Couple Fined $3,500 For Negative Review Fights Back With Lawsuit

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    By SUSANNA KIM | Good Morning America – 3 hours ago

    A Utah couple is suing an online merchant that fined them $3,500 for writing a negative review and sparked a financial nightmare for more than a year by reporting the alleged debt to credit rating companies.

    Jen and John Palmer will file a lawsuit today against in a Utah federal court, charging that the company violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other actions.

    "In sum, KlearGear attempted to punish a dissatisfied customer for his wife's criticism of KlearGear, then abused the credit reporting system in an attempt to extort money that the customer did not owe and could not possibly have owed," the Palmers' lawsuit states.

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    That's an outrage. They have a First Amendment right to speak their mind. If they don't like the service they got, they have the right to write a bad review. A terms of use clause cannot invalidate someone's free speech rights. They're making me agree with the lady's review that they have horrid business practices.
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    Shows Rip-off report is a scam too. just have to pay them and they'll take down a negative review.

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