Cool pic + Marcus Spears questions who is there *merged*

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by The Dallas1575, Apr 8, 2014.

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    I'm sure he's commenting on both, given the direct reference to "me" players. The culture thing definitely still applies and is still the case in Dallas. I"m not so sure the culture alone is the issue, though. I would think it's more likely the specific focus of the players on the team that would be at fault.

    It's also worth noting, too, that the Saints were in a very unique emotional position during the time Shanle was there. That team really came together in so many ways in the lead up to that Superbowl run. It had to be just an amazing experience to be a part of as a player.
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    Romo and Witten were on the roster with Shanle.
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    So one starter. Witten.

    Romo was 3rd sting when he was there.

    So all other players there then are now gone.
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    He's got to be talking about Romo and Witten here, I would think. Given they were on the roster with him, and they were the ones Spears was obviously referring to in his tweet. It's pretty clear-cut.

    As far as I'm concerned, this makes two former players to say something publicly here. On top of the TO-drama we've seen previously. I can see there being the basis for a mini-rift between some of the old guard defensive players and Tony et al on offense. There was definitely some bad blood within the organization with Ratliff-mostly for unrelated reasons. Then the Hatcher-want-my-money stuff, the team under-delivering. The cutting of Ware....I could see it.

    Now, that's also probably par for the course with any team that's paying a ton of money at the QB position, has huge issues on defense, and that has under delivered on expectations going back to 2007. It doesn't mean the sky is falling, but it's reasonable to think there's probably some negative sentiment on the subject on a team full of 53 highly paid professional athletes.
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    If you upload a picture, the content is not longer yours, they own the rights..........oh wait you said something good, I got nothing *shrugs
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    This really isn't anything new though. Players have always been treated that way. The 90's Cowboys have talked tons of times about how Jimmy allowed certain players more freedoms and players were treated differently depending on their status with the team.

    This isn't anything even remotely unique to the Dallas Cowboys or the game of football for that matter. It happens on every team, in every sport, in every single city.
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    Thanks, ... over 90 minutes, ... crickets.
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    As HC, Garrett has as much to do with the atmosphere as anybody except Jerry. There has been one coach since Johnson that made big strides in changing the culture and that was the Tuna. I think Garrett should shoulder some of the blame because it has been shown that a strong coach can make a difference with the culture in Dallas. I will say this about Garrett, he may not have the power that the Tuna had to change things. If that is the case, I don't respect Garrett for remaining as a puppet coach.
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    Lawd, spare part player comments are coming out of the woodworks nowadays. Dude was here for a couple of cups of coffee and has been gone longer than he was here, but he can speak on the inner workings of the current Cowboys lockerroom. At least Spears was here in the recent milleniums.
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    Everyone got to try and be relevant and get a loves anything about dallas in turmoil, gets hits so im sure they pay
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    Yeah, that exists ONLY in Dallas. <-- Sarcasm

    Robert Griffin III has his own logo, gets to put a III on his jersey, is on every other Subway commercial and because he once raised both arms skyward tried to patent the Griffin celebration.

    Peyton Manning and Eli Manning have both hosted Saturday Night Live, have endorsed every product under the sun at least once, The last Super Bowl was the Peyton Manning hype machine in full force. It was like Seattle didn't even exist. How were they going to stop the ultimate Offense.

    Tom Brady is married to a super model. Everywhere he goes the paparazzi are snapping pictures. His mullet was national news.

    Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco had a reality show while teammates on the Bengals.

    And it isn't even new in Dallas. Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson were on Coach. Dale Hellestrae, a Long Snapper, was on Letterman. Tex Schramm and Tom Landry both had TV shows.

    Translation, fans today are way too freaking soft. They believe everything is a portent of doom.
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    Post # of pic?
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    Shanle's comments are just so random, tho. His opinion, such as it is, but he's about 8 years removed from Dallas. Why should anyone, media, fans, or anyone give his opinion value as it pertains to the 'Boys. He'd have a ton more credibility by speaking on his former teammate, Darren Sharper, than he would anything Cowboys-related.
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    Oh yeah, I assumed Romo was one...which means this Shanle dude was 1000% wrong, seeing that Romo was basically a glorified water boy at the time.
    No chance he was some inner circle elite guy from 2003-2005. He didn't even start his 1st game until 2006.
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    In the Shanle era, the team had one good season and one really good draft. Who on that team were Me players besides maybe Greg Ellis. Everybody else were Parcells Guys. *rollseyes*
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    This. A million times this.
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    Hey Marcus. One guy is a future first ballot hall of famer and ring of honor member. The other guy resurrected our franchise and has one of the highest QB ratings in NFL history.

    You're just a nobody, a first round bust that's trying to become a hack journalist, sorry bro.

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    I am from the south too. Rural KY is much the same from the time I spent there as well. You have difficulty grasping the meaning of inferiority complex so perhaps it is best you stop.

    lol 'our'
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    This was a fun thread. I hope all the complainers got out their frustrations on a stupid picture. lol

    And, what is funny about this to me? Well, posters are using players from years ago to validate their agenda. If only we had the haters running this team, Superbowls galore!
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    There is no doubt that Jerry has the best gig going. If this picture doesnt prove it, I dont know what does. Who else with a track record like his can have 2 ex presidents, a 1st Lady, HOF players,and your very own fantasy team sitting with you at a title game?

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