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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by couchscout, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Probably has something to with the fact that he has no running game to rely on, his line routinely getting him killed, and having, arguably, the worst route running starting WR's in the NFL.

    I'd wager his frustration at no one knowing the damn game plan or how to make basic adjustments has directly lead to his decline in play this season.
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    Like the write-up. Good stuff.

    I have an observation about Claiborne I'd like to throw out and see what you think.

    I've noticed he displays a pretty sly ability to move the receiver off his route on patterns straight down the field. He gets into perfect position, looks back at the ball and leans into the receiver, forcing the receiver into the sideline and in the case against Alshon Jeffries (Chicago game, think that's who it was), he forced him completely out of bounds.

    Personally, I think it's amazingly clever and pretty unique. I can't think of another CB who does this. Granted, I don't really watch any specific team with the same frequency that I watch Dallas but I still can't think of another DB who does it.

    It's almost like he's found a way to get away with a penalty. He's forcing the WR off his route well past 5 yards and he's preventing the WR from making a play on the ball because he's ushered him so far out. The beautiful part it is, he's in such perfect position and looking back at the ball that it is almost impossible to say that he isn't exercising his right to ball.

    You see guys like Jimmy Graham or Antonio Gates a few years back use their body positioning to shield the defender from making a play. I've yet to really see DBs do it.

    Like I said, the Chicago game was where he carried Jeffries out of bounds but he was also doing it in the Baltimore game on the Smith TD. The only problem was Smith didn't allow himself to get forced off his route and the result was an awkward step that hyperextended his knee and bounced him up off his feet.

    I love it. I think he's got an exception ability to keep pace while looking back and it allows him to get his head around early and maintain position.

    He definitely looks like he has the ability to develop into a exceptional player.
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    I knew I was forgetting someone! Hatcher has been awesome when healthy. He's a very good pass rusher and an above average run defender. I think he's best used in a rotation where he can use his surprising athleticism will catch opponents off guard.

    This. Holy crap this!

    It's not very nice, and as I said, it's pure speculation, so I'm not gonna elaborate.

    I would have to go change my shorts if we ended up with Jennings. I like Welker too.

    You know how pre-draft all the the scouting services were talking about Mo's elite ball skills? Most fans tend to think of that as the ability to put your hands in the right spot to catch or knock down the ball. And while that is technically correct, it's not complete. The ability to track the ball in air and put your body in the best position to catch it is part of that. Most CBs aren't nearly as good at that as WRs (they don't do it or practice it as often) but Mo is every bit as good as most WRs. Very, very nice observation by the way.
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    I think romo's wife is in his ear about not getting himself killed for a team that won't invest in protecting him along with WR that aren't helping him out even when he does escape the pocket. That and maybe him thinking about his quality of life after the game with his son.
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    Chris Collinsworth made an excellent point about our run blocking during the ATL game. It was when we where in the redzone and we ran the ball using Smith to get up to the second level.

    Smith and Witten doubled John Abraham and Smith released to the second level to get the LB. Smith didn't hold his block long enough to create movement to help Witten sustain the block on Abraham.

    The result was that Abraham was able to push inside to take down the ball carrier which resulted in a no gain run.

    It's just one area of the problems of the run blocking but the OL's timing is completely out of sync with Callahan's ZB scheme.
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    I'm guessing he thinks Romo being a father has shifted his priorities.

    Or perhaps given up as a result of either Garrett... Or having to endure stupid WR options.
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    With Romo I think its in his head

    I think he really doubts for the first time that he should stay here.

    And once doubts get inside you they are very hard to remove

    You think about it:

    The O line is neglected YEAR AFTER YEAR

    Last year he was put in the hospital and Jerruh STILL DID NOTHING (or relatively nothing to fix it)

    He has to look around and wonder what is the point?

    and then of course all the garbage he gets from the media - worse than any other QB gets in the whole NFL

    who would really blame him if he just went and retired?

    He already has enough money to be comfortable the rest of his life- he has a new wife and young child.
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    I think what CS is pointing out is Dez's problem isn't really confidence problem -- its a fundamental intelligence issue.

    People joke here on CZ all the the time how Dez is dumber than a bag of rocks, etc, -- somewhat distastefully, however, if you boil down CS's comments on the matter he is questioning Dez's basic intelligence level.
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    First off, love the write-up as usual CS. Really appreciate you finding the time.

    It seems like a bit of a perfect storm that is neutralizing Romo.

    As counter-intuitive as it seems I've been thinking that one of this team's greatest weaknesses could be WR. You can't have one guy untrustable and another who keeps letting the ball into his pads to catch the ball - see Chicago INT and last week on 3rd down, settling for the FG.

