Could RB Chris Johnson be our WOW player?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sago1, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Now think "outside the box" re RB Chris Johnson and bear with me. New Huddle mock draft by Broyhart (sp?) projects us drafting CB Mike Jenkins at #22 & RB Chris Johnson at #28. Love Jenkins pick but some may prefer Cromartie who still on the board. Most of us believe first round is too early to draft Chris Johnson & also believe Jerry uses one of these first rounders to trade for either RWilliams (Detroit), Boulden (Cards) or Johnson (Bengals); frankly I doubt Jerry can get that deal done with any of these GMs.

    So another option is to assure ourselves of Chris Johnson's talents by drafting him at #28. He'd be teamed with MBIII for maybe 7-10 runs a game. We max his 4.29 speed by adding some reverse plays, he's also very good at catching passes out of the backfield but we also add some WR plays designed just for him. His speed will have DCs pulling their hair. Also see MBIII & Johnson frequently in together with defenses left to wonder if it's a passing or running play, which of them is getting the ball or is it going to TO, Witten, Crayton, etc. Johnson's contribution to both our running/passing game makes him much more valuable & worthy of #28 pick. Now I'm not saying we necessarily will put Johnson at the LOS cause that would require Johnson learn another position & I'm not saying that's what we should do but Garrett can move Johnson around a bit just like he does TO. BTW: I wouldn't use Johnson as a return man cause that best left to the more experienced Pacman.

    So if we get our CB at #22 & our RB/WR at #28 we free up 2nd round & maybe 3rd for other needs we'd like to address like DT, ILB (don't believe Wade happy with our play at that position) or a SS to backup up RWilliams since Keith Davis gone. It also doesn't rule out our drafting a WR later (Dexter Jackson in 4th round for speed) or a big WR later who could become TO's successor some day. But the point is we don't have to reach for anybody. Still intrigued by Marcus Monk who got hurt & seems to have disappeared, etc. Using Johnson in variety of ways also doesn't prevent Hurd, Austin or Stanbach from contributing as their talents allow although frankly Hurd lacks speed just like Crayton, Austin isn't consistent & we'll wait on Stanback.

    I though about more extensive use of Chris Johnson in our passing game as a quasi WR while reading Huddle's assessment of him as a more potential WR initially. Obviously we'd also have to add a #3 RB & hope it be a vet who can handle all those duties, including picking up the blitz, while Johnson possibly struggles to learn that new part of his RB requirements.

    BTW: Broyhart has OG Brandon Albert going very early & believes that will cause a run at OT so some CBs could fall. He projects Cason as best CB in the draft to go first at around #10 or later followed by McKelvin a few picks later. Like I said above, Cromartie is still on the board per Broyhart when he projects us to take Jenkins.
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    Who is Chris Johnson?
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    if the meaning of WOW is still the same WOW i know....then my answer is ...NO :rolleyes:
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    i believe the WOW player that jerry was talking about was simply to find someone who he can play World Of Warcraft with, and since the media jocks don't play online games, so they had no idea what jerry meant by WOW.
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    CJ may end up a WOW player but no he was not the wow player Jerry was talking about.

    Jerry was clearly talking about a proven commodity not an injury-risk small school RB.

    CJ is a very interesting prospect but he has moved beyond that into the twilight zone for some folks because he runs a great 40 time. Think KiJana Carter and back away from the running back scouting.

    The best running backs in the league seldom run under 4.5 It is not exactly a trait that makes a good back.
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    I think the "WOW" player may be - Jamaal Charles

    THUMPER Papa

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    I don't think Johnson is the WOW player that Jerry was talking about but I would love to pick this kid up in the draft. I don't think it will be in the first round though but we may need to trade up in the 2nd to land him so I don't really see it happening for us.
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    Taking a second round(maybe even a third round) pick with the #28 pick would be a WOW just not a good WOW.
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    I could see Jerry finally making the trade for Pacman Jones, and trading #28 for Roy Williams. Why, because I believe that McFadden will fall to #5 and that Detroit wants (and needs) him. Detroit has #15 worth 1050 points, #28 is worth 660 points for a total of 1710 and #5 is worth 1700.

