Couchscout's Midseason Report

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by couchscout, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Thanks you CS that was an excellent read.
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    This is pretty much my order of need except i switch 1 and 2. Too many complaints around here about pressure when this team generates plenty of it, but the safety position leaves us a little constrained (both McCray and Sensabaugh were highly exposed against the Falcons- if we get better safety play we win that game, even with our putrid offense).

    I cannot tell you how much I hate to say WR is the number 1 need right now, considering that as much as couchscout loves WRs, I hate them. I hate what we spend on them, I didn't think a WR was a need in 2008 or whenever we got Roy Williams, I don't believe ANY wr is worth what we gave up for Dez...especially Dez. But right now we have one good slot receiver and one good TE. We have zero reliability past the numbers, and I think it's evident that we no longer throw outside the numbers because of that.

    As for what is wrong with Romo, I think it is similar to year or two before Favre's last year in Green Bay. He is mentally adjusting to crappy players, he's tired of being the guy on the team who has to carry it, the pressure is eating at him, not to mention family items. The good thing is that Favre climbed out of that 2-3 year slump, the only hope is that Romo's doesn't last as long because he just doesn't have the same collateral built up that Favre did.

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    Great stuff CS, thanks for posting your observations they are very insightful and informative. :starspin
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    This is one awesome thread.

    So it sounds as if you are saying the oline is not nearly the pass protecting sieve people make them out to be and Costa isn't quite the dog poo he's made out to be either.

    I'm not surprised by your observations, they are probably a middle of the road oline and slowly showing signs of improvement.

    One thing I'm surprised about is the Dline isn't higher on your draft list. They have two older vets who need to be replaced and Rat is becoming injury prone as he gets deeper into his 30's.
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    I'd take Greg Jennings over Welker any day, if only because we already have a really good slot receiver in Austin and zero outside help.
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    Mega kudos!

    Thought we'd lost you
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    Thanks CS for the post. Greatly appreciated.

    I think Romo is in the early stages of the Jim Everett disease. He feels the rush even when he can step up. And this is a trust issue: he doesn't trust his interior line to give him a pocket and he doesn't trust his outside options to be where they're supposed to be. The dumbing down of the offense to suit his dumb receivers must be eating at him. Can you imagine New England or Denver dumbing down their offenses? Brady and Manning would have none of that and Romo shouldn't either. It's definitely a shame that at this stage of his career he has to put up with this stuff.
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    Great post.

    I appreciate the words on Garrett. I've been very critical of him, but sometimes, a little perspective is nice. Perhaps I'll give him a little more leeway.

    And re: Romo. It's sucks to read, but we've all been watching the same games. He's pretty clearly not himself.

    I think you can explain his performance by simply saying he's uncomfortable. He doesn't look comfortable in the pocket, obviously, he doesn't look comfortable with his receivers, he doesn't look comfortable with the offense, and he just doesn't look comfortable playing. He has kind of a resigned look in his eyes lately.

    It's hard work being a father, but I wouldn't blame his fatherhood for his poor play. Especially because it's also extremely hard work being a starting NFL QB. Romo's a professional and I sincerely doubt having a child would have such a profound impact on his performance.

    I'd say it's more to do with pressure, in the literal and figurative sense, coming from all angles. When pressure is applied to a person--and especially a QB--from everywhere, that person is going to be uncomfortable.
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    My goodness, I had the same Jim Everett comparison thought myself a few times this season.

    I never voiced it because mainly because I didn't think most of the folks on CZ even remembered Jim Everett.

    I support your statement!
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    thanks, LOL. but seriously, he's going through the early stages of that. been beat up and battered round (like the travelin wilburies song)
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    What I've seen of Tony this year, he doesn't look like he's using the ability to play. It looks to me like it's certain types of passes he's sailing (mostly throws to the flat or crossing routes to his left), and then he's pretty clearly hesitant to throw to two of his WRs, which adds an additional burden to his split-second decision making process. It's making him less effective.