    That tiny little sample of running ability vs Baltimore with Costa has certainly had me intrigued. I want Costa back as much as I want Murray back. And I haven't gone back to focus on him but it has seemed that Free has been stabilizing and to some degree the pass protection overall. Much better than it was to start the season.

    I can't blame Romo for coming apart a bit. What more could be piled on this guy's back? Makeshift line, no running game, and receivers who can't be trusted. If Romo is protecting himself a bit, I understand. If Romo is asking whether he WANTS to re-sign here, I understand.

    You can say that when we get everyone back we'll be fine. But how long will everyone stay back? Murray is a great talent but we need another one just like him. Felix shows glimpses of that, but always ultimately disappoints. We can't simply fold-up when a Murray or Costa goes down if we're also compromised at WR.

    The team is in a scary spot with its offense as crippled as it is. Even with the defense playing well we don't get turnovers at this point. So we see this choice being made to pull in the O's wings cause we can't risk more stupid turnovers but then discontent when like the Atlanta game we score few points cause we're playing it safe. In the end I think they'll go back AGAIN and ask Romo to find a way to push the envelope to make the offense explosive without a running game, with compromised WR's and shaky pass protection because there is more hope in that than thinking we can win consistently scoring in the teens and low 20's.
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    I have to believe the above is at play in Romo's mind. I think he wants to press on and pursue the SB dream but it can't be done without help and currently he has no help.
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    Been waiting for this..thanks

    I have been saying all year I believe Romo suffers from the same thing Garrett does and that is the pressure they are feeling about the agonies of this franchise as of late.

    Can you tell me what you see from our WR's and there run blocking? I feel its been very suspect at best

    What is your opinion on changes that would need to be made if this team struggles and goes 6-10??
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    I think with Romo, like CS says he will ignore players he doesnt trust. But as indiv plays develop, that makes him think the extra 1/2 second about who he is about to throw at.............he doesnt trust Dez, and OTree not much more, and that makes him have to think rather than just react.....

    Thing about Dez's mistakes......when he breaks a hot read slant route, or drifts his pattern too deep, either of which cause Romo to throw a pik.........that stat goes on and against Romo, who then gets roasted, vrs. the occasional huge play Dez can give you ---in which this board and everyone else oh's and ah's about how great it was........why wouldnt Dez keep looking for the bag of gold and not worry about the plays that give Romo sleepless nights. Especially then, when JG starts to throw Romo under the bus on top of it.

    I watched as the Falcons sprinted their MLB straight back into the FS position on several plays, which then allowed them to move their reg.S laterlly to double our Wide outs. Garrett or personel couldnt adapt to what the Falcons "were giving us" the short middle in the 4th was like Garretts offense is set up to dictate to the Defense, the Falcons adapted, and Garrett system could drop down and just take what was being given to them enough to keep drives going. I think Murray out of the backfld would've been huge in forcing the Falcons to keep the MLB in a normal area.
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    So many keep on about how smart Red Ball is.

    I just do not see it as regards football.

    Lack of adjustments, same mistake time and again, etc.

    IT is ALWAYS a huge gamble to make someone a HC who has never been one before.
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    As regards DEZ jus thow many have commented on over the years about his intelligence?

    when 50 people in a row say you are drunk its time to borrow a quarter and lay down in the gutter.
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    Garrett is THE WORST at making in game adjustments. If the defense changes and he didn't have it in his game plan, he is done. The opposition knows it and there in a nutshell is why we are 3-5. Opposing coaches must just be licking their chops when they get to us on the schedule. We can outplay any team in the league, but we don't outthink anyone.
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    Thank you for the insights, CS.

    Jerry Jones has been taking a lot of heat in the media and on this site for his poor record as GM. You've evaluated individual players and positions, but what is your overall evaluation of the team as a whole, and how the disparate parts fit together?
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    thanx for your great great post CS

    regarding garrett, i have been a fan of his but have seen nothing over the last year or so that reinforces my opinion

    i hope you are right and garrett turns out to be a great one and takes us to the promised land
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    We drove down the field scoring our lone touchdown by exploiting the middle on our second possesion in the 4th qtr.

    Penalties, drops, overthrows were the drive killers.
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    thanks so much for this, CS!

    you mention players like austin, dez and felix not being put in the position/role to do the things they're good at.

    my question is, why not?

    if garrett is brilliant, why is he pushing "round peg" players into "square peg" holes?
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    Welcome to forum hell. Personally, I think the right side of the O-Line is causing a lot of problem. He seems pretty comfortable with Tyron on the left side, but he often sees the pressure from the right side too much now.


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