Congrads to Q.C.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by S.B. Bound, Jun 8, 2004.

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    Good find SB, thanks.
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    you won't have to keep me in mind if he has a good year and does what he is needed to do i'll be the one standing on my couch yelling for him every sunday, but if he don't i'll also be the one yelling the loudest for his head, it has nothing to do with qball it has to do with a winning qb and my Dallas Cowboys, only carterites try to personalize it........................
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    Look at the cover close and you will see it says "Q.C. & D.C. are riding high in the lone star sattle". Those are compliments towards the two youngsters not questionmarks.
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    Nicely put. My thoughts exactly. I want what's best for Dallas.
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    Well if that's the case :rolleyes: , don't you think showing support and confidence would be allot better then to bash and down him while hes down or not doing so well. Brat Farve was horrible for ATL and GB but later.
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    when he gives me something to support i will definitely support him, but i won't support him until he does, after three years of thinking this is the year that qball makes the grade and being disappointed, this time around i am calling em like i see em and he will earn everything he gets from me, as will any qb that crawls behind center to run my Dallas Cowboys.......................

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    And finally, we get to the crux of the problem.

    I think most have supported QC in the past. The problem is that in the last 4 years, his overall play has not merrited continued support. At some point, you have to determin that it's time to move on. Anybody who has ever played a sport knows this to be true. You support guys so long as they can play. If they can't play, they hurt the team and support quickly errods.

    I don't think you can fault people for not supporting QC this year. It's time for him to earn support. Maybe he will do it, maybe he won't. I don't think you can place blame for anybody who's demanding to see results from him in his 4th year.
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    Well said. I am a definite critic of Carter, but will continue to support his development and will definitely cheer for him if he winds up the starter (which I think he will). I personally just don't think he has the skills to be a top notch starter in the NFL. If I am wrong, great. My most sincere hope is that he either booms (winning record, ~2 to 1 TD to INT ratio, consistency and ability to step up in big games and against opposing defenses) or busts, so we can either end it and move on or entrench him as starter. Another average (at best) season like last year and we will have to hear more excuses.

    I can understand supporting Carter, I have no problem with it. However, I do not understand this need to prop the guy up at every opportunity and totally rail on anyone who opposes the pro-Carter stance.

    Yes, he has made strides, but he could barely throw a spiral coming into the league. Everyone talks about all his physical skills, but with all the ducks he threw in his rookie year (and still occasionally) do we really think he has the arm strength to throw those tough 15 yard outs on a regular basis? Not to mention his accuracy.

    I just don't see how he is going to make this supposed leap to superstardom. I think he is a hard worker with average skills. I think he would be a great #2 to come off the bench for a game or two and manage a game. Future All-Pro? I am just not seeing it. A magazine cover doesn't make a star. I am sure Jeff George and Ryan Leaf have had a few covers between them as well.
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    That's sauls? That explains a lot...
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    You can't be serious, the last 4 years. Not including last year but before BP was our team good hell was our coaching staff any good or to top that how was Jerry Jones mental mind state doing. But for some reason you people point all the blame to one person and one person only. Wow, like I said when Q.C. proves him self to be a good QB, don't jump on his wagon then because the b/s you people say (I'll be happy for him when he does something) is exactly that b/s. If you think a guy is good, then you ride with him threw thick and thin and I bet you were the same people that booed T. Aikman @the end of his NFL life. Shame,
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    Naw buddy, you got the wrong dude can you read, my name is S.B. Bound
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    Oh ya I forgot its impossible to change your username on the internet, silly me... :rolleyes:
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    S.B. Bound,

    I love Quincy, but the dude is AVERAGE at this point. I agree with you that he does have a lot of potential, and I'm pulling for him to fulfill it, but as of right now he is an average starting QB.

    And as far as the Street & Smiths cover, big deal. It doesn't make him better than he is, and it doesn't mean he will be a star. It's a non-issue, IMO.

    Of course he's "good" to an extent...after all, he IS a starting QB in the NFL. That alone makes him leaps and bounds better than anyone on this board could ever hope to be. But when compared to the other starting QBs in the league, he's only average at this point.

    That being said, I have a good feeling about this year, and I'm thinking that he can have a breakout year and go from being "average" to "good". If he can improve his accuracy, get more help from the supporting cast, and take better care of the football, he has a very good chance at doing this IMO.
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    Nav, that was a simply great post. Oh that everyone could be so diplomatic and honest. Thanks.
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    Excellent post, Nav. I usually think of you as one who worships QC, warts and all, but that was as reasonable a take on the QB situation as I've read lately.
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    obviously the cover of qb pics with the title "don't mess with Texas" is an exercise in bitter sarcasm...
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    Hey the Texans might have a pretty good team this year!
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    why was a quincy positive article moved :confused:
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    Because it turned into a smack fest.....the original poster later put another post with the same pic in the main forum.
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    Why were Hutch photoshops never moved?

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