Couchscout's Midseason Report

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by couchscout, Nov 7, 2012.

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    All you need to know about the outside receivers is the following:

    When its on the line and Romo needed to beat the giants in week 8 ... he threw to Witten for 18 receptions. .... 18.
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    Bad case of happy feet in Atlanta.
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    That's it! Sadly, you can't trust someone that isn't showing the basic capability to learn the nuances of his position at the NFL level.
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    Well, we're about to walk into a whole roomful of uglies, and I couldn't be happier.

    Given the position coach we've got, and the buzz on some of the young players, I'd have bet good money *one* of our WR prospects we'd been developing for the last several years would be able to step up to a WR3 role this season. None of them have. What's more frustrating, KO and Dez both need to be pushed or to lose time. Glad I didn't make an actual bet. It's even more frustrating because we don't really need a great player there. Just somebody reliable. I'd love speed to stretch the defense, but I'd be perfectly happy with a guy who could play inside or out and who caught what hit him in the hands, every time.
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    I share the same sentiment, but I was add runningback on the list .. .perhaps as high as #2 or #3. Felix is a goner and Murray is injury prone.

    I dunno, if I were a NFL GM I might reconsider the idea that RBs shouldn't be that highly valued, at least the elite ones. OL play in the NFL is rapidly deteriorating across the board. Colleges aren't pumping in enough quality OL to go around to meet demand for various reasons (a whole other long winded subject). The timing and synchronicity needed to gell a OL, particularly in run blocking, is hampered by the new CBA practice restrictions. I think it's almost becoming a necessity to have a RB who's talented enough to cover up the run blocking flaws in your OL if you want to have a balanced offensive attack. Doug Martin ran for 250 yards last week, and it wasn't because of dominant Bucaneer OL run blocking talent with both Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph on IR. It's pretty evident when LaGarrette Blount takes the field.
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    Why can't we have an offensive philosophy that caters to production and not feelings? It really pains me. We have talent that we are not utilizing in a fashion that will provide greater clarity of exactly how that talent may perform down the stretch if needed.
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    Thanks for a great post all around.:)

    There has been a lot of discussion about the irrelevance of the running game in the modern NFL - with CZ members pointing to the success of the running deficient Giants, Patriots and Packers in recent history, but it does seem to me that this team is more run dependent than people would like to admit (as you point out).

    It's one thing to not aspire to be a ground and pound offense of the 90's, but to deny that having a moderately effective running game is not important is kind of naive, IMO.

    Given the depletion in the line and Murray's injury, what can the team do in the short run to change the offense? It did seem like there were more outlet passes in the past few weeks, screens also come to mind, but it would seem like there needs to be some other solutions, any ideas.....?
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    He has always thrown a ton of balls to Witten. Yes, 18 was a high number that day but keep in mind Witten is the all time reception leader for Dallas. Romo over relies on him and always has.
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    Hey CS, welcome back. And thank you for the post. I always enjoy reading your stuff.

    A couple of things I'd like to say, though. First, regarding Romo, personally I don't think what's happening to his game has anything to do with him falling off a cliff physically. I think he's the same player, or perhaps COULD be the same player. I think the issue is simply the fact that this offense is such a disaster that it's effecting his confidence to some degree.

    Some people already mentioned, as you did, that when you have one receiver who you can't trust, another who is doubled a lot, and a third who is about as worthless as a box of rocks, what are your options? Add to that your most reliable guy, Witten, is also doubled a lot. But it doesn't end there. The line can't run block, so there's no running game, and what do you have?

    A disaster. And I think after you've had to deal with this for half a season, game after game, answering questions from the media about why you suck, game after game, it starts to take a toll.

    Romo, to me, isn't the kind of guy who makes a habit of blaming others. I've never seen him do this. I've never heard him do this. Yet this year, and parts of last year, I can't count the number of times he's had to tell players where to line up pre-snap, tried to communicate with his receivers only for them to not 'get it,' or threw his arms up, shake his head, etc, after a failed play that usually involved one of his receivers. How much of this crap can one man take before he just gets sick of it?

    There's something else, though. This is just my opinion...maybe others' as well, but I think Romo wants to make changes in the offense, has made requests to do so from Garrett, and is being ignored. And for a veteran QB who perhaps has earned the right to at least have his opinions considered, I think that's got to be grating on him. I think he thinks he knows what needs to be done but doesn't have any say in the matter. I think it's pissing him off.

