Conan just took a shot at Romo

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by Zordon, Mar 31, 2014.

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    I guess having one of the worst defenses of all time had nothing to do with those losses. It all makes sense now!
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    Dirk is a HUGE Romo fan.
    Just sayin

    As for Romo's treatment in Dallas; that guy has to must some incredibly think skin.
    infinitely tougher on the inside than probably close to 100% of his spineless detractors sitting on the sideline eating popcorn.
    Go ahead, play with broken ribs, punctured lung, busted hands, more busted ribs, screwed up back....but id the team goes 8-8, you get booed all to hell and attacked personally on a regular basis. Unreal

    Easy to see why Aikman has a bit of distain for Dallas fans at times. Very little perspective at times.
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    I love Tony Romo but I thought that was funny. Some people take these shots way to freaking serious.

    I mean, really, who gives a crap what Conan says? Do you think Tony Romo is worried about the fact that Conan took a shot at him on a comedy show? Please.
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    Hey, the comment was doubt Romo is the source of a lot of heart burn and/or excitement around here. Some good, some bad.

    And you're right...Romo doesn't care what Conan says and he has skin think enough to deal with what the media says as well. But you can be sure it hurts somewhat when the fans pile on. He can take it, of course, but it has gotten pretty ugly. It's not like the guy sucked last year...not even remotely close to that.

    It's the predictable haters on this board that always pile on every chance they get (especially the ones that tend to make it personal) that make it so irritating.

    Dirk relates well to Romo and always comes to his defense in any serious conversation. He knows how it feels to be called names and labeled things in a manner that actually challenge a person's heart and/or manhood.
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    I saw it and immediately thought of the thread that would be posted about it.

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