Consensus from the "experts" is the draft was great, but...

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    ...for the most part, I just feel like they took guys with a lot better options on the board after their second pick. Here is what I think they should have done and why.


    ---How the draft went---

    1 - Morris Claiborne(1:6 (6))

    2 - Tyrone Crawford(3:18 (81))

    3 - Kyle Wilber(4:18 (113))

    4 - Matt Johnson(4:40 (135))

    5 - Danny Coale(5:17 (152))

    6 - James Hanna(6:16 (186))

    7 - Caleb McSurdy(7:15 (222))

    ---How I think the draft should have gone---

    1. LSU CB, Morris Claiborne(1.6 (6))

    2. Boise DE, Tyrone Crawford(3.18 (81))

    3. TCU ILB, Tank Carder(Was picked at: 5.12 (147))
    [[Would be picked with our 113, 34 spots before he was actually picked. Could trade down and get another pick, but just for the sake of taking who was on the board at the time...]]
    -- Tank Carder is a great player, great leader, and a local guy. He was highly productive in college and in the short term could provide very good competition for the 4th LB spot while playing special teams. And in the long term beat our Dan Conner and earn his way into the ILB rotation. The guy was a beast in college and could eventually emulate that in the pros.

    4. SMU TE, Taylor Thompson(Was picked at: 5.10 (145))
    [[Would be picked with our 135, 10 spots before he was actually picked.]]
    -- At just under 6'7" and 260 lbs. while running a 4.5 forty...The guy is a physical freak. He played 3-4 DE at SMU for 4 years after playing TE/WR over at Prosper High School. He decided to lose weight and play at TE where he felt he was better suited for in the NFL and he's probably right. He'd definitely be a project player but the sky is the limit with this kid. He has the experience of physical line play, playing DE for four years, and he has surprisingly natural hands and great athleticism to play TE. Supposedly he lit it up at his all star game at TE after not even practicing there since high school. Really felt we should have picked him up.

    5. VaTech WR, Danny Coale(5.17 (152))

    6. OSU FS, Markelle Martin(Was picked at: 6.20 (190))
    [[Would be picked with our 186, 4 spots before he was actually picked.]]
    -- Markelle Martin was centerfielder, a ballhawk, whatever you want to call him he was an all around stud when it came to being a cover safety. I know he had an injury that probably is what dropped his draft stock... but it dropped INCREDIBLY low! He was projected as high as a 2-3rd rounder, but went all the way to the sixth. He has the potential to start at FS for us, THIS YEAR! If you can get a guy who can win a starting job his rookie year in the sixth round, that is a great find! I'm upset we didn't take the chance on him.

    7. Either Michigan C, David Molk(Was picked at: 7.19 (226)), or Nebraska CB, Alfonzo Dennard(Was picked at: 7.17 (224))
    [[Would be picked with our 222, 4 spots or 2 spots respectively, before he was actually picked.]]
    -- I really did not like the McSurdy pick... At all. I don't think he's even going to make the team. In terms of athleticism, I don't think he's faster than the average athletic looking person on the street. Picking David Molk would have been awesome for this team. We need to create some competition at C, because Phil Costa is awful and everyone knows it. Molk was GREAT in college, and has great strength to come in and compete right away! His athleticism also fits Garrett's new mold for offensive linemen with the ability to get out on screen passes... There were times when Molk would snap the ball, pull, and block a DE for Michigan. His height should be a non issue. There's other great Centers who've gotten away with being shorter.

    --Now Alfonzo Dennard... I was originally entirely against taking this guy... They said he was possibly 1st-2nd rounder but had 2nd round talent as a physical, but short corner with short arms. His biggest thing that made him slide was getting an a situation at a bar the week before the draft. Yes there's a slight character issue, but this could have been the steal of the draft! We still need a 5th corner, as we have 4 on our roster right now for sure. and last year I believe we played most the year with 5. Worst case scenario is, he continues to have character issues and you cut him. Whoop dee doo, you lost a 7th rounder you might going to lose with McSurdy anyway. The reward exponentially outweighs the risk. And I don't know if you guys have started to notice this, but it seems like Garett is really trying to bring in a "Patriots Mindset" to this franchise in picking the kind of guys he does and you can even tell by the way he speaks he really wants to take the team back up to the next level in terms of prestige and class. Well guess what... The Patriots were the ones willing to take the risk on this guy.


    Also, something else to add... Assuming we moved down with that first 4th round pick (113) and got another pick... We could have used that for another Boise State DE in Billy Winn who was rated REALLY high and NFL Network and a great grade on him too if I recall, I was surprised to not see him go until the sixth (205 I believe, but I have to check that).

