Cost to keep or cut Doug Free

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. AbeBeta

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    Dockery. Dockery. Dockery.

    Those three really suck
  2. wileedog

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    A crappy player who is cheaper is still a crappy player. Why keep him, even at vet minimum? He has stunk out loud for two straight seasons now, he's not going to get any better.
  3. supercowboy8

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    We still owe him 4.375 million in gauarneteed money

    He has 18 million in guaranteed and, the signing bonus was on 10. He salary the last two years and a roster bonus now has 4.375 left in guaranteed
  4. supercowboy8

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    Scandrick will be a 3.78 cap hit next year he will be a 6.52 if cut.

    I don't see Ratliff and scandrick going anywhere. Also the new CBA only allows one player to be used as a june 1st cut.
  5. jterrell

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    that's interesting. guaranteed money is supposed to count against the whole not just when it is paid afaik.

    i dont know that i have ever seen a guy in this nfl system getting guarantees 3 years later except some rookie deals.

    If he does have that 4.35m guaranteed in 2013 he may well be restructured.
    In his initial deal they couldn't spread the cap hit farther than 5 years so 16/17 were left with just base money. a restructure now would certainly save cap cash.
  6. supercowboy8

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    The salary has been very low, usually the first two or three years plus the signing bonus will be all the guaranteed money, but sieve ratliff salary so low the first two years he will be here for another year
  7. jterrell

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    dallas will use that cut on one of the guys for sure.
    they will also likely cut one or more before then.

    the only thing worse than dead money is overpaying mediocre or bad players. dallas learned that the hard way with terence newman.
    i fully anticipate free getting cut but they may not bother waiting til june 1st.
    scandrick or ratliff could be axed or they could limp along another year.
    both could also be restructured to save cap cash. sometimes taking a cap hit is just a fact of life. getting rid of additional cap hits by removing their base salary is your best move.

    replacements are not expensive. not in years 1 and 2.

    i like jay ratliff quite a lot but josh brent and lissemore are solid players.
    jay hatcher is having a career year. crawford looks promising.

    OS simply has underwhelmed. He can play nickel slot guy but that is really it. He is terrible outside. And he makes a lot of money for a guy you dont wanna shift outside as your 3rd CB option. So cap hit or not, he might need to go.

    If I had to guess this second I'd say Dallas cuts Doug Free and Miles Austin.
    Austin before June 1 and Free after.

    But again I do believe they will have long discussions about OS(future fit and cost) and Ratliff(future cost and health). How they handle those guys may well be determined by the next month. For Ratliff how he gets back and helps and for OS how Jenkins looks at slot.

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