congresswoman gabrielle giffords shot in tucson

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    I said that because I'm stuck writing a motion for summary judgment for my writing class now. The program didn't do a very good job this semester...they just held an adjunct meeting a week ago to "finalize" the problem.
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    Good let's start the movement, you handle the West Coast, I'll spread it throughout the East.
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    Is he dead yet?
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    Premeditated, baby. Better get "Old Sparky" ready.

    Accused Arizona gunman researched lethal injection, assassins before shooting

    Last Updated: 1:12 PM, January 26, 2011

    TUCSON, Ariz. -- The man accused of killing six people and attempting to assassinate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) surfed the internet for information on lethal injections, solitary confinement in prison and political assassins in the weeks and days before the shooting rampage, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

    “The impression investigators have is that he was trying to educate himself on assassinations and also research the consequences,” a source said of Jared Lee Loughner.

    Loughner’s postings on private internet forums and a rambling, incoherent video posted on YouTube have raised questions about his mental health. But in a search of Loughner’s home, investigators discovered a letter from Giffords’ office on which Loughner referenced an assassination, and the analysis of Loughner’s computer appears to show the alleged gunman made an effort to prepare for the shooting.

    Prosecutors hope to use the information to show that while the 22-year-old may have psychological problems, he knew right from wrong.

    Read more:
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    Good article bbgun.

    I agree the evidence is there to fry him. The defense team will shoot for a life sentence. The defense team will play their games and distort the facts and plant doubt. They will have expert doctors testifying about his mental state and drug use and irrational behavior.

    The problem, I see, is getting 12 jurors to agree on the death penalty vs. a life sentence. All it takes is one juror who for some reason can't agree to the death penalty to railroad the whole process. And it is probably going to take place in CA of all places. All the evidence in the world did nothing to stop jurors from freeing OJ for a double homicide.

    I'm all for the death penalty and would like to see this idiot fry, but I could see the gov't accepting a plea bargain life sentence. I really don't think the country needs this nutjob and his defense team making a mockery of justice in front of another Lance Ito on TV for 6 months.
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    I'm not in the business of guaranteeing anything, because you never know what a judge/jury will do....

    That said, I don't care where this trial is held, be it California or Maine, the federal system is COMPLETELY different from the California state courts. I seriously doubt a federal judge will be as incompetent as Ito.

    This ain't OJ. This was in broad daylight with hundreds of witnesses, and the guy was taken down and arrested at the scene.
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    peplaw06, the issue isn't guilt. It is getting twelve(?) jurors to agree to the death penalty.

    Does the defense have a say in jury selection in federal courts like state courts? If so, I'm sure the defense knows exactly the type of person they want on the jury.

    Again, it is not about getting a guilty verdict. It is getting all to agree on a death sentence vs a life in jail sentence.
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    The trial is going to be right here in Tucson about 3/4 of a mile from where I live at the Deconcini Courthouse.
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    Trust me, he'll fry.
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    It's hard to get 12 people to agree on anything. But they have to do it to get a guilty verdict as well. Has to be unanimous. So the 12 people have to find him guilty first... then they have to agree on the death penalty.

    If the government seeks the death penalty, in voir dire they will make sure that anyone who cannot consider the death penalty won't be on their jury. I think if 12 people believe beyond a reasonable doubt that he killed these people and injured the others and it was premeditated in cold blood, they'll be likely to sentence him to death.

    Personally, I think in the sentencing part of the trial, when the victim's families testify about the the Green girl, the federal judge, and the others, and the lives that this monster took, it won't take em long. Wouldn't take me long anyway.
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    ooooo i hope he does fry.
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    He'll be a roasted nut.
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    The sentencing should be left up to the judge. Never the jury. That clouds everything they do. When they are thinking about guilty verdict in cases like this, that is hovering in their minds and that has an effect not intended.

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