Complete Drivel: PFT- Tuna's TO Silence Deafening....

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ken, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Ken

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    Wow- League Source- Unreal. Tuna did talk with TO, they said in the PC yesterday. This is such garbage, but I thought it was good for a laugh.


    With each passing hour, the failure of Cowboys coach Bill Parcells to say something/anything about the team's acquisition of receiver Terrell Owens will be interpreted by league insiders -- and most importantly the other players on his team -- as the absence of an endorsement of the decision of owner/G.M. Jerry Jones to throw a lasso around a maverick with a belly full of loco weed.

    As one league source who watched the video of the press conference told us, "If Parcells was onboard he either would have been there or at least had a prepared statement. When Owens was asked what Parcells had said to him he basically admitted he really hadn't talked to him. Now don't you think that if Parcells really wanted him he would have at least had a conversation or two with him?"

    And in response to the various Cowboys fans who reminded us that Parcells hasn't attended any of the press conferences introducing new players in his three seasons with the team, this one is a little bit different, don't ya think?

    At a bare minimum, there should have been something from Parcells to indicate his imprimatur of this specific personnel move.

    As we explained last night, there are players who are not inclined to welcome Owens onto the team, and they are interpreting the Tuna's silence as a license to dislike the entire situation.
  2. Qwickdraw

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    That is rididculous.
  3. dbair1967

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    Florio is a bigger loser than Fred Edelstein ever was


    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Parcells didnt attend Keyshawn's PC or Bledsoe's... I believe....
  5. dbair1967

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    I dont think he's ever attended anyone's PC's other than his own when he meets with the press

  6. panchucko

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    He has said so much since the season ended.

    In fact, he doesn't say much during the season.
  7. TEK2000

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    They can speculate all they want but they clearly have no clue what goes on inside the Cowboys organization. Everyone knows that Bill Parcells does everything under the sun to keep people guessing about what he's doing with HIS team.
  8. Anguillidae

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    Owens said they talked on the phone.

    No! Jerry is the GM, it's his show.

    What players? I havn't seen any negative quotes from the players.

    People are entitled to their own opinion on Owens. (I'm not a big fan of him either.) But that's bad reporting.
  9. Blue&Silver

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    Owens is a loser. Always was, always will be.

    It doesn't take a genius to report the obvious. Of course all teammates don't like TO. What is there to like? But alas, the team and fans will need to put their happy faces on at least for now, until TO knocks them off like San Francisco, Philly, and Baltimore fans.
  10. Padd

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    Parcells treats everyone the same. Why should he show up for this player when he never has before? The minute you do that, you are treating TO differently and he will begin to challenge you and the organization. This analysis is extremely poor and I am disappointed because I do very much like to read PFT.
  11. Chuck 54

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    The coach had a phone conversation with the player...that's enough.

    Why should Parcells have anything to say about it...if he said anything it would probably be something stupid that would tick Owens off. Best to keep quiet, not stir any pots, and show up to coach the team....period.

    Why deal with any situation or face the media who want to stir the pot and ask hypothetical questions....just show up and coach and deal with things as they happen.

    I'm glad he's not available...I can only hope they are smart enough to have done this by design.
  12. k19

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    Parcells didnt attend ANY of the signings, he's on vacation in FL with his buddy LaRusa. He didnt attend the Key or Bledsoe signings either.
  13. DLCassidy

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  14. Juke99

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    I havent seen him at any press conferences..and knowing him, he figured it would be a bad message to send to Owens if he made the exception for him. And I agree.

    The thing that did make me cringe was when Owens referred to COACH Parcells as "Parcells"...I got a kick out of that.
  15. Bullet22

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    Stir the pot..
  16. Dave_in-NC

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    So Parcells should walk on egg shells around TO? Not going to happen. You can bet your bottom dollar Parcells will piss TO off and not care at all if he does. Thats what makes this a bad signing other than TO being scum.

    I would lean more twords Parcells not being unhappy with having TO but I bet hes way more the skeptic than Jones is.
  17. notherbob

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    Jerry = good cop.
    Parcells = bad cop.
  18. DizzG

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    This is why pro football talk is a total piece of crap site

    they make stuff up..pure and simple

    Parcells met personally with TO's agent on more than one occasion

    anyone that thinks TO would be here without Parcells wanting is a bit clueless
  19. Dave_in-NC

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    WOW remember Peerles Price and MW. Im sure there were others.
    Jones still owns the team.
  20. DizzG

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    Sure Jones owns the team but no way would he sign TO if Parcells wasnt ready to handle it.

    Parcells NEVER attends any press means nothing that he wasnt there. If Parcells wasnt involved why was he meeting multiple times with Drew R? Even he said Parcells was involved with this as much as any coach he has seen

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