could this be the safety we might consider?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Prolific Clemson University free safety Chris Clemons might be one of the fastest-rising prospects leading up to the 2009 draft. One league source indicated that the 6', 208 pound native of Arcadia, Florida has really open eyes with his 40 times. Multiple scouts have clocked him between 4.37 and 4.38 in private workouts and, according to our numbers, he ran a 4.39 and 4.40 at the most recent N.F.L. combine. Clemons has had multiple private workouts with the Atlanta Falcons (DB coach) and most recently displayed his skills for the New England Patriots (DB coach and def coor). In addition, Philadelphia and New Orleans, who have a strong need for depth at safety, have set up private workouts with Chris. An anonymous scout reportedly told one of our sources: "His film work doesn't lie, he has positioned himself as a day one safety". The scout went on to mention that Clemons might be drafted much higher than most are currently expecting.
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    Okay, so he's fast. The question is: Can he hit/tackle?

    Courtney Brown (currently on the roster as a safety) runs like a cheetah but he hits like a Powder Puff Girl.
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    there has been some debate as to who will turn out to be a better pro, Clemons or his safety-mate Michael Hamlin

    I like Clemons, dude has alot of range and he put up alot of stats

    I like Hamlin too, he's a typical SS w/ range
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    252 tackles for his career
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    SPEED! Like SPEED!
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    I like the kid...........see mock below

    too bad he's working his way up and up and it's starting to look silly having him in the 5th when it's probably going to take a 3rd to get him

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