Cover32: How Would Anthony Barr Fit With The Cowboys?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Mar 29, 2014.

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    My job as a writer is to help fans be prepared for any scenario that may come about on draft day. And it seems like every year, the Dallas Cowboys surprise their fans. Whether that be by moving up and selecting their highest rated defensive player in the draft (Morris Claiborne) or falling back late in the draft and selecting a player who wasn’t on the national radar as a first round pick (Travis Frederick). So it’s vital that the fans of the team know any scenario is possible, including the fall of an elite player into the middle of the first round.
    As of late, UCLA’s Anthony Barr is a player that has lost momentum going into the draft and some draftniks are starting to bash him. In particular, ESPN’s Todd McShay went on record stating that, “He wouldn’t draft Anthony Barr” based on his projection as a top 20 pick. He believes that Barr has major holes to his game and that any team that drafts him will be extremely disappointed with the player they are getting. Now, that’s just one man’s opinion, so I wanted to see him for myself and see if I came to the same conclusion.

    I started to watch Anthony Barr early in the college football season after seeing a few major scouting sites put him in their top five. I stopped following Barr because I assumed that the Cowboys would have no chance at him. That was my first mistake. But then when I heard that the Cowboys were bringing in Barr for a visit and that there is interest there, I decided to go back and really study him and how he would fit into this 4-3 defense.

    Before I even started watching Barr, I had it in my mind that I wanted him to be likeVon Miller coming out in 2011. I wanted to have that easy comparison as Miller plays a 4-3 strong-side linebacker and I figured that Barr could play the same role here. That was my second mistake. The more I watched of Barr, the less I saw of Von Miller. But the player who Barr truly reminds me of is Aldon Smith in San Francisco. Smith plays the 3-4 outside linebacker for the 49ers, but I see elements of both player’s games that can translate to the 4-3. Both players win with their feet and length as opposed to strength or a set of pass rushing moves. But before we get into the film, let’s take a look at both player’s measurables and see how they compare physically:


    You can read the rest of the report at or click the link here:
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    If he's there I bet we take him.
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    Good read, thanks for that. I would be satisfied if he was our pick.
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    I think he would make us very happy. Shades of the Bruce Irvin pick in Seattle a few years back - lots of criticism but a raw player who can help us in one regard: he can get the QB.
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    I personally think Barr will turn out to be the best defensive player in this entire draft. He is going to be a superstar.
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    By next year we won't know his name .
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    I still am convinced he is a top 10 pick and has virtually no shot of sliding.
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    Why do you say that?
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    That...doesn't even make sense.
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    Consider the source.
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    This player is an enigma to me. I really like his athletic ability and he does show some natural talent to get to the QB. I can see where the Aldon Smith comparisons come from, but they are far different players IMO. Aldon is a POA player and was physically ready to be a POA player on sundays, Barr worries me in that aspect. He will be a big liability in the run depending on how he is used. If you ask him to play DE he will have no shot and teams will run at him all day. If you ask him to play the Sam he will be in coverage a lot and your no longer using the players best attribute, rush the passer. I'm just not sure how he would fit with the boys. In the best case scenario you play him in the Von Miller Rushbacker role. However, as highlighted in the article they are not the same player. Von Miller is just on another level and was the far better prospect.
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    Pretty spot on. I'm cooling on Barr. Not saying I wouldn't take him, but it would come with some hesitation now. I think the thing to remember is that his selection wouldn't necessarily mean we're getting a full-time, 60+ snaps per game guy right away. I think he'd be used pretty prominently in certain situations, and would develop as a player as his strength and experience improved over a few year period.

    The reward could be very high, but are we patient enough... and creative enough in the meantime to use him in ways he can succeed now? I'd pick him any day of the week over the Ealy/Ford/Jernigan/etc. group, but you could probably talk me into someone like Mosley first.

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    Barr is a 43 Weakside DE IMO. He's the perfect replacement to Ware. I actually don't think he's a great fit for a 34. I think he could play WOLB in a 34 but I don't believe that's his best fit. I think Barr would get eaten up in a 34. He doesn't cover all that well. However, in a 43, he has all the tools to be an excellent pass rusher. JMO
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    You really should. Perhaps you'd open your mind a wee bit!!!
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    I would be very happy with Barr, but that happiness will be tempered based on who else is there at the time
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    Good read, I agree with Barr's coach in the Julian Peterson comparison. Aldon Smith is fantastic at converting speed to power and there was more physicality in his play, so it was easier for him to transition to the pro game. I think Barr will be gone before the Cowboys pick, but he is the definition of high bust/sky is the limit type player. May need a year or two in development if his sole purpose is to play at the line of scrimmage.

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