Cool pic + Marcus Spears questions who is there *merged*

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by The Dallas1575, Apr 8, 2014.

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    Too bad you don't play defense......
    Dangit!! You got me............Won't 'unlike'. It's a pride thing. ;)
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    Please, ... quick, ... someone tell me something good about FB, .. all I ever hear is dumb stuff.
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    I need 1,000 likes on my petition to save Jason Witten from male pattern baldness. Or Jason Garrett from gingervitis. Or Tony Romo from early onset obesity. Help these important issues get the attention they deserve.

    Who's with me?
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    99% will read this, only 1% are brave enough to like it or share it.

    The ones like that are the ones that irk me.
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    This is all you need to know about the man's mind set. It's completely warped. He's a marketer, not a football guy who's trying to build a winning team.

    “As you know, the Cowboys have not gone to the playoffs in several years,” Jerry said during a press conference at the ACM Awards in Encino, Calif., this weekend. “We have not gone, yet we are the most popular TV show on television. We lead all teams in TV ratings. Twenty-four of the top 25 shows were all NFL games, and any time the Cowboys play, they’re up there at the top and leading.

    “Well, what causes that? What causes that is creating tomorrow, creating some excitement. We want to use that to make this awards show as best we can to make this awards show the greatest ever.”
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    Former Cowboys LB Scott Shanle: Dallas' biggest issue is individualism

    Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Scott Shanle said Tuesday that the team's biggest issue is individualism and the presence of too many "me" players.
    Shanle's comments come on the heels of former Cowboys and Ravens defensive lineman Marcus Spears questioning whether the recurring scene of coach Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo hanging out promotes a team-first concept. Garrett and Romo were spotted in Jerry Jones' Final Four suite Monday night. The duo has also been seen recently at SMU and Duke basketball games.
    "I believe Marcus had tweet of the day! I've been part of a team in (New Orleans). It works! (Dallas') biggest issue is individualism," Shanle (@scottshanle) tweeted.
    Shanle played in Dallas from 2003-2005 and in New Orleans from 2006-2012.
    "I can compare (the two) organizations. Night and day...," he tweeted.

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    Great stuff, but please tell me you didn't just draw Nors out of retirement...
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    I'm sure Jerry didn't have to twist JG or Romo's arm to go to the stadium and watch a college basketball game since they were spotted at a few others. Why would they not go when it's local for them and they enjoy watching it anyways? As far as the rest of the team, we don't know if JJ sent out a invite to only the local guys or maybe the whole team but they could be sitting somewhere else or just chose not to go. In the end this is a whole lot of talk about nothing.
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    The SHANLE.
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    I'd "like" the negativity and nonsense to end....
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    The Jerry and Garrett supporters along with many "positive" posters will bash Shanle for his comments, but he is just one of many former players that has made statements about the attitude and team chemistry problems in Dallas. They get labeled as bitter and disgruntled former players, but the message remains the same. The atmosphere in Dallas is not that of a winning football team. Jimmy had the country club comments that are along the same lines. There us a big problem within the organization and it is a major factor in the lack of success on the field. The current culture in Dallas is not going to change with the current leadership. Garrett was part of a great team when he was playing for the Cowboys. He should know better. There is not much that can be done with the GM, so I guess fans are going to have to be happy with being entertained by 8-8 teams. I think the culture is as big of a problem as the lack of talent.
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    These are interesting. Shanle was in Dallas through, what, 2006? We had a pretty good, young team at that time, too. I wonder who the 'me' players are referencing. From context, you'd have to assume it was Romo and Witten, since Demarcus is no longer with the team and Demarco wasn't there when Shanle was and so can't really have 'turned into' anything from Shanle's perspective.
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    I would, too. Here's the thing, though: when it's fans making up stupid criticisms just to torture themselves and vent, or to try to irritate other more optimistic fans, it's one thing. When it's players and former players saying things publicly, well, you have to sort through what might be emotional investment on their part and weigh the comments critically, but it's an actual source close to the situation sharing their perspective. If that happens to be negative, then it is what it is, but it's still valuable insight into what the problems might be, and it helps us down the road when we try to interpret what Jason and team are doing with their decision making as a result.

    I think the player and coach level criticisms are really interesting, generally. Similarly, when players tell you something about a young rookie and how he performs in camp, I weigh that stuff a lot more heavily than I do a guy on the internet who watched him in college or who adopted him as a pet cat for whatever reason.
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    I hear you and I'm not normally a basher or proponent of Garrett's, but what did he do wrong here?
    It seems that since Garrett has been here, he's been steadily trimming away at the old guard. There's almost nobody left. Plus I don't see him making excuses for players or running a loose ship.

    The jury is out, I think, on him as a game-day coach--and whether he can continue to grow as one or if he'll never get there--but I don't really see him as a Wade Phillips type softie HC.
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    I think the culture is the problem.

    Of course we always want to add talent, .. but we always seem to find the most unbelievable ways to lose games that we were good enough, and had talent enough to win.
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    He might get some blowback, but the positive group tends to be pretty positive about players and their opinions, overall. See my post, above. It's just part of the nature for people with the temperament to try to understand the content before reacting to it emotionally.

    Of course, in this case, Shanle's also talking about the makeup of the team 7-8 years ago, with a little bit of recent informed input, I'm sure, from his former teammates. That was a very different picture at the time with TO and Patrick Crayton and a young defense and before Tony's big contracts, etc.
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    He might not be talking about specific players but the culture that exists. No matter what, nobody can deny that Cowboys star players are basically like rock stars and the excessive self promotion of the brand never stops.
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    But NOBODY (certainly no starters or Head Coaches or Assist. Coaches) are even still here from 2005.
    That's huge gaping hole in this comment.
    And then he compares those junk teams to a SB winner. Of course the later would be closer and tighter knit. Is this guy really dumb or is he just overlooking the very obvious.

    Now if this is only about Jerry, and nobody else, then maybe he as has point. The rest junk talk.
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