Could Brockers play NT in 3-4 well?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Aliencowboy, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Aliencowboy

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    I wasn't real high on Brockers at #14.

    I don't think Brockers is dynamic enough
    as a DE but as a NT, he could be what we've been
    looking for. A 2 gap run stuffing, pocket pushing presence
    with a wing-span to knock down passes.

    He's young and can put on more weight. Now
    he's 322, and he could easily get up to 335.

    Do you think he could play it?

    I'd much rather have him than
    Poe. I think Poe must be just smoke.
  2. Dash28

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    I am not that high on Brockers but would take him over Poe.

    It seems most people(scout,media) like Brockers and his potential. I just don't see it as much.
  3. TheCount

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    No. Too tall, no natural leverage. There are no 6'6" NT's for a reason.
  4. TheFinisher

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    I don't see a reason to move Brockers to NT, he's a 5Tech all the way and last I checked we have a need there.
  5. mensaone

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    gawd get Josh Chapman
  6. jobberone

    jobberone Kane Ala Staff Member

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    Not a candidate for NT. As someone pointed out he's too tall. He's also not got that body type.
  7. SilverStarCowboy

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    Richard Seymour's 6ft 6in frame dispelled any rumor long ago that a tall 3/4 NT couldn't make it in the NFL.
  8. 28 Joker

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    Michael Brockers fits the prototype at the 5 technique. He did line up at NT (in a 3 man line) some at LSU. Brockers can line up inside (at DT) and push the pocket with Jay Ratliff (in nickel).

    Brockers is already a strong run defender, and I seem to recall LeSean McCoy, Brandon Jacobs, and Marshawn Lynch torching the Cowboys last year. Two of those games came inside the division. Again, Brockers is a day one starter at the 5 technique. He would give Dallas' underwhelming defensive linemen a real shot in the arm.

    If Brockers develops as a pass rusher, you should have a Richard Seymour type player anchoring your defensive line for many years to come.

    Honestly, the legend of Fletcher Cox has risen to epic proportions, not just here. Cox is a good player, but I think he is best suited to play the 3 technique in a 43, especially as a rookie. I don't think Cox is a lock to start day one at the 5 technique at all. Dallas needs a front line guy, and Brockers (the prototype) has a high ceiling.

    Cox and Poe are raw pass rushers, too. Brockers is ready to play the run strong (at the 5 technique), right now. Brockers should be able to push the pocket, right now. That includes the nickel.

    If I'm choosing between Brockers, Poe, and Cox, I'm taking Brockers every single time. I think Dallas would, too. I think the Patriots would, too. If Brockers clears Carolina and Kansas City, I think Dallas feeds the d-line with Brockers. If Brockers is gone, I think Dallas looks to trade down for Kirkpatrick/Gilmore/Barron or Konz. I think Upshaw is a wild-card, but he looks like a 43 DE to me. Time will tell. Melvin Ingram is lurking, but I don't know how the team views him. Ingram hasn't been invited to Dallas. Is that a smokescreen? I don't know. I think the two SEC pass rushers are wild-cards, but I think Brockers trumps them both at 14.

    LSU has produced some talented, quality defensive linemen even if a few appear to have been over-drafted. Brockers is a more physically imposing, more talented player than Spears or Tyson Jackson, imso. Plus, Brockers' upside is significant. Dorsey is a true 43 player who was very good at LSU.

    How many good defensive linemen have Mississippi State and Memphis sent into the NFL lately?

    Georgia hasn't had another Richard Seymour, and Brockers could be that type of player, only from LSU.
  9. burmafrd

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    neither cox nor brockers are worth a first round pick
  10. Dash28

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    How did you come to this conclusion?
  11. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah, kinda like the DeCastro love, but really I think Cox is more of a WDE than a SDE in the 3-4. He tends to penetrate more and doesn't hold up as well against doubles.

    If we do draft him, I would rather it be in Hatch's spot, which isn't as much of a need.
  12. TheFinisher

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    This is true, Kenyon freakin Coleman started for us at SDE last year. Brockers would be a massive upgrade.
  13. ckalch

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    How can ANYONE be sure about Brockers? I am a huge LSU fan and watched Brockers in person. LSU's D-Line was absolutely stacked across the board; we were able to bring guys on and off the field enough to keep everyone fresh. There is one truly elite starting D-Lineman for LSU and he didn't declare for the draft (Sam Montgomery).
  14. jswalker1981

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  15. tunahelper

    tunahelper Well-Known Member

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    Brockers = spears
  16. Cowboyz88

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    LSU Hype Machine = Overrated Players

    Very few LSU players have lived up to the hype.
  17. jobberone

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    Seymour is one guy and not a full time NT.
  18. cowboysooner

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    This is very true. Cox is a WDE today if he does not grow bigger. When playing a team like the Giants, Packers, Saints etc. I would play Cox and Hatcher together. I would not if I were playing the Eagles, Seattle or a good primary run team.

    I think Brockers is a player with a dominant trait at an early age. I'm not sure if he ever develops a second skill with the pass rush. If he does he'll be one of the best 5 players in this draft because he absorbs double teams about as good as an 20 year old guy can, especially given his growth from linebacker to DT. I doubt he develops pass rush skills, so I'd rather have Cox. But I'm not going to throw beer at the tv if Brockers is the pick.
  19. SilverStarCowboy

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    That is exactly what the Cowboys 3/4 needs for the next Decade.

    Even worse than a Saftey.
  20. cowboy_ron

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