Couchscout's Midseason Report

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by couchscout, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Good report CS, although Romo's issues began last year. Early last year he lost his abillity to plant and throw left, the ball sailed, then he began to struggle in the middle, throwing the short stuff low, and floating the deep stuff. He still seems to be able to throw right with some accuracy.

    I blame Parcells, but that's another story.

    At any rate, there are some decent QB prospects coming out this year and I think it's time to groom one.

    I say this because this offense is **not** a player or 2 away from the kingdom. We might as well build it from the top down.
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    Thanks for the post CS, its been missed around here amongst all this madness. Glad to see you mention safety so high on our list of needs cause I say it 100 times and it seems to go in one ear and out the other around here. The position is a huge must for this team, and just hoping Church comes back from that injury as good as new isn't enough.

    Safety should be mentioned just as much as the OL, but its not maybe because they aren't in the TV viewing angles as much. Our CBs have been solid for all the grief they get, they just have no support. Personally I would rather have 2 new safeties, and have Church for quality depth after that injury.

    Interesting what you say about Vickers, seems he was all talk and no production. Interior linemen are judged on what they do in the run game, and with Costa making a huge difference when he did play, its beginning to seem the FO might be right about him. I've never been in love with Costa cause of his pass protection, but his presence in the run game can't be ignored and will probably earn him an extension.

    Also I am wondering, do you see/project Crawford to be on the weak side or strong side? When he was drafted I was hoping he was a strong side DE but now I'm not really sure if he can play that position.
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    the problem with Costa is this:

    If he has to have perfect or near perfect technique to do well, just how many plays a game can anyone expect someone to be that precise?

    say 85%

    so if you have 60 plays that means there will be 9 plays that he does not do well on.

    Even 90% gives you 6 plays a game

    and he still is not all that good at pass blocking due to his lack of lateral quickness

    So for the moment he might be the best we have there but so what?

    we can do better.
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    This is where Cook fails at his job miserably. Centers usually have to reach block a LB to cut off pursuit and Cook can't do that.

    The timing of their blocks is completely out of sync and sometimes one of the OL will peel off their double team block to early before they establish movement at the POA.

    One could make a very good argument that we miss Bennett as a blocker because he could take DEs on 1v1 and create movement or seal the edge.

    The interior guys don't have the footspeed to do this.

    I initially thought the backfoot thing too, however, Romo did this last season as well. The overthrows are inexplicable, and they have accounted for at least 30 pts this year and counting. IMO it has to be something physical with him.

    I've seen Romo visibly upset at KO or Bryant after a failed adjustment too many times this season already.

    The dumb down was also for the OL because they couldn't keep the snap counts right. Some of this has also sacrificed Romo's ability to get a jump on the post snap read. Part of the reason Romo would milk the clock and use hard counts was to get defenders to move into their coverage shells. Once Romo knew if a LB was blitzing or dropping and/or a S cheating his landmark he had the advantage of knowing where to go with the ball.

    We need one guy that can stay healthy and stretch a defense both vertically and horizontally. Julio Jones is a prime example aand ATL used him in intermediate zones and allowed him to get YAC.

    I've uploaded some new stats that PFF is starting to track this year. They are QB Signature Stats - Time In Pocket.

    Compare Romo's avg times to other elite QB times and you find that Romo is having to hold the ball longer than they are to find open targets. If you combine that information with the fact that Bryant and KO are not trustworthy then you can proabably make an educated guess that Romo is waiting/counting on for Witten and Austin to get open in those 2.5 secs. Romo has ignored Bryant and KO several times even when they were open in favor of hitting Austin or Witten.

    With teams dropping 7 into coverage the windows are much smaller. With all of the turnovers that have happened this year Romo might be a little gun shy with some risky throws. Like I said before he may just be holding onto the ball waiting on a passing window to get larger so he can throw to a reliable option.

    The no huddle worked for us because we took everything underneath in the ATL game. ATL was determined not to get beat over the top and they dictated that they wanted us to be slow and methodical by dinking our way up the field. Drops and penalties killed most of the drives but we had success moving the ball up the field.

    The no huddle drive in the ATL game ended with a scrambling Tony Romo hitting KO for a TD. This has always been a big part of Romo's game but he hasn't done this as much this year. Call it "chemistry" or whatever it is but this area of the offense is missing this year too.
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    Thanks CS, it sure was nice not reading a Jerry or Jason thread.
    Your posts are so full of great info.

    Thanks agai
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    I was actually thinking David Carr. He's getting screwed out of good career that could be great. Nate Newton has been saying this all year, that the footsteps and hits are taking its toll. If we finish with Romo for all 16 games again with a losing record, or even .500 Jerry has to 86 the RHM.
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    A few stats to illustrate both points...

    Team Passer Rating
    On passes targeted to...
    2011 Robinson: 132.2
    2012 Ogletree: 70.6

    On passes targeted to everyone else...
    2011: 93.9
    2012: 86.3

    Intermediate-to-Deep Throws
    (Percentage of Receiver's Targets of >15 Yards)
    2009: 28.3%
    2010: 21.0%
    2011: 24.7%
    2012: 38.2%

    Passer Rating on Austin's Targets
    2011: 116.2
    2012: 92.6
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    you might be 110% correct.
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    It is an awesome post that is very informative and breaks down the positions in a manner that is very enlightening.
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    Thanks couchscout. The only other person I can think of who could present this type of material with easily understandable clarity was Albert Breer, during his brief tenure in Dallas.
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    People. When you see something like this, just chalk it up to agenda and stop reading.
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    The worst possible response to a ridiculous and sexist post is to say "right on!"

    good job Lane.
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    People. when you have no game, just waste bandwidth commenting on other people's posts.:lmao:
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    So how do you explain his career year in stats last season?

    Agenda driven no facts necessary
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    Fans...god love em. The guy cost us games last year, and is continuing to cost us games this year. Yes, I have a agenda, getting the cowboys to the super bowl. This guy isn't going to do it.
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    without him how many would we have won?

    I await your answer
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    Not very many. The only really good one will go way before we pick.
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    actually I do not see a single QB in this draft that I would want to spend a high pick on
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    Felix looks slower since he went down awkward on his knee and has been listed on the injury report and did not finish that game. Since that run he has not looked the same out there.

    I think his knee is effecting his running; That is another reason i like to see more Dunbar

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