Cool Mom Q&A: Candice Romo

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    It would seem easy to envy Candice Romo. The former Miss Missouri is, yes, beautiful; she also has an impressive career in broadcast journalism and an adorable son with a cool nickname like Hawk. Oh, and did we mention she's married to an NFL quarterback? But spend a few minutes with the new mom and you'll be charmed by her down-to-earth attitude and hands-on parenting style. We caught up Candice to chat career, Cowboys and candy.

    StrollerTraffic: You left your role at the CW33 . . . are you back to work?
    Candice Romo: Yes, I am back to work—as a full-time mommy. Maybe one day I'll get back in front of the camera, but for right now, I am enjoying the time at home with Hawk. It's amazing how your heart, interests, and passions can change once you have a child.

    ST: Amen to that. So, how did you and Tony settle on the name Hawkins?
    CR: Tony came up with it way before we even knew the gender, and I wasn't too keen on the idea. But I just kept telling myself not to worry about it until we found out what the sex was. Then when we found out it was a boy . . . It took me longer, but I fell in love with the name, and can't picture anything differently.
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    As much underwarranted criticism as Tony gets he's very lucky to be going home to a wife like that.

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