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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by RS12, Nov 23, 2012.

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    Exactly. Which is why I've felt all this talk about firing Garrett and bringing in Payton/Holmgren/whoever was irrelevant. As long as Jerry is in charge, it won't matter who the head coach is. If he's weak, he won't succeed. If he's strong, he'll be frustrated from constantly being undermined.
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    Any coaching change that doesn't result in the new head coach getting to pick his entire staff is doomed for failure. Mr. Jones should have no say in who a new head coach has on staff. It is the head coaches staff. This has been the problem since Coach Johnson left.
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    Here's the problem, imo. Jerry Jones is a man divided.

    There's Fan Jerry. He's almost certainly reacting like most of us today; mad as heck as the inexplicable losses mount up, mad as heck when he sees Romo do a QB sneak on a first down, when he sees the game-killing, absurd penalties continue unabated every week, and mad as heck when he's confronted with mounting evidence that JG is totally in over his head. So, Fan Jerry probably rants and raves as we do, only not publicly. Well . . . at least not until he's ready.

    Then there's GM/Owner Jerry. Owner Jerry is trying to be more diplomatic and patient, all the while bewildered by the regression. Owner Jerry wisely realizes that frequent head coaching changes are not a good thing. He doesn't want to make another costly mistake. Therefore, he'll be slow to admit that hiring JG was a mistake. So, Owner Jerry will be careful to say the right things to the media, all the while rehearsing a "You're Fired" Speech.

    After yesterday's debacle, enquiring minds(me) want to know if there has finally been a come-to-Peter meeting between Fan Jerry and Owner Jerry. I believe there has. What are the implications of that meeting? That Owner Jerry will fire Red immediately? No. He'll wait until the season plays out. That Fan Jerry might put out some feelers to SP, or MH before the season ends? Yes, I believe he will.
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    Good point-Jimmy brought his own staff in from Miami with him-and it worked out well:laugh1:
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    I'm going to pretend I didn't read this. It would be another completely horrific decision from the owner. No head coach should ever have his staff dictated to him.

    Hopefully Tom Ciskowski changes his mind about this.
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    It worked out better than you're willing to admit.
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    Nope. Clear out all the losers.

    Get rid of the Garretts in the front office.

    Airbrush Jason out of team pictures.

    No trace stays around.
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    :laugh2: :laugh2:

    Oh man this crap never gets old. Spinnsters sitting at home w/ all the skuttle and know of the Dallas Cowboys.
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    Would this really surprise anybody if it were true?
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    I don't know. There is a part of me that :laugh2: @ that as well but then there are signs everywhere that says different. And maybe it's not blatant like some see it but little things. There was someone the other day who posted a pic in my thread about the Stadium tours of Jerry's suite. He took a picture of the phone and it had as one of the speed dials the "Home coaches sideline". Why would an owner need to call down to the sideline? Only thing I can think of is for them to call him and relay injury information. Other than that, I don't see a reason an owner would need that capability. Now maybe that is SOP for owners boxes but it just seemed odd to me.
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    Assuming any of this is true, then the first place you look on your coaching staff is at the coordinators. The two coordinators of this team are Bill Callahan, who has strong west coast offense ties, and Rob Ryan, who worked for several years as the defensive coordinator in Cleveland before he was swept away in a staff change.

    Gruden and Holmgren could be fits here with those two.

    I still think Sean is the unicorn that Jerry wants, but if he can't, a guy like Holmgren would be a great fall back.
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    You sir, speak absolute truth :starspin
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    whats my signature say ?

    enuf said
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    Getting Garrett out of here is step one, because JG is Jerry's ultimate pet project, the coach that could prove he could get it done his way. It's like a huge blow to his ego admitting JG did not work out.

    It also put the Garrett family on a short string as well.
  16. rickjameschinaclub

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    Pretend he never existed ever and that Thanksgiving game was some kind of inception...
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    When the losses start mounting, a lot of stuff starts changing. If we end up with a losing season, Opie is gone.
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    Yep, exactly. Jerry wasn't going to give up on BP, WP, TO, Pacman, et al. Yet he did.
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    Business as usual, coach must pick his assistants, at least on his side of the ball. I think that there are a few exceptions where you might keep a really established coordinator like Lebau or Buddy when bringing in a new coach, but the HC needs to sink or swim with his staff and to a lesser degree, his players.

    Jerry's hand's-on practices take away that essential management imperative that ultimately leads to success. It doesn't guarantee success, but undermining a HC by forcing assistants or idiotic marquis players on them destroys that coach's authority with staff and players. We've seen this happen multiple times with post Jimmy teams, no need to repeat it again.

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