    I'd guess his physical problem is probably either mechanical, or he's got a nagging muscle issue of some sort that affects his mechanics in certain situations. And I suspect the later, but I don't know enough about QB mechanics to say what it might be.
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    If you ever read the book Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand, they go into great detail about his main racing rival War Admiral that they really didn't touch upon as much in the movie adaptation. War Admiral physically was a labratory specimen of a horse, but but he had one Achilles Heal that the Seabiscuit team was able to exploit ... he was just very high strung in his mental hardwiring (not unlike his father. Man of War, who is probably the greatest thoroughbred of all time). He was prone to bouts of frenzy. He went crazy when they put him in the claustrophic starting gate, and was prone to injuring himself. Dez reminds me of War Admiral, and I think teams exploit it. His very first catch in the Giants game, the Giants DB gives him a little half a shove while he was on the ground to get him wound up, and Dez predictably retaliated and went into a frenzy. No more able to ignore the bait than a cat is able to ignore the dancing feather in front of him. He might be doing the right things in practices and training camp and mini-camps, but that all goes for naught when he's frothing the the mouth and not thinking clearly in the heat of competition. The older I get the more I realize how people can change consciously make changes in their routines and habits through diligence and self awareness, but more times than not people are beholden to their natural hardwired personalities, and it gives me less hope for Dez. At this point I kind of look at him as a sunk cost that they Cowboys are going to keep going to hoping for the payoff.

    I've been a Day 1 Romo fan dating back to the Romo vs. Henson days, but I agree something is off this year. I do think he's probably got a mechanical flaw (but then again he's never been a picture of perfect mechanics), but in a bigger picture he's not even the same person in persona and mannerisms. When he was his younger self everyone jumped on him for being too happy go lucky and carefree. I personally long for the days of the hat-on-backwards, going to Cabbo during the bye week, needling Parcells for being an old dinosaur Romo we got to know 5-6 years ago. It almost takes that kind of open defiance of gravity to play under this spotlight. Now he look like a guy with who fully realizes he's got one of the world's most visible franchises on his back. Chalk it up to being a new father, husband, playing for his last contract, knowing his window is closing ... but there is an air of beatendown, quiet desperation about him.
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    I think it has often been noted that Dez can get bumped pretty easily and frustrated with early press coverage, which is shocking considering his physical ability. You can't be a WR like he is, already a poor route runner, and then throw in the ability to get frustrated by a little press.
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    Both great points IR.

    I especially agree about Romo appearing beaten down. He used to have a lot of energy, enthusiasm for the sport. But it appears the pressures of the position may have gotten to him. Has a bit of a 'here we go again...' look to him. Now that I think of it, Miles too seems to have lost his smile. Are they taking things too seriously? Are they too tight (or, not loose enough)?

    And Dez just is not getting it. If someone could get through to him, he'd be a star. But it won't happen here. Like you said, some people just can't overcome how they're wired. Especially when there is no change made in their life to necessitate that kind of transformation.
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    I agree with IR on both points. Though, re: Romo, it's not exactly a mystery that it's not as much fun throwing when you're not winning and your WRs aren't where they're supposed to be. I think if we were 6-2 right now, he'd be outwardly a lot happier. It's got to be heartbreaking to try so hard and keep coming up just short against good teams.
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    One of the best threads ever.
    Good work, guys. Very informative and thought-provoking.
    No whiners.
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    To put a crude point on it, I had a college buddy who used to say "I condone 'dating' (paraphrasing) ugly people to break out of a slump". Other than Carolina, the first half of the schedule hasn't provided many uglies to break out of a slump.

    And I definitely think seasoned intelligent vet WR should be a high priority this offseason. I thought it should have been a priority this offseason, which is why I was advocating a Jabar Gaffney type of guy. We got a receiving core full of Alvin Harpers, and no Kelvin Martins (much less Michael Irvin) .
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    In a nut shell. Also Romo has happy feet from playing behind a bunch of turn styles for years. BTW NFL scout and machine shop oporater, talk about diversity.
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    Wow. you nailed it on all accounts. Bravo! & thanks for summing it all up nicely. :clap2:

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