Concern Over Barron's Injuries

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BIGDen, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Based on the countless articles I've read about Barron, he looks like a very good prospect. However, I'm surprised that there is not more discussion about his surgeries and risk of re-injury/complications. This was not a cracked fibula that healed up. From what I understand, this was a double sports hernia repair (the guy has also had a torn pec in the past). That's a body that has been through quite a bit already and he hasn't played a snap in the NFL yet. Based on what I've read, there is a fairly significant chance of re-injury after this surgery. I would think a professional athlete who has to lift and cut would certainly be at risk. This is a soft tissue injury. A patient develops scarring and tightness in the area. I would think (and have read) that there is a good chance that his adductors (groin muscles) might be more prone to strains. I can't help but think of the tightly-muscled Newman who always seemed to be battling muscle strains. At #14 I would much rather go with a guy who does not have such significant health concerns. If the safety class were deeper this year, I don't think we would be hearing about Barron @ 14. I don't dislike the player, I just believe that the risks outweigh the rewards with Barron @ 14.

    Since someone will inevitably ask how I know about any of this stuff. I'm a practicing physical therapist with a doctorate in PT. However, I readily admit that I have never treated a patient who has had this type of surgery. I have also only done brief research on the injury/surgery and do not claim that my opinions are based on numerous, rigorous studies on the topic.
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    I'm a HUGE proponent of drafting Barron in the first and while I did consider the injuries I never really considered the type of injury and the chance of re-injury. My girlfriend is also a practicing Physical Therapist (in the process of obtaining her DPT currently) she's at a course today, but I'll definitely pick her brain about it when she calls (in about 1 hr).
  3. Woods

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    Even though I hope we do draft Barron, his nicks and injuries do concern me a bit. That's my only concern with him really.

    That said, I don't know if these type of soft tissue injuries can be avoided through specific exercise regimes (yoga?)? I'm no expert on this stuff.
  4. casmith07

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    It's football. Guys get hurt.

    As long as it isn't structural/ligament damage I'm not concerned.
  5. BIGDen

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    Yeah. I know it's football and guys get hurt. However, I wouldn't minimize double hernia surgery as well as a torn pec before a guy has even played a down in the NFL. Newman's groin issues were pretty significant. A DB cuts and turns his hips a great deal which puts a lot of stress in that area. This is not some old fractured clavicle that has healed. I'm not sure how anyone could not be at least somewhat concerned over this.
  6. Eskimo

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    CAS, the issue isn't even so much the current injury or whether it has healed sufficiently. It obviously has.

    To me the issue is the guy has already torn 3 pieces of soft tissue in a few years of college football to the point that operative intervention was required.

    To me this just screams that he may not have the strength of soft tissue to put up with the repetitive trauma incurred in high level football. Maybe I am wrong and his injuries were flukes and he'll be fine for the next 10 years and not miss a game. However, maybe I'm right and he consistently misses games and his effectiveness gradually declines and he is tossed out of football after 4 mediocre years.

    The other players I have some concern about are Konz (2 major ankle injuries and a blood clot) and McClellin (3 concussions). Again maybe they never have an issue again but I'd prefer we not touch Konz until the 3rd round and I wouldn't touch McClellin before the late first because of this issue.
  7. Eskimo

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    Because they only want to see the upside and immediately want to discount the medical risk any player might have - it is downright foolish and I'd be shocked if teams didn't downgrade players with such issues to some extent.
  8. BIGDen

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    Exactly. I was actually going to ask you or jobberone for your opinions on this topic. Thanks for your input.
  9. BAT

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    What is the chance of recurrence after a double sports hernia surgery? And how long after surgery is one 100%?
  10. VACowboy

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    I hadn't heard about McClellin's concussions. That's a huge deal. But you keep hearing a lot of buzz about both he and Barron, so teams must not be too terribly worried, eh?
  11. Eskimo

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    I don't do orthopedic sports medicine so this is way too far out of my zone of expertise to comment upon. It is also the sort of thing whose recurrence at the site would likely depend on materials used and surgical expertise. He probably saw the top guys who regularly do this sort of thing and I would imagine the rate is lowish 5-10%.

    My comment about Barron is more along the lines of the fact that he doesn't have a disease per se but men were not designed evolutionarily to put up with the kind of recurrent trauma football entails. I do wonder if he has the right type of collagen strength to survive in this game. Most people don't and it is a war of attrition from HS through to college.

    1 tear is easy to overlook. 2 makes me wonder. 3 makes me really wonder. We even have experience as Cowboy fans of players who begin to gradually fall apart under the loads - Marco Rivera, Kyle Kosier, TNew and Anthony Henry all come to mind. I wonder if the same thing hasn't already started happening to Barron.
  12. newlander

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    and I expressed concern months ago but the resident experts on here told me I didn't know what I was talking about........well, I do. I've had hernia surgery guys and it was only a single but I'm not the same guy anymore. It really takes something out of you. I trust our doctors and trainers won't assume this young man is OK yet. IF they fully check him out they should see pretty quick he's a risk.......I'm hoping for Cox, DeCastro or INgram at this point.
  13. nathanlt

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    I like the phrase "designed evolutionarily".

    If you can't clearly decide between evolution and creation, go with both. FWIW, I hope you are convinced of one over the other some day. But it shows that you are carefully looking at both, and that's a good thing. I'll say this, you're not close minded.
  14. a_minimalist

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    While I think previous injuries are def a major concern, I think the forgotten factor playing in this is that he actually played with a double sports hernia. He performed well with a double sports hernia. IMO he's a tough SOB and those injuries shouldn't deter anyone from drafting him at 14 or earlier.
  15. Fla Cowpoke

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    I would guess there is a very large percentage of players that will be coming into the NFL that have had at least one surgical procedure during their careers.

    The point is that teams have highly paid medical experts at their availability and I would think they will be making a decision from an informed standpoint.

    Using guys like Newman, Marco Rivera, Kyle Kosier, Anthony Henry as examples is kind of laughable because most of their injury issues all came later in their career.
  16. AKATheRake

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    Mark Barron has played through all these injuries and impacts plays.

    That simple.

    This guy plays through anything.

    Welcome to the NFL. Where the players who can play through injury and give it up for their teams are the ones who lead them.

    Mark Barron is pro ready.
  17. a_minimalist

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  18. Eskimo

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    Or is it odd that Barron has developed similar injuries at such a young age and what does that suggest about his future that his tissue has torn 3 times in his short career at Alabama?
  19. Eskimo

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    Yes, he can play through injury.

    However, each injury takes something out of you until your ability on the field starts to deteriorate.

    Each injury on its own is inconsequential. It is the pattern of multiple major soft tissue injuries that worries me in a young fellow. It wouldn't worry me enough to pull him off the board altogether but it is enough for me to suggest waiting until the 2nd round on Barron. I'd also prefer 2nd round on McClellin and 3rd round for Konz.

    We need to spend our earlier picks on guys with less medical risk.

    Anyhow, the point is probably moot on Barron as he looks like he is going top 10 so we won't be able to screw ourselves on this one.
  20. casmith07

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    Let's only draft guys that never got hurt.

    We'll draft no players.

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