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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Randy White, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Here is what I keep thinking, if we are going with a guard at 14, he needs to be Larry Allen, or A rock solid guard that can either slide to center or RT if we lose a player to injury. I want more than just a damn good gaurd at 14.... I'm greedy
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    I agree with that. That thought has been in the back of my mind, thinking ahead to next season and if Parnell is still the 3rd OT.

    DeCastro is big enough to play RT at 6'5", 310lbs.
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    I understand that, but Larry Allen himself was a 2nd round pick and really a gamble because I don't think many people knew that Sonoma St even existed, much less had a football team.

    Instead of shooting for the moon ( Larry Allen ) with a sling shot, I'd just start with a guy who has the potential to not allow much pressure up the middle and provides solid to good run blocking and then go from there.
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    I agree Randy, but here is what I'm saying if you have Decastro as all-pro for 10 yrs then ok take him..... but if you feel he's borderline all pro and Glenn is border line all pro maybe just a little behind Decastro then what I'm say is take Glenn if he can play tackle. I'm not saying Decastro can't it just hasn't been talked about.

    Now maybe Parnell is really good and you feel he can play right tackle if you needed for a 10 game stretch if you have that guy on your teem then fine.
    We haven't seen him play so we can only speculate how they feel about him.

    I still think the biggest need on the Oline is center, I think a solid center is a must. It will help both guards and Romo. Now you have Killer and Costa so you've got a backup but does anyone feel these guys are starters?

    Nagy, Arkin, Killer and Costa compete for starting RG, put Holland at LG, sign a center or draft one. Now if you can sign a OG at a decent price go for it, and let Holland compete with the kids, but I want a better center.
  5. Randy White

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    if it's a choice between Glenn and DeCastro at #14, I'm going with DeCastro. The reason for that is because DeCastro is, right now, almost a no brainer. So is Glenn, but DeCastro is better.

    Now, if I'm looking for versatility AND if I'm able to turn DeCastro into an extra 2nd round pick, then I'd go with Glenn. If DeCastro is gone, I'd have no problems if Glenn is the guy.

    I agree with you about the C position. The kid from Ohio St ( Mike Brewster ? ) really did a good job today and he's big. I just don't know where he'll end up going.
  6. Tobal

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    pathetic joke of a scouting report
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    I would have no problem taking Glenn at 14. He looks like a player to me.
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    Nothing wrong with that thinking, but not with the 14th pick in the draft.

    You don't get chances at special players often. They get franchise tagged and don't hit the free agent market. You have to draft them and develop them in hourse, and you generally have to draft them highly. Drafting in the Top 15 is compensation for a miserable season. I want that compensation used for someone who could be a Ring of Honor player, not one who merely adequately plugs a hole. Particularly one that just merely adquately fills a hole at a non-premium position. You can find adequate guards in free agency. You can't find All Pro quarterbacks, elite left tackles, gamebreaking WRs, premium pass rushers or shutdown cornerbacks.
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    While I've been down on Glenn in the past, I'm now thinking he might deserve a look over DeCastro. I like DeCastro and all, but he's not going to dominate anyone. You watch Glenn and there's some plays where he actually destroys the person in front of him.

    I'd definitely shoot for the moon as opposed to settling for a reliable guy. What I've learned from the draft is that there is absolutely no such thing as 'sure-thing'. Bobby Carpenter, for example. If you're gonna take a risk on a guy, might as well go for the biggest payoff.
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    would love decastro but there are 3 other players i would love in the first that we have a realistic shot at

    melvin ingram at 14

    or after trade down

    cordy glenn
    dontari poe

    i thought poe would last till the second but with the injury to hamptom (NT, Pitt) i think they will take him

    i do think glenn may last into early second

    a strategy might be to trade down to before the steelers and take Poe in 1 and then trade back up into early second (in glenn is there) and take him

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