    Now, this IS just a fan's perspective, and the Cowboys scouting department are all professionals so they obviously see something but I don't see and on top of that, it is really a mute point after the draft... but I just feel like the Cowboys could have addressed the Draft much better in the later rounds. I'm confident that I can trust the Cowboys believe they drafted the best possible way, and I REALLY hope that I'm wrong and this draft is amazing and it helps lead us to the promised land. But again, my INITIAL reaction is not convinced that going to happen yet... Without seeing them in a game of course.
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    Hang on that and compare later. My money is on the Cowboys list over yours. ;)
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    Yeah, my brain says trust the pros, but my heart says why didn't we do this instead? lol if that makes any sense...
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    Your heart says that because it doesn't know what it's talking about.

    That's not a knock on you. It's just the truth about everyone who thinks they know who would be the better pick, but haven't spent time scouting these players, learning about their work ethics by talking to coaches, friends, enemies, digging for every bit of information you can find to make sure they are medically and mentally sound.

    The scouts/teams miss on picks (close to 50 percent on average) because there are things that are impossible to know. But they know so much more than us and the gurus out there, which is why some just can't believe players rated in the second and third rounds somehow are passed over and go undrafted.
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    Just so I'm understanding this...

    Super-athletic non-TE Taylor Thompson from SMU of Conference USA is a good pick in the 4th round.
    Super-duper-athletic real-TE James Hanna from Oklahoma of the Big 12 is a bad pick in the 6th.

    Do I have that right?
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    I would call assaulting a police officer more than a slight character concern.
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    Yeah. That's someone who just doesn't get life. The odds of that guy staying late to study film, being willing to put the team first, etc. are beyond slim. No thanks. I'm glad he's not our problem.
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    I was never impressed by Molk.

    AND clearly no one else was either
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    ....I watched this kid for 4 years at michigan: he ONLY played well vs. the absolute worst competition: western michigan, illinois, purdue, etc..... and was non existent vs. OSU, MSU and Notre Dame......kid is a JAG, which is why he went in the 7th round. God forgive me for saying it but: Costa is better than Molk.:eek:
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    It's easy to Make a post like this after the fact when you see where every player goes and can slot players knowing everything. It's a whole different ball game when you have to do it for real. They obviously like the players they took better than the ones you say you would have taken. They have all the information and you have none except for what you can find on soo called experts websites. They know what schemes and plays they what to run this year. You do not. They analyze how the players fit into those schemes and plays. You do not. You simply want them to draft people you have heard about while sitting on your coach surfing the Internet. I wish those that think like that to would come right out and call for Jerry to fire all his scouts, subscribe to every draft publication, put Mel Kiper on retainer for draft day, and simply draft the consensus best available player from these resources. It seems to me if he did that, most fans would be very happy on draft day but I doubt the team would be any better for it. I would much rather rely on the scouts and coaches to make what they think are the best choices based on all the information they have that we don't. They will make mistakes but they also will find good players and I as a Cowboys fan will cheer for all of them.
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    So basically, Dallas should only draft people from major programs or Texas schools....also known as people that a casual fan from Texas would have heard of.
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    So us couch war room guys don't know as much as the pros but the pros only average around 50% on a good year....? And there's no way a couch slouch could bat 50% drafting? Most folks here could've done better than our 2009 draft, as well as several others. Just because people get paid to do a job doesnt mean there aren't others out there that can do it better than them in their spare time. Look at McShay, he gets paid to do nothing but the draft and he still sucks. Meanwhile SDogo blew away Kiper and Mayock.
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    I just wanted to bump this and make note of how my choices would have been better or worse from last years draft.

    Yeah, 1 year is early, but I wanted to see how it's turned out (at least up to now).

    3rd Round Change: I was right here
    Kyle Wilber: Played in 10 games, 5 tackles.
    Tank Carder: Played in 15 games, started 1, 7 tackles and 1 Pass Defended.

    4th Round Change: I was right here
    Matt Johnson: Didn't see any action
    Taylor Thompson: Played in 16 games, started 4, 6 catches for 46 yards.

    6th Round Change: I was wayyyy wrong here, I didn't think Hanna would be bad but I thought Markelle Martin would be much better
    James Hanna: Played in 16 games, started 2, had 8 catches for 86 yards.

    7th Round Change:I was WAYYYYY right on this one.
    Caleb McSurdy: Cut
    Alfonzo Dennard: Played in 10 games, started 7, had 35 tackles (34 of which were solo), 7 Passes Defended, 3 Interceptions, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Touchdown.
    David Molk: Played in 12 games, 0 starts.

    Really disappointed we went with McSurdy instead of Alfonzo Dennard. I know he had character issues but the proofs on the field, or not in McSurdy's case.
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    Mcsurdy was not cut, he had to go on IR. But, I believe Dennard would have been better even if Mcsurdy made the team and played some.

    Carder played in 5 more games and had 2 more tackles and you are claiming you were right? huh??????

    Also, I don't see how you can claim to be right on the Matt Johnson thing, him being injured all year as well. It should be "no decision" at this point.
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    Yeah, I guess Ware, Carr, Austin, Romo and others aren't worthy

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