Corner Depth Could Be A Concern

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Jul 24, 2013.

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    Well, really Carr and Mo are top talents at the position, so it will be hard to replace them just like its hard to replace that kind of talent at other positions. If Ware goes down, we obviously don't have the 'depth' to replace him....same for alot of positions, will our 'depth' replace Dez?? Nope.

    Now CB is a position that should be drafted with regularity, its a premium position and costs alot of money in free agency to pick up. You should always be developing guys there, and it is one of the few positions that could be drafted almost every year with the athletic demands of the position. Unlike other positions where you can draft someone and stick them there for a decade, at CB the athletic demands are so great that age really affects the position.....older and more experienced isn't as good of a thing at CB as it is at other positions.

    We are building our depth back up there, along with alot of positions with the recent drafts we have had. Webb is a rookie, and Moore came off the street so anyone who thinks we are just set there is delusional. But this is the nature of the NFL now, every team is paper thin at most positions and we are no different. We just have to hope for health from our stars to carry us through the rough patches cause there isn't one backup on this team who isn't a downgrade from the starter.....and really thats the way it should be.
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    I think CB could be the strongest position we have right now. When we cut down to 53, odds are almost 100% that we'll keep 5 guys. Barring injury, those guys will almost definitely be Claiborne, Carr, Scandrick, Webb and Moore (unless Webb just somehow stinks it up and someone else shows up). Talk is that Moore has looked very good out there and is still a young guy. New England tried to sneak him onto their PS last year and we snapped him up. The Pats weren't too happy about it either. I'm not saying he's a top 32 guy in the league, but in todays' NFL, you can't just stockpile starting caliber guys on your roster. We have 5 guys that we are pretty confident can play, possibly have one of the best 1-2 in the league and easily one of the better slot guys. You can't realistically ask for much more.
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    Sterling Moore is making plays in practice. We have two very good starters, nickel guy and a middle round draft pick. What exactly would it take for it to be a strength then?
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    Webb, Moore and Scandrick will all play significant roles in the defense this year as long as they remain healthy. CB depth seems to be solid.
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    I lose sleep over this.

    I can't shake the feeling that we are just one or two more cornerbacks away from glory.
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    I know. Now you will see why they are irrelevant. :D
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    I like to hear that. My philosophy is you are always looking for CBs. Every camp, every draft, every waiver, and under every rock. It takes up to five DBs for some packages and generally three or more of those are CBs. You used to have two CBs. Now teams have at least two CBs and a slot DB as starters. And you need at least one starting or near starting CB for depth. I think we have five worthy CBs now.
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    I think depth is gonna be an issue everywhere for at least one more season. There hasn't been enough turnover to get quality depth but if they keep adding through the draft and avoid adding age we could start seeing it show up. I don't think anyone has great depth and even if you have 2-3 good back ups you need the injury to happen at that position. It's the time of the year to strap em on and let the chips fall where they fall n go get some depth next year.
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    I lose sleep, too. I have to go to the bathroom 2-3 times a night. No CBs dancing in my head though.

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