    They get McFadden and we get Williams at WR. KC gets extra picks to rebuild the O and D. Probably Otah at 15 and Baker at 28.

    At 22, I still think we end up trading out of the 1st for a couple of 2nd round picks and take Cason and Chris Johnson in the second along with either a NT (Bryant) or another DE (Langford) or possibly a DE/OLB (Jackson if he falls).

    Why Chris Johnson, because he is the fastest back in the draft, because his kickoff return average is over 28 yards per, because he catches the ball extremely well out of the backfield and because he will make an exceptional third down back. Why Cason, one he is underrated and falls into the second round but would excel in Phillips system, great size and decent speed as a nickel.

    Where does Henry go. Easy to free safety and Hamlin goes to strong safety and our Roy Williams goes to ILB. Not big enough you say, blarney. He is taller, faster, and weighs more than Zack Thomas so if Roy isn't big enough to play ILB why the heck did we sign Thomas.

    Jerry gets his WOW with Pacman, Roy Williams WR, and additional little wow with Cason, Johnson and probably anther RB in the 3rd or 5th.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing us pick up Johnson, but I have a feeling we'll go CB with our first pick, and try to find a trading partner to trade down from #28 into the second round. Perhaps picking up Johnson or Charles from Texas in the second round. Just my two cents worth, that's all....
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    I don't think Jerry was talking about any player in the draft with his WOW comment. He has little to no control over who is available when we pick, so making such a statement based soley on the draft is stepping way out on a limb, IMO.
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    i dont even need to read what you wrote up, simple answer no use common sense that is all
  13. QT

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    There is nobody in the draft unless it's McFadden that is Jerry's "wow" player, especially a guy that is predicted in the late 1st round or early second round. Most be a slow day on the forum....
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    Very intersting thoughts in your post.
  15. Bob Sacamano

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    everyone knew he was fast before the Combine, NFLDraftScout predicted his 40 to be 4.27, which was only .04 off the mark

    before the Junior backs declared, he was Scott Wright's of NFLDraftCountdown, #1, Senior back

    he's highly thought of for more than just his 40, he's the most versatile and one of the most explosive players in this draft
  16. ZeroClub

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    Sandyf - I like your math. Let's hope it happens.
  17. Bleu Star

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    My sig should answer that question for you.
  18. AsthmaField

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    I don't know for sure because I didn't get a chance to watch him much in college... but a lot of scouting reports talks about his lack of toughness and his dislike for contact. They all say how well he'll test numbers wise but they wonder if he's tough enough and likes the game enough.

    So, since you are one of the members that I value your opinion... do you worry about his toughness and heart?

    I remember Jimmy Johnson saying in the early 90's that he only picks players who like contact because if you don't that will eventually show up and keep them from becoming a good/great player. Ever since then, I've paid attention to players who seem to dislike contact.

    Like I said, I haven't seen C. Johnson enough to know for myself... but if scouting services are saying he shy's from contact more than most RB's, is this a case of where there's smoke there's fire? Or are they full of ****?
  19. AsthmaField

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    You mean the part of your sig that indicates that a small, fast, quick RB leaving the Giants actually helped them get a super bowl win finally?
  20. sago1

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    Dislikes contact. Hmm. That would appear to be a red herring. Oh heck. Here I thought I could get some life started on this forum cause it sure is really boring. My idea re Johnson came about cause I'm just not wild about Jerry's unwillingness draft a WR in the first round. I mean here we are waiting/hoping Jerry can somehow steal either first rounder Bouldin or first rounder RWilliams from their team. Kinda wonder how we will pay the guy to stay with us once/if we can get him.

    Guess I'll go back to the drawing back and work up another scenario. Heck there is nothing else to do.

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