Concern Over Barron's Injuries

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BIGDen, Apr 21, 2012.

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    let us not get into a Darwinian discussion now....LOL

    BTW, I do not want Barron at all. I want DeCastro, Keuchly, Cox, Poe, or Mercilus.
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    Really? That's what you got out of this thread? C'mon man, you're better than that response.

    All injuries are not the same. A college player that has had multiple soft tissue injuries which required surgical intervention is not the same as a guy who fractured a couple of ribs, had a quad contusion, and a mild concussion. Those kinds of injuries happen in football and are not indicative of someone who may be prone to tears and has post-op scar tissue which is not elastic. Numerous concussions, a serious clotting disorder, and multiple soft tissue repairs are different. If I'm not mistaken, I believe you're studying to be a lawyer (or are a lawyer). I could be wrong, but my point will be the same. All crimes are not equal. If a prospect came into the league with multiple drug-related arrests and a history of violent crimes, those things would be considered when evaluating the player. He would likely be looked at differently when compared to a guy coming into the league with a couple of minor traffic violations and maybe an arrest for possession of a small amount of marijuana (unless we're talking about the Bengals of course). Now the guy with the worse rap sheet might never commit a crime again and Barron may never suffer another injury in his career, but the odds don't favor those outcomes. First round draft picks, IMO, should not have a great deal of significant medical issues. History (medical or legal) is important. If it wasn't, then Janoris Jenkins would likely be a top 10 or 15 pick.
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    I have basic medical knowledge so I am not even going to venture into arguing the injuries with you.

    All I am saying is that if we ultimately choose to draft Barron, I think it will only be with medical clearance from our training staff. We hear all the time about guys being red flagged due to injuries. We also know that our staff is not afraid to considered injured players if we think there is significant upside. We drafted Chris Canty with that knowledge. We drafted Sean Lee with that knowledge. We drafted Bruce Carter with that knowledge. I feel comfortable enough with our team's medical procedures that I am not worried about them wasting a first rounder on a medical risk.

    As far as Barron's injuries, wouldn't they both be trauma related? We hear about pectoral and bicep tears all the time usually when someone gets caught up in a pile. Sports hernias are fairly common as well. I remember McNabb had one and recovered without any issues. Others have as well.
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    My guess is that there's a consensus about his long term prognosis, for everyone to be mocking him as a Top 15 pick.
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    And if we pick him, I hope that they're right. It's just something that I think is a legit concern. I think that LaFleur had a bad back in college and it ultimately cost him his football career. I'd hate to see us get burned again by taking a guy in the first round with a significant injury history. Maybe we'll just draft DeCastro and I'll be happy. :)
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    Cowboys medical staff also cleared David LaFleur who went into the draft with a degenerative back condition. Cowboys not only drafted LaFleur in the 1st round, but they traded up to get him. After 3 unimpressive seasons, LaFleur was cut after failing a physical. It's not about 1 injury, it's about a propensity to suffer chronic injury, indicating a pattern.

    Arguing with people more learned about medical conditions is very short sighted. Cowboys may very well draft Barron but to ignore a potential long term issue is the proverbial ostrich with head in sand. That said, methinks the Barron fans doth protest too much.

    Debate is healthy, unlike Barron's soft tissues it seems. :D
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    That's reassuring.
  8. Fla Cowpoke

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    So you are going to bring up a guy from 1997? :laugh2:

    And ignore the recent success with the guys I mentioned? I am willing to guess the training staff and physicians we have now are probably not the same overall group that was around when LaFleur was drafted.

    From an injury standpoint, the last guy that we whiffed on that I can recall was maybe Jason Williams, but before that the OT Jacob Rogers.

    Of course, the bigger problem with Williams was he couldn't play.

    I haven't heard one source indicate teams are red flagging Barron because of his injuries. He has shot up the charts, just the opposite of most players with injury concerns.
  9. casmith07

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    I would be happy with DeCastro or Barron at this point, but considering we did fairly okay with a sieve of an offensive line last year, I really want Barron.

    I just do not feel good whatsoever with Brodney Pool starting this year. I would rather have Abe Elam back.
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    There's a good reason Barron is being considered a possible top 10 pick. He's pro ready through thick and thin.

    The Bills better be careful with Mario Williams and all that money he got because of last years pectoral pull that he could only play the first 3rd of the season because of it.

    Coples is a bum because he was apparently preserving his body and the effort he displayed did not match his talent. So he's no good to take either when listening to the consensus.

    Trent Richardson is coming off injury at a position where you're destined to get hit. Better look at him for nothing more than the 2nd round too. LOL!

    We all realize what sport we're talking about here right?

    If Barron is there at # 14 and there's no trade that knocks you off your chair , you take him and fix an almost decade long problem. Cox will not be there and Barron should be admired for being a warrior that impacted a championship.....
  11. BAT

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    You have completely missed the point that was made. Not sure how else it can be explained. It is not about ONE injury, it is about a propensity to chronic injury. And LaFleur also did not get flagged for his injuries either.

    And Jason Williams did not have a chronic injury, or any injury when he was drafted. Not sure why you even mention him.
  12. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Meh he'll be fine... Woicik and the training staff will make sure of that.
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    I'm still recovering from sports hernia surgery that was done Jan 14th of this year. It's very tough. I've broken bones, torn ligaments, fractured my skull, you name it.

    The sports hernia recovery pain was the worst pain I've ever felt. The inguinal canal has a nerve that runs down to your testicles. Hopefully that paints the picture....

    I'm not saying anything about Barron, just giving my experience. I've done tons of research and the reports and studies vary quite a bit. It's not just the soft tissue injury we have to deal with. It also nerve pain and damage that can remain til the day you die.

    I strongly believe this is what has ultimately shortened Newman and McNabb's careers. I Don't know Enough about Barron's situation to give an opinion.
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    Well said thanks for bringing this up.
  15. Fla Cowpoke

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    A chronic injury? Has he had multiple torn pecs? He had the surgery for the torn pec and then played a fantastic season. He had the hernia, played through it, had the surgery and by all accounts is having a good recovery. Just months after the surgery he put up numbers that were better than people expected him to put up even if 100%.

    Does he have a propensity for muscle tears? Maybe. Maybe not. Some are going to use it a reason to justify not taking him despite the fact his on field play makes him worthy of the pick.

    It's not that much different than down grading DeCastro because guard isn't a premium pick. We ignore the fact that his on field play makes him clearly the best prospect at his position and one of the best in the draft overall.

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