Corner Depth Could Be A Concern

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Verdict

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    I know there has been a great deal of beating of the breasts and lamentation by many posters over the lack of perceived depth along the offensive and defensive lines, but I personally think that the depth at corner might be much more of an issue. While we have three very good corners in Carr, Mo and Scandrick (and maybe also in newcomer Webb) they are probably not interchangeable.

    I am a lot higher on Scandrick than many are, but his best position is playing slot corner. I do not see him as being nearly as effective taking Carr or Mo's place. While we might well be able to substitute Webb in place of Scandrick if necessary due to injuries, there is probably no suitable replacement on the roster for Carr or Mo.
  2. Future

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    If one of the starters goes down, we will see Webb or Moore play there, and leave Scandrick in the slot.

    Corner is really low on the list of positions that Im concerned about.


    Thats a pretty solid group if we get anything at all out of the rookie.
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  3. Ntegrase96

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    The concern makes sense when you put it that way, but I think you're forgetting Sterling Moore and overall I think we've got better depth at corner than 90% of the league.

    If you have two starting CBs that could arguably be the number 1 guy, you're in pretty good shape.
  4. Vertigo_17

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    I agree, of all positions to worry about depth I think we are fine at CB
  5. CyberB0b

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    Let's invest more draft picks and millions more into the CB position. That is what is holding us back.
  6. xwalker

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    Sterling Moore is getting very good reviews in training camp. Broaddus says that he is well ahead of Webb. Another report said that he is the most physical CB on the team.
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  7. Verdict

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    That is good news.
  8. Galian Beast

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    This post has illustrated to me that people don't understand what depth is...
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  9. Verdict

    Verdict Well-Known Member

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    Who said anything about drafting more corners? LOL I was just pointing out that an injury to Mo or Carr would be a significant impact to our team.
  10. Ntegrase96

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    Well considering that we were completely gutted through the middle of the defense, I can understand the concern. We had better depth at the ILB position last year, and yet were stretched really thin because of how the injuries kept stacking up in that concentrated area.

    To the OP's credit, if Carr or Claiborne go down (knock on wood) our most experienced backup isn't a good fit to replace them and we're relying on our 4th guy on the depth chart to step up. And if both go down (knock on wood 100 times) then we're putting our 4th and 5th guy (an unproven rookie) out there to hold down the likes of Nicks and Cruz.
  11. Questfor6

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    Compared to 3 yrs ago when we had Brian McCann starting at corner I don't have 1 worry about our corners this season. I honestly don't worry about what we have at safety either. We have good competition at all spots in the secondary which is something we haven't had over the last few years under Rob Ryan.
  12. btcutter

    btcutter Well-Known Member

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    The OL/DL are MAJOR concerns. You can mask deficiencies in CB positions if you have great DL but now our DL is a BIG question mark.
  13. DFWJC

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    Shame on you.
  14. Doomsday101

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    I think most teams when the lose the starting CB will have some drop off. Your not going to get the same play out of a backup as you would the starter.
  15. ninja

    ninja Numbnuts

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    And the other 31 teams in the NFL? Can any of them weather an injury to either of their starting CBs?

    I see the Saints signed AOA. I wouldn't mind watching AOA trying to cover Dez if one of the Saints' CBs would get hurt.

    I would feel better if CB MIke Jenkins were still on the roster as a backup CB for the Cowboys. But, I'm not so sure Jenkins is an upgrade over Moore or Webb at this point. Anyone hear how Jenkins is doing so far (assuming the Raiders have started camp)?
  16. Galian Beast

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    In actual games Scandrick still moves to #2, but when we are in the nickel he will go to the slot, simply because he is the best at it on the team.

    The reality is that you aren't going to have starting qualities players as backups at every position, the reverse is almost true. If someone is good enough to start, they probably wouldn't be a back up on this team.
  17. theranchsucks

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    I actually think this is one of our deepest positions.
  18. AsthmaField

    AsthmaField Outta bounds

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    If AOA had to cover Dez in a regular season game, it would be a bloodbath. They though Dez killed them last year, but against AOA, he might set the NFL record for receiving in a game.

    And you're right, no team can really afford to lose a starting corner.
  19. rash

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    AOA is going to shine in New Orleans. I would rather have him than Webb...
  20. Yakuza Rich

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    I think you could say this every year about every team. It's difficult to really get quality backups because you need 2 starters and somebody that can play the slot which requires different types of players. You can possibly use the Parcells method of moving your star corner to the slot in nickel situations and get a backup that is good playing out wide.

    Depth wise, I have other concerns, particularly at TE if Witten gets hurt.


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