Costa gets extension, per Eatman...***2yr 2.7mil Post #61***

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Tejano15, Mar 2, 2013.

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    It never even occurred to me that you were serious, about either.
  2. xwalker

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    I don't understand why Costa gets so much hate compared to Cook.

    I realize that Cook's problems were not as immediately visible. His shotgun snaps were OK and he didn't have any huge gaffs in pass-protection; however, Cook is a terrible terrible run blocker.

    Cook can't get leverage in straight ahead run blocking due to being 6-6 and he is too slow-footed beyond his first 3 steps to effectively run block in stretch run types of plays or any 2nd level blocking.

    Shotgun Snapping: Cook > Costa

    Pass Protection: Cook > Costa

    Run Blocking: Costa >>> Cook
  3. Proximo

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    I like this evaluation. Also, there's no reason for anyone to be up in arms until we know the specs of the deal; how long, how much, how much is guaranteed, etc. People freaked out over extending Church and the deal is very cap friendly even if he doesn't work out. I have no problem with those types of deals when the player has shown glimpses of promise.
  4. TheSport78

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    Awesome, we re-signed an injury prone, T-Rex armed center who has a chronic back issue.

    The Cowboys just know when to lock players up.
  5. CoCo

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    It remains to be seen what Costa truly becomes. But what he is right now is as good an interior lineman as we have. Now everyone (Jerry included) knows we need to upgrade. Between Costa, Cook, Bernie, Livings, Leary, & Kowalski we probably have some very solid backups at minimum. Until the superior players show up and demonstrate it we need these current players too.

    Camp will then determine the pecking order, who stays and who goes. Its premature to be letting these O-lineman walk.

    If we end up with better players and have to cut Costa and eat some cap space... HALLELUJAH!
  6. iRepDatStar

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    As much as I love the Dallas Cowboys.. I really dislike our fans that whine and complain about every move that goes on. Its like some fans want probowlers at every position
  7. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Costa's issues in pass protection is he was overeager and would lunge to get at people. It's not like run blocking where you move your feet after them because you can go downfield.

    It's a technical issue worsened by t rexitis. He has mitigated a lot of that. He has been a mauler. The only issue I have with the extension is his health. Back injuries are no joke and are recurring.
  8. TheCount

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    Hope the numbers are friendly, but glad we kept him. I don't think he's a long term answer at center though.
  9. supercowboy8

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    No Costa was not missed this season, A great Center was missed this season as well as last year.

    Costa coming off an injury and two years ago a terrible season I sure hope the 2 year deal isn't worth much, I doubt it is. I don't mind him as a back up, but I do not want him to start.
  10. dart

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    The only issue I have with the extension is his health. Back injuries are no joke and are recurring.

    exactly FUZZY

    he will be on the injuried reseve before he sees a good season

    oh but Jerry even stated that we were looking for G/C ???????

    so guess he gets cut
  11. jblaze2004

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    so I wonder if this means we are not going oline early in this draft? Might be a defensive heavy draft folks. We might go oline in 3rd round or later.
  12. DCBoysfan

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    I believe this is insurance in case who ever is drafted is not ready to play, I fully expect Dallas to bring a C/G.
  13. Eskimo

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    I`d have honestly preferred a long deal but with only a small amount of guaranteed money. Maybe 4 years, $6M, $500K signing bonus. Then build in some incentives for games started. I`d like to have some longer term deals to bring some stability. At the price point I mentioned he would be an adequate backup at C and Guard so long as his back held up at a reasonable price. We could also release him at the drop of a hat without any impact on the cap.

    I don`t think Costa is nearly as bad as some people making him out to be here. He was about average in the second half of 2011 and looked great when he was on the field last year. Everyone has to remember is that his background is mostly as a Guard and it was a bit of a learning process to switch to being a full-time Center. The reason he looks bad is the notorious Snapgate situation against Washington in his 3rd start. He just tends to look really, really bad when he fails at picking up a block due to the short arms and the media pounced on every mistake after Snapgate.

    My biggest fear with him is his back. The FO made a deliberately misleading statement after his initial injury and MRI with their `no substantial structural damage`statement. In the medical community we know there isn`t much correlation between MRI and ongoing low back pain and that many minimally damaged discs can be the source of severe ongoing pain and can be re-injured easily. The fundamental issue is the avascularity of discs leads to a failure in repair after even minimal injuries and that thereafter nociceptive nerve fibers can penetrate into the outer layer of discs and cause huge pain issues even in structurally sound discs. I do hope the issues don`t arise again for him but I believe the odds of a major recurrence are substantial given the nature of his position. I suspect he would be far less prone to a recurrence at Guard and would suggest a position change for him. I also happen to think he will make a better Guard than Center in the end.
  14. Zordon

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    Just bring the whole gang back together.
  15. jblaze2004

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    I think we will basically have the same offensive starters next year but we will add either a new starter at 3wr and RT.
  16. Verdict

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    How about a little bit of objectivity here? I can see both sides of this fence. I want to see the line improved as much as anyone. However it is highly doubtful we would get 4 new pro owl starters this year, so someone is going to stay and play.

    I know center was a weak spot last year, but part of that was due to health issues and taking some resources from center and trying to fill the hole at guard. I don"t think it would be an insurmountable task to compose a serviceable line using the top two of Berny/Costa/Cook/Killa at center.

    Also, there seem to be very limited options in free agency and the draft at center. There are probably two or three guys in this year's draft that could be a potential immediate upgrade over Costa and one of them might be drafted before we draft at #18. You guys complain that we don"t plan ahead but in this case it seems like we are and you still aren't happy.

    I think this gives us more options and flexibility in the draft. I know everyone is clammoring for a guard/center which is understandable but if Cooper is gone, then what? I don't see us drafting Warmack because he is a square peg in a round hole. I could easily see us going right tackle at 18 if one of the top 3,get to us. If we were to draft a right tackle in round one and target a top guard in the second, I think we could reasonably expect to have a much better line this year.

    Also keep in mind that resigning Costa might mean that Jerry is going cheap at Center and thinks that he will have the pick of the guards at 18 and that he believes Costa/Benry will be good enough with a pro bowl guard next to him. Either way would seem to be exercising sound judgment by the Cowboys organization.
  17. Shiloht88

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    We aren't upset about the money we are upset about the apparent inability or unwillingness of our brain trust to address a weak spot on the team. At the very least we are upset that our "GM" and his lack use give us the perception that they don't value the line. He never has. It really shouldn't come as a surprise with Jerry's recent comments. We got our first round pick in Smith. I doubt we see another.

    Jerry doesn't know how to build a team and he doesn't have any idea what he us doing.
  18. Manwiththeplan

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    i think he's slightly better than that, but I'll be ****** if he's plan A or B at center.........I have a feeling I'm gonna be ******.....
  19. gimmesix

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    I do think he's decent depth, and if it's a deal similar to what Sean Lissemore got, that's not bad.

    If it's a deal that ensures him of a starting spot, then it's a bad deal.
  20. tantrix1969

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    have a bad feeling we will see Free back as well, really really hope not but have no faith in our front office

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