cordarrelle patterson or tavon austin

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jblaze2004, Mar 5, 2013.

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    patterson reminds you of plaxico burress (sp?)???? Patterson is a lot quicker, faster and agile. While plaxico is bigger and more physical. Patterson is like a taller percy harvin. Him and plax are totally different.
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    Of the two, I go Austin. He seems like a can't miss game changing deep threat. Like them both, but I would have to take the burner. I liked Desean Jackson when he was coming out, and as much as I hate him now, he would have added so much to our offense if we had him.

    If I didn't have to make the pick at 18, I trade down and get Hunter.
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    It doesn't matter if it will happen or not in this thread. The OP simply asked if you could have one or the other, which would you pick. If you can't get over the fact that it is unlikely to happen, then you shouldn't take part in the thread, IMO.

    But I suppose it is everyone's prerogative if they want to come in and state that it probably won't happen. Seems obvious, but maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, of the two WR's... for me the choice would be an easy one: Tavon Austin.

    He's just so damn explosive and would provide special teams with a special talent.

    In the slot, if you get him the ball with just a *little* bit of space, the guy can make things happen in a hurry. He would absolutely terrify opposing defenses and if you put your most talented cover guy on T Austin, then Dez would just make life miserable for defensive coordinators. If you sell out to stop Dez and TA at all costs, then Miles Austin would make you pay.

    It would cause a frightening catch-22 for defenses.

    Patterson, while a good outside WR, is a little too much like Dez and Miles IMO and wouldn't provide another dimension on the offense. Tavon absolutely would.

    He'd cause trouble from day one in the NFL and I the Cowboy's passing game would scare the hell out of every team we played.
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    Tavon easily.
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    Players I would take over Patterson and Austin at 18: Chance Warmack, Jonathan Cooper, Kenny Vaccaro, Sheldon Richardson, Lane Johnson, DJ Fluker, Jarvis Jones, Jonathan Hankins, Alec Ogletree, Kawaan Short, Datone Jones. The Chances of even 5 of those 11 guys being gone are close to none.

    For the sake of argument though I would take Tavon Austin over Patterson.. Patterson has terrible hands.. Tries to catch everything with his body which pretty much erases the fact that he is tall and should have a big catch radius. Austin is a way better player in my opinion.. If you really want to get a big time receiver in this draft with some actual value you could take a guy like Markus Wheaton or Da'Rick Rodgers in the 3rd.. Also like guys like Cobi Hamilton in the 4th
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    As you've discovered, it's almost impossible to get people to answer the exact question that you ask. Some people can't comprehend a hypothetical question.

    If the Cowboys are at #18 and must choose between Austin and Patterson for whatever reason, I would choose Patterson. I love Tavon Austin as a player, but drafting small slot receivers in the mid-first round is not the way to build a team, IMO.

    Disclaimer: In reality (i.e. outside of this hypothetical question), I would put significant emphasis on the outcome of the teams evaluation of Patterson's mental-makeup. He was not an advanced route runner at Tenn. I "think" that this was due to him being a JUCO transfer and only playing at Tenn for 1 year; however, I would have to be certain that there are no significant long term learning issues with him.

    Austin has been the more accomplished college player; however, that can't be the only factor in drafting a player. Tebow was a hugely accomplished college QB that did some amazing things in college. It's all about how they project as NFL players.

    Summary: I think Patterson has as much physical upside as any player in the 2013 draft. Much like Dez, he plays faster than this forty time (4.47).
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    interesting. So austin jumped patterson. Austin hands are better than patterson. Patterson only has the size advantage.

    So who would yall take, size or hands? They both a big play wr's.
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