Connor Barwin, what if we drafted him?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MonsterD, Mar 1, 2009.

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    How P.O.ed would you be? The guy is a classic boom or bust prospect. I just think if he plays well he could be a real threat and could have 10-15 sacks every year. I just can't seem to stop thinking what would happen if we drafted him.

    It is really hard to understand how he will do in the NFL a former TE played DE in college one year had 11 sacks. Now he is going to have to play OLB. He has amazing athleticism.

    Thoughts? Is he really a first rounder? Would someone draft a guy this risky that high?
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    I believe Jared Allen was a TE also in college..could be wrong though.

    If we pick up a DE and SS in FA, I would love this guy with our first pick.
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    we'd most likely have to trade up to get him
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    I really like him.

    He looked amazingly athletic at the combine.

    OLB is a position where athleticism is truly important. I think this guy could start day 1 opposite Ware. He is light years more athletic than Ellis and at least slightly more athletic than Spencer. He had a 40" vertical and posts a 4.66 40. That 4.66 was second fastest among all DE's and was good for 4th fastest of all LBs.

    Now could he go Mike Mamula on you?


    But perhaps if the Eagles had played Mamula in a 3-4 as OLB he wouldn't have sucked.

    I think he is a high second round guy right now. Rated say 30-40 overall.

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