    Call me nuts. Whatever. But that's my take.

    As for Dez, I've mentioned this in other threads...I'm pretty much done with him. I don't care how talented he is. All that talent means absolutely zilch if the QB can't trust you to do your job, and clearly at this point Romo has no use for him. I would have benched him several games ago and played someone else. Why Garrett won't do this is beyond me as it is crystal clear that having Dez in the lineup is doing absolutely nothing for this offense, and for that I harshly indict Garrett, but that's not what this thread is about....
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    OK, but why? I'll give you two hints and they start with Dez and Tree. Romo's 2 and 3, are 3 and 5 other places.
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    Agreed. We do not have a reliable RB, WR, or OL.

    No wonder we don't score.
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    Great to have you back with your reports. Really appreciate them both on a personal level and for the excellent contribution to the site. Again much appreciated.

    I've noticed that about Jones, too. You just don't see many RBs able to cut at full speed and still have missem and balance. I just don't remember the last time I saw that from him although our RBs aren't at the second level that often. I was wondering why the stretch plays weren't working. No one seems to be able to get to the edge well. Witten doesn't get good enough blocks on the edge for one. I'm not sure we have any OL who get outside quickly and well enough. And why can't we run screens? I mean why can't they be coached? My guess is we don't have enough guys with the physical tools.

    Romo is throwing some off his back foot but it's not terrible most of the time only just a little. Is that part of it? And I hesitate to say this but I see a little give up in him. Defenses are taking Witten and Austin out and taking the inside slants away and Romo just doesn't either have anyone to go to or doesn't trust them or himself to throw into a tight window with OT and Dez???? And where are the back throws because that route should be there? Is that a trust issue as well?

    I agree with the dumb down but I don't see how it can get any dumber in this offense esp when they are taking Witten and Austin out. You have to be able to make your reads and run the tree in this offense otherwise the offense is simply gone. It won't possibly work.

    How badly do we need at least one burner or do we need two?

    How could Jason get more horizontal? We don't seem to have the time for some crossing routes and it seems teams are taking the inside slants away reasonably well. What else can Jason do with the personnel he has?

    Why does the no huddle work for us? I haven't seen any film since the first game? What exactly is Romo begging Garrett to let him do?

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    Couchscout, thank you, thank you, thank you for this thread.

    I made a comment a couple of days ago in the "Morning Pops" thread in the News Zone, that I would like a separate zone reserved for just this type of analysis, and constructive conversation. This thread is the epitome of what I was talking about. Kudos to every single poster so far for "talking football" and keeping the rants and raves and personal attacks out of it. Good Job, folks!!:bow:

    I have one question for anyone who wants to chime in. Does it seem like an inordinate number of our passes goes to guys who are standing still, coming back to the ball or otherwise have their back to the opponents goal line? I may have a warped perception on this, but I'm surprised when one of our receivers actually catches a ball in stride going across or down the field.
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    Was your buddy Mark Grace? :laugh2:

    If your not a baseball fan, you won't get that reference :(
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    he was the first thing I thought of :D
  16. InmanRoshi

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    No, but maybe he plagiarized it from Mark Grace.
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    In reality for this team, those 6 to 8 yard passes to Witten are nothing more than extended handoffs. That's the Cowboys running game as long as Murray is out. Those are just as reliable as a running game, prhaps even more so.
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    I think we need outside guys more though.
    Our only true outside WR is Dez, and he is unreliable.
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    Observations of the CS report.

    I agree on Romo EXCEPT, I think he's still top quarterback in the league when he's running a hurry up offense.

    I think the OLine needs a guard OR 2, and competition for Free.

    If Jones can JUST be a role player, he's okay.

    Interesting thought on Austin being a slot guy, I never really thought of that. But I think you're right.

    Don't care what anyone says about NT, you need a road block as a NT in the 3-4, and use Ratliff either on passing downs only, or move him to DE.

    Miss Church, seems like he was on his way.

    Love Bruce Lee

    Love the corners, all 4 of them. And you're right about Jenkins, he is scared of getting in a pile and mixing it up, but he can cover.

    Vickers has done nothing.

    Want to see more of Hanna
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    Really want to see a Bruce Lee photo ... with both Bruce and Sean dressed up in Yellow jump suits with black stripes.

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