Confidence in Bledsoe

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by StanleySpadowski, Nov 17, 2005.

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    He's by far better than anything we have had since Aikman, but Bledsoe has played well at times before and then just left everyone scratching their head's. Despite that, I think he's good enough to win us a super bowl (not this year), but we need a dominant running game for that to happen.
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    teams win Superbowl rings. otherwise Elway would have more than two and Marino wouldn't go ringless.

    i figure the window of opportunity for Drew in Dallas is around three years.
  3. conner01

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    more confident in drew than the oline. the key to drew's success is the oline
  4. WV Cowboy

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    It must be killing you that Bledsoe and the Cowboys are having a good year.

    How sad & pathetic to sit around and hope for a player to fail so you can say you were right.

    And when we don't win the SuperBowl this season, I can just hear you saying, "see I told you so".

  5. junk

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    I agree with this for the most part.

    I voted unsure, however. I love the signing and I think Bledsoe was the best vet option that could be brought in (and a vet HAD to be brought in). I also loved the price.

    He also demonstrates some of the bad tendencies that have been widely reported from up in Buffalo though. I don't think these things are made up. Can BP keep him from doing these things often? Appears he has so far. Can the line continue to protect? I hope so.

    BP was the best situation for Bledsoe and he knew it.
  6. RCowboyFan

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    I will probably fall between Unsure and Somewhat Unconfident. I have never been a Bledsoe fan to begin with when he was brought in. I have somewhat warmed up to him now.

    But what worries me about Bledsoe most, is the Philly game. He makes a mistake and then compounds it further by holding on to the ball in the next few series, leading to Sacks or negative plays. I saw the whole team play go down from there.

    Thats where I am afraid of Bledsoe melting down at key point in playoffs. But like people have said here, He is way better than the Quincy/Chad Hutchinson/Vinny Testerverde's that have been here before him and after Aikman.

    I am going to wait till next 2 Road games, before my confidence of him goes up, especially against team like Panthers. Not that he needs to light up the score or anything like that. Just that he plays relatively mistake free and not panic etc. Of course OL plays an important part in this whole scenario too.
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    Huh???? :confused:
  8. LeonDixson

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    I voted "somewhat confident" because of the way the poll is worded. I'm not confident at all that any QB we have WILL win a SB for us. That would include Brady or Manning if they were Cowboys.

    I am very confident though, that he has the ABILITY to win a SB for us, if the rest of the team does their part.
  9. WV Cowboy

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    I am not in love with Bledsoe, but his play has been pretty good.
    Better than we have seen around Dallas of late.

    I don't understand the posts that say they feel that he will do ok as long as the line protects him, like that is a bad thing.

    Most QB's need the line to protect them, if not all.
  10. Seven

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    I had to go with somewhat confident. If only he was more moblie. I am however, very, very confident in his arm, leadership and game day prep. Drew is a gamer if there ever was one.
  11. dbair1967

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    AtlCB, its ok if you dont understand...thats a par for the course post from troll boy

  12. Redball Express

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    ...the problem is the OL as you mention. Not only is it a problem in pass protection for him if he has to take the kind of pressure like he did on that interception, but the Ol is allowing straight shots at Bledsoe lately and that's the kiss of death for us.

    One big hit on Drew and the season is over.

    That's why I don't care if he has to try to get rid of the ball in any way possible like he did against the Iggles Monday Night. Better to get rid of the ball and let the ref see the ball is out of there..

    ..than to hold the ball and take the hit and end the season with his injury.

    The fact it got intercepted was tough at the time to take, but Drew was trying to do the right thing when the play broke down..

    ..get rid of it.

    The other problem with the OL..running the ball to setup Bledsoe's playaction and getting the time to throw. The OL runs hot and cold with being able to transition to having to either pass protect or play run blocking.

    It seems if they come into any one game, they have a plan that is either committed to the running game or the passing game, but rarely is there any balance. And rarely, if the other team stops one phase of the offense, can we adjust and take advantage of what the defense is giving up.

    I think that comes from so many new faces on the OL with Tucker, Rivera and
    Pettiti starting..alot of newness there to be able to shift from one offensive stratagy to another on the fly in the course of the game.

    But really good teams can do that. Which is something we haven't mastered.

    So while doing more out of the Max Protect formations is desirable, if the running game was better, we could stay out of the Max Protect situations and cutdown on the possibility that Drew takes a big hit and the offense can still play more wide-open rather than pull back and Max Protect the QB by keping everybody in to do it.

    Just my thoughts.

    Again..Not saying Drew didn't make a big mistake in the INT Monday Night. He did. But he was trying to do the right thing but didn't have enough time to do it.

    IMO..clearly an OL problem. Absolutely no blocking for the play.

    Not Drew's fault entirely. He had nanoseconds to get rid of the ball never expecting somebody to be charging untouched up the middle like that.


  13. Maikeru-sama

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    Very confident in Drew Bledsoe. I really couldnt stand Parcells bringing this guy along, but now that I have seen him play, I am pleased he is here.

    Right now, it is the Coaching Staff that is costing us ballgames.

    Drew has had 2 games out of 9 where he was horrible, Seattle and Philadelphia.

    He is the Team MVP and there isnt even a close second because you take him off this club, were easily below .500.

    Now all we need is for Parcells to draft Vincent Young, if he comes out and let him learn from Sean Peyton and Drew Bledsoe.

    Like one poster stated in a thread a couple of weeks ago "LET DREW SLING IT!!!"

    - Mike G.
  14. Cbz40

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    Thanks a Very insightful reply that makes alot of sense. Hopefully in the near future we will improve the OL and be able to switch gears on O at a moments notice allowing us to take what the D is giving us....... ;)
  15. SuspectCorner

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    not a single Texas football player has come out early during Mack Brown's tenure (almost eight years).
  16. Maikeru-sama

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    Hence the word "IF" in my post.

    - Mike G.
  17. SuspectCorner

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    just pointing out it's a longshot. no prob

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