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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rpatricc, Jan 4, 2017.

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    The Franchise Tag will be about 14M for Olinemen. Guards rarely ever get franchised because OTs drive up the price of the tag.

    Leary will likely get about 6M per with 8M on the high end. Fred's new contact pays him about 9M average and I don't see Leary getting close to what the top Center in the NFL is making.
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    I was thinking the same thing about him playing tackle until I read him saying he needs to find out if his foot can withstand the "bullrush". If he can't handle a bullrush....he can't play tackle or anywhere on that line for that matter.
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    I'm from NE Ohio, so I follow the Browns. This guy couldn't even make it on the league's worst O-line. He was slow, & didn't seem to know his assignments half the time. If you can't make it with the Browns, you just can't cut it. Wasted signing, IMHO.
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    Seriously. Some folks think we are gonna franchise him?

    We are going to give Zach a deal similar to Fred's. I expect we'll also give Collins a new deal that pay him a bit more like a first rounder. If he's willing to go for 3 years, I'd expect around 5 mill per. We don't have to do that but it is the right thing to do.

    That's a lot of money on the OL but I don't really see too many other players up for big raises over the next few years.
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    Yes, anyone who disagrees with you has a sickness. The next time you have anything intelligent to add, other than smarmy sarcasm, will be your first. You may have mildly amusing posts, but you actually know very little about football.
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    Agreed, although I think the jury is still out on Collins. They may keep him for two more years and draft his replacement if he doesn't develop into what he's capable of being.
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    That's not what the film shows.
  8. gimmesix

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    I think he's just talking about right now as far as the foot goes, not long term.
  9. AbeBeta

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    Jury out or not, he got a raw deal in the draft. Jerry will make that right because that's one of the things that makes Jerry an owner that players want to play for. The three year deal would buy out a year of UFA, so that often ends up costing a bit more. We've done that sort of thing on early contracts several times.
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    Cooper is paid by the NFL during the playoffs and not our salary cap?

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    The Browns as an organization doesn't seem to know what is doing over half the time. Hard to get a full evaluation of individual players because of their problems as a whole.

    I don't think it is a wasted signing. He may not "figure" it out and become all world while in Dallas, but he is a low risk signing anyway. Most guys signed to the bottom of the roster are in the same boat at this time of year.
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    I think all players earn minimum salaries in the post-season - that certainly wouldn't count against the cap in any manner as a team could have a cap based on 20 games rather than 16.
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  14. AbeBeta

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    This is true. But if there is one team in this league that does know what they are doing, it is the Patriots. So that's a concern.
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  15. joseephuss

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    The Pats did trade for him. Unfortunately he hurt his foot in training camp.

    At this point anyone signed to be a backup on the offensive line are about the same level. I don't expect any of them to be relied upon to contribute in the playoffs and the odds of them being a part of the team in the future is slim. Their presence doesn't prevent Dallas from signing someone in free agency or drafting another lineman. If Cooper does turn it around that is a bonus, but I don't think the Cowboys are counting on him to do so. It isn't a wasted signing or a great signing. It is just a signing.
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  16. MichaelWinicki

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    Everyone has nerves. :)
  17. AbeBeta

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    Oh I like the move. He's got upside and he's got experience in the ZBS.

    The Pats did "trade" for him - but really he wasn't the cornerstone of that deal.
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    Let me see. An interior line consisting of: Leary, Frederick, Martin, Collins, and Cooper? Yea, I can get some excitement with the sound and projections of that group. Hell yes.
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    The way Leary was made into a backup when La'el Collins didn't really earn the spot has left a bad taste in Leary's mouth. He made it clear via tweets in the pre-season. Leary was professional about it, but it was clear he was angry. That kind of anger could very well mean that he won't sign with Dallas even if Dallas matches his best offer. It's not a matter of letting him go, but more about whether Leary has his mind made up to go elsewhere. If that's the case, there's nothing we can do.

    On this Collins pick up, it's apparently just for the playoffs. The advantage of that is three-fold. 1) He does not get a salary above and beyond a playoff bonus, so he counts $0 dollars against the cap. 2) Odds are he's a better option than Ryan Seymour (who will probably be the cut to make room). 3) If we choose not to bring him back after this season, and another team picks him up, we get a comp pick.

    I'm intrigued by the pick up. I mean, in 2013, he was considered the top OG in the Draft and went 7th overall. He broke his leg and hasn't been the same. You can't ignore that the Patriots cut him and them the Browns did the same though.


    Here's an article on the Browns cutting him

    and one of the Patriots where it looks like they were just going for cap savings and waited until he was healthy.
  20. kiheikiwi

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    Seems to me that Cooper gets an audition with us, if he's only signed thru the playoffs - the front office gets to see him practice, maybe play. Gets to see the guy day in day out before having to decide to sign him or not - call it a good chance to do some due diligence.
    People, the NFL and every team is a business, Leary wanted out before this season got started. Dallas would not let him go,no way he is staying. Now, if he gets a ring and can then move on, more power to him. But the FO is not going to re-sign him. Collins will be the LG next year, they are simply getting a cheap look at Cooper to see if they want to sign him as a backup - rebuild - for next year. Good work by the FO. If Cooper can be remolded into a player, that's one less position needing to be drafted.
    Smith, Collins, Fredrick, Martin, Free/Green. Will, should be the starting first unit next spring. Does Cooper show enough to be signed as a backup is what this is all about.
    (And we will get a 2018 compensatory pick for Leary, where ever he signs.) Its business.
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