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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Lord Sun, May 20, 2004.

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    Thanks for responding, GTaylor. I don't agree that it would be two steps back to gain one step forward, because I haven't seen other similar projects end up that way. You could be right, though, and I could be wrong.

    Regarding the sharing of revenue, I would think that when conventions and sporting events other than Cowboys events are held that the revenues would go mostly to the county or city. I'm not sure about that, though. BTW, who will own the stadium? The Cowboys or the local government? If its being built on government property then I would think the government would own it and control the non-Cowboys revenue.

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    The bottom line........

    If you build it, they will come.
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    Not necessarily.

    Cowboys fans, who attend games, are as fickle as anybody ( rightfully so, since we're all used to winning ) and when the team is not putting a good product on the field, they won't attend games, new stadium or old stadium.

    I happen to live in a city that, in 1987, spent 150 million dollars of tax payers' money on a brand new arena for it's basketball team. 10 years later, the arena was declared obsolete, and in an all time low politcal trick that would have made Boss Hog ( Dukes of Hazzard ) very proud, they suckered voters into voting for another new arena worth 175million dollars with the same pretence: " the tourists will pay for it ".

    That would be the American Airlines Arena, where the Miami Heat play, and the owner of the team happens to be the owner Carnival Cruise line, which makes him a billionaire. His contribution to the project was 50 million dollars.

    The only times, prior to the playoffs games this year, that arena sold out were when the big name teams would come to play, ie: Lakers, sometimes the Knicks, or the Jordan's Bulls.

    I love the Cowboys and I'm begining to come around on Jerry Jones ownership, but I'm firmly against tax payers paying for ANY arena for a professional sports team, doesn't matter who it is.
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    To be fair, isn't the stadium part of the product?
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    but I doubt anybody would be willing to dishout $90 a piece ( or pay hundreds of thousands in luxury suites ) to watch the 1988 Dallas Cowboys ( whatever happened to Steve Pelluer ? ) , no matter how nice the stadium is.

    I know it's just baseball, but I refer to the Pirates and Brewers, who each got brand new stadiums paid for by tax payers. Once the " new stadium novelty " wears off, the ticket paying fans ( with a few exceptions like Green Bay and/or Washington ) want to see winning teams.
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    No it's not!

    With a product comes responsibility.

    Jones could just say the flavor of the month is now Oakland, and move from away DFW, in ~2007.

    Who would be left holding the bag then? DFW tax payers?

    Or what if JJ does keeps his commitment and then moves away, who's going to pay to tear the statium down. What will happen to all of the extra police that were hired? Lay them off or just tax the locals, errrrrr.... speeding tickets, you knew what i ment.

    JJ wants all of the glory but none of the risks. Hey, who wouldn't and you know what, by this post it seems like the people on this forum that want it the most are the ones who don't live here.

    Rent a fan and JJ are one in the same.

    It's our money for their dream.
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    If a municipality either builds a stadium or approves the building of a stadium -even if they're not putting in a cent - there ought to be a long-term plan for that facility, that includes games, conventions, Super Bowls, fairs, whatever the heck you can do beyond just the core business, because ideally a sporting facility ought to be a revenue-generating enterprise.

    So, yes, I think the stadium is part of the product, and it ought to be part of the city's product, as well as that of the professional team that occupies it. I assure you that if I ever visit the UK, I'll head to Old Trafford. When I went to Brazil, I stopped in at the Maracana... twice!

    I must admit I have not examined the finer points of this proposal, but broadly speaking, I think it's obvious that there is some merit to any sort of construction, and particularly when that new edifice contributes to the city's coffers and to civic pride.
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    I'll just close on this statement.

    There was the old Rangers stadium, no conventions there. The only thing I remember where baseball games.

    Same can be said for everyone of our current sports stadiums....only games for the most part (97%).

    I did go to Texas Stadium for a gun show once, yep about 500 total people. That paid for the electric for the stadium...... that day! The new Texas stadium is purposed at the state fair, what's the new stadium going to draw, the OK, NM and LA state fairs also?

    So where's the beef $$$$$$$$$ going to come from? OK the purposed stock yards.....Fortworth already does that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year.

    Unless crack and the homeless are hidden draws for these conventionares, I would suspect that you would receive a medal of honor for your first tour of duty and never return again.

    On a low point, if the Iraqs nuked the currect area well I doubt it would make the 5:00 news, a really swell area to get shot in.

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