CONGRATS to the "bubble players"...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 5mics, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. 5mics

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    Entering TC, these guys were given a snowball's chance in hell of sticking around. Instead, they got themselves together, worked hard, and earned a spot on the roster. So congrats to you guys!

    1. T. Tucker - T
    2. S. Peterman - G
    3. A. Gurode - G
    4. L. Polite - FB
    5. B. Noll - G
    6. K. Coleman - DE
    7. B. Thornton - CB
    8. J. Reeves - CB
    9. N. Jones - CB
    10. J. Condo - LS
    11. T. Johnson - NT
    12. B. Pierce - TE
    13. J. Ratliff - DE (R)
    14. T. Thompson - RB (R)
    15. R. Pettiti - T (R) ;)
  2. KDWilliams85

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    Petitti making it was a no-brainer.
  3. parchy

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    If you ask me, Pepper is the guy who should be patting his chest like an action star barely escaping a bullet.
  4. Ashwynn

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    Petitti making now is a no brainer, but he had to go out there and impress. He did and as a result hes a Cowboy today. He did a great job of hustling, playing through pain and being tough enough. Gratz to Petitti and all the Rooks and bubble guys that made it.
  5. Nors

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    Man there are a lot of guys expected to make this team on that list.....
  6. Kilyin

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    Tucker didn't really 'earn' anything. He's just depth at a position we're a little thin at.
  7. jobberone

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    Rob was a nobrainer for the PS. He had to compete against Rodgers and TT as well as Vollers and Walters. No small task.

    He stepped up and didn't just get the backup job. He is the starter. I think he pushed the envelope. Being the starter is not a nobrainer in my book. Certainly he made that his goal for which he should be admired. And more than admiration for actually doing it.

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    actually parcells said that he was impressed at how much better tucker got
  9. ndanger

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    If you are on a national football league team,you EARNED it.Half the people on this board would be playin in the nfl if that were not the case.We got some playas up in here yall! :D

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