful year on the Oline so expect more additions to that this year
    10)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Detroit – Marquise Lee – WR
    With a new head coach that is assumed to be offensive minded he will surely be focused on finding
    Stafford someone to throw too other than megatron.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]11)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Tennessee - Kony Ealy – DE
    Tennessee has a solid D, but they could use help coming of the edge & help take their Dline from solid to pretty darn good.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]12)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Buffalo - Khalil Mack – OLB
    Mack+Williams= nasty, that is all.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]13)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]St. Louis - haha Clinton Dix – S
    St Louis & their never ending amount of draft picks grabs the best Safety in the draft which is good considering that is probably the only weak link in the entire defense.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]14)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Chicago - Stephen Tuitt – DT
    Chicago had a worse run defense than Dallas, do I need to explain any further?[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]15)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Pittsburgh – Louis Nix III – NT
    Pittsburgh is getting old in every position of the defense & NT’s like this don’t come around that often, The steelers have to jump on it.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    TRADE Cleveland - Mike Evans – WR
    Cleveland landed their Dream QB with the 4th & to make them feel at home they want to bring in Johnny’s BFF from A&M, but with the Ravens & Jets both in need of a wide receiver & jerry eager to pull the trigger for a trade Cleveland makes the jump right over the top to guarantee they get the guy they want

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]17)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Baltimore – Darqueeze Dennard – CB
    How often does the best CD in the draft drop to 17, especially in such a talented CB class. Baltimore being the intelligent franchise they are take the BPA.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]18)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]New York Jets - Eric Ebron – TE
    The jets need someone to catch the ball, anyone,anyone,Buehler? They snag up the best Joker TE in the draft. Here Geno, Now go win one for Rexy![/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]19)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Miami - Taylor Lewan – OT
    Miami lost Jake Long, Incognito & that whiny Stanford kid in 2013. Lets just say their Oline needs help.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]20)Arizona - Derek Carr – QB
    Arizona got decent results with Palmer last year but Arians knows that wont last forever & they just happen to have an opportunity to draft a guy with an extremely similar skillset to their current QB. It should be an easy transition in the future.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]21)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Green Bay* - Cedric Ogbuehi – OT
    Green Bay’s Oline is not good &it’s finally starting to affect the team (Collar Bone incident) The front office has to keep Rodgers upright.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]22)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]San Diego* - Justin Gilbert – CB
    I think its safe to say San diego over achieved this year & they are fully aware they need help in their secondary, This guy picked off both Luck & RGKnee their senior years.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]23)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Philadelphia* - Ra'shede Hageman – DE
    Freak Athlete & looks like a 3-4 DE, Kelly can’t resist.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]24)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Kansas City* - Ryan Shazier – OLB
    If not OLB I’d say WR either way the chiefs could use some help, I went with OLB just by selecting bpa off my board.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]25)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Cincinnati* - Trent Murphy – DE
    With Michael Johnson leaving they need some competition on the edge & they cant pass up the best DE on their board.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    TRADE[SIZE=+0] Dallas - Kelcy Quarles – DT
    I don’t think I need to justify the position but I may need to justify the player, This guy has great production & is rumored to have 4.8 speed. I’m still sticking with believing he flies up the draft boards in these coming months.

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]27)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]New Orleans* - Vic Beasley OLB
    New Orleans is still transitioning into a 3-4 & OLB is definitely the biggest need. [/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]28)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]San Francisco* - Jason Varrett – CB
    I wouldn’t really say SF has a lot of “needs” so they go BPA.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]29)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]New England* - Jace Amaro – TE
    Bill would like to get his 2 TE set back into place, or just maybe 1 if Gronk cant stay healthy. Either way he takes the best TE on the board.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]30)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Carolina* - Kelvin Benjamin – WR
    Carolina needs some weapons for Cam to throw too & a 6’5 Benjamin is just what the doctor ordered.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]31)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Denver* - Travis Swanson – C
    Peyton needs to have some consistency with his center So Denver drafts the best available…. Bet no one freaks out about it either.[/SIZE][/SIZE]

    [SIZE=+0][SIZE=+0]32)[/SIZE] [SIZE=+0]Seattle* - Cyril Richardson – OG
    Seattle’s O-line is extremely shaky so they are inclined to go best Olineman available, although they could probably use some help on defense……….not![/SIZE][/SIZE]

    Dallas Rounds 2 through 7

    2nd round 48) Scott Crichton – DE
    I can’t stop watching this guys film, He is a little short but he has a great motor, a plethora of moves & is always getting in the backfield creating pressure.

    3rd round from cleveland 71) Tre Mason – RB
    If Tre is available we have to take him, Tre & Marco could be one hell of a one, two punch or a possible replacement if they dont want to sign him to an extension

    3rd round 79) Jordan Zumwalt - OLB
    It was between Zumwalt or Telvin Smith & I just like the way the UCLA linebackers style of play better, It could happen to be because their linebackers coach is a former Seahawks linebackers coach

    4th round 110) Josh Mauro – DE
    This is another guy I have to keep watching film on, I was initially drawn to Murphy from Stanford but you know what I noticed in a lot of Trent’s film? Mauro! This guy is always involved with getting pressure on the quarterback, he was everywhere I looked on the Stanford game tape

    4th round from Cleveland 122) L'damian Washington - WR
    This guy has height & speed, something we dont have on this team. Plus he has some decent hands

    5th round 147) Jay Bromley – DT
    This guy Broke out somewhat this year, he hass always been good with run stopping but was able to add some pass rushing skills to his resume this season. This would be a great pick up in the 5th if he is there as he could most likely play both positions

    7th round 207) Spencer Long – OG
    Spencer was easily a 3rd round selection at the latest in this years drat but due to injury he will almost positively be there in the 7th. We have to take this chance as our Oline depth simply is just not there.

    7th round 210) Denicos Allen – OLB
    This guy is a player & comes from a great college defense but his size will simply drag his draft status down. He may not be able to hack the big leagues without gaining some mass but if he can it will be a great pick up

    7th round 215) JC Copeland – FB
    JC was once looked at as one of the top FB’s to come out this year but after a fumble or two on the goal line he was benched & it has caused his stock to plummet
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    Is this your draft or something you found?

    Did you cut/paste from Word or something? If you paste data into notepad and then copy it, it will strip out any extraneous formatting info.

    Ealy and Quarles made drastic jumps from their current projections.
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    has Charles been getting a lot press ? Walker - I like him in the second
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    Cleveland - John Manziel - QB
    Does anyone not expect this to happen? I mean really?

    I see Jacksonville all over him
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    I wrote it in word & copy/pasted it. I know it messed up the draft order numbers
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    I want no part of a running back in the third round, especially since we don't run the damn ball correctly or enough anyway. I'd rather not spend a resource on something that will be underutilized, personally. We have many needs. I mean, unless somehow we find out Murray doesn't want to come back or we have no intentions of resigning him. In which case, we may as well trade Murray after that pick.

    I could live with it if we took 3 DL and a linebacker in the top 4 rounds though, that's something we desperately need. I'd like to see some kind of O-Line though instead, some tackle or guard depth. Cool ideas